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The Avengers Take Manhattan

Posted by on September 6, 2011 | Comments Off on The Avengers Take Manhattan

Because NM doesn’t play host to pappers or stalkerazzi (like those fiends pictured in thumb 4) nor well publicize when & where we have gaggles of worldwide superstars (good deal?) big cities (even Cleavland) still have us beat for all the great set pics.

Here from NYC, courtesy of my brother from another mother, are a boatload of Labor Day weekend pics of the WHOLE AVENGERS cast all suited-up.

Though just a babe himself, remember my beloved uses A LOT of salty language not suitable for young readers…ENJOY the pics and save your dlisted reading enjoyment to times away from preschool eyes, like at WORK.

Here are a few thumbnails from Michael K‘s gallery with which you can whet your eyes anytime…

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Snarkiest Post to Date

Posted by on April 9, 2010 | Comments Off on Snarkiest Post to Date

This is what the new SnC trailer looks like to me, just replace the pig face w/a horse face et Voila!

But seriously that’s just a moment of the whole trailer – where the epitome of SnC is showcased – that being Liza w/a Z and the incomparable ‘Stanford’. The rest aims squarely toward the BEST thing that ever happened on that show AIDEN!!!

Seriously. Ladies, you can mess-up with one “Aiden” but you better not move on to stupid the next time ’round. What is that called in super, whorrendous, whore mongering world – a Mulligan?

Anyforreals, here is the real SNC movie trailer via my slightly better looking, separated at birth-twin-sister Michael K (ilovehimsooomuch!!).

In other movie news – Everyone please stop crying about the possibility of R. Patz getting the Cobain role. And we’re still holding a candle light vigil that Nut Butter Boy gets the Spidey reboot role – amen.

And lastly to get you through the weekend – if anything gets ya’ down, stare at the pic in the previous post. Those two fugs are hypnotizing. Thank you Jon Favreau.

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