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Post8 – Double Issue

Posted by on February 12, 2009 | Comments Off on Post8 – Double Issue


Foxy McNews a.k.a. Melissa Mahan, has been doing a very good job as a KOAT Morning News anchor – handily holding her own next to our home grown hottie Marisa Maez since joining the news team in April 2008.

However – another buxom blonde who hits the airwaves a few hours after the KOAT morning team regularly points out when her own, “ant farm” begins to show and describes in the above clip one of her remedies for the situation.

Foxy’s farm can be distracting, not unlike Elisabeth Hasselbeck‘s blindingly, bright and shiny, rainbow trout looking, overly glossed lips when her trap is flapping.

Eh, I’m just jealous (of Foxy not Hasselcrack) that I can never go blonde…

HD – like so many other things wreaking havoc on us women while men are none the worse for it.



Money Matters – Yes. That was an awesome feature presented by KOAT’s Shelly Ribando that put forth plenty of helpful hints and advice for us average folk during “these tough economic times”.

However, this new Project Economy segment is shrouded in misnomer. By definition a project is a specific plan or design. We’ve been tuning in to the Project Economy features which are more like a Project Depress You segment.

Post8 – Observation and constructive criticism, not oppressive legislation.

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