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The most powerful New Mexico film you will see this year

Posted by on October 12, 2014 | Comments Off on The most powerful New Mexico film you will see this year

Narrated by New Mexico’s own Steven Michael Quezada, “NMBH1001 BEHAVIORALNM 2930H” is the real life horror story of what has become of Behavioral Health resources and services in our great state.

As unconscionable as the denigrating measures described in the film may seem, a recent Election 2014 inquiry by the League of Women Voters of Central New Mexico yielded an answer from the state’s sitting Governor which failed to even include a mention of behavioral and mental health needs, though the question itself specifically asked to comment on meeting those needs.

Know your Candidates for Governor New Mexico

click here for full text

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Michael Douglas Film Casting in New Mexico

Posted by on September 6, 2013 | Comments Off on Michael Douglas Film Casting in New Mexico

Michael Douglas NMfilm The Reached based on Death Watch novel

From the Farmington Daily Times — “The Reach” is reaching out for extras:

The independent movie, produced by actor Michael Douglas, will be filming in the Farmington and Shiprock areas.

The thriller, which also stars Douglas, is based on Robb White’s 1972 novel “Deathwatch.”

Douglas plays a big game hunter who hires a young guide to lead him into the American desert, where a murder occurs, according to the movie website IMDb.

French director Jean-Baptiste Leonetti is directing the movie.

Production on “The Reach” will begin this month and run through late October.

The production is looking for men, women and children of all ages to work as paid extras.

The casting call is from 1 to 5 p.m. today in the Four Corners Grand Ballroom at the Red Lion Hotel, 700 Scott Avenue in Farmington.

For those who cannot make it, email a current color photo to New Mexico Extras Casting Director Lorrie Latham at lorrie@ lathamcasting.com. Include the following information: height, weight, age, phone number, email and location of residence.

Tonya Stinson, executive director of the Farmington Convention and Visitors Bureau, said Hollywood’s interest in the area continues to grow. More production companies are taking an interest because of the diverse landscape, she said.

And that, Stinson said, adds to the local economy, especially as film locations become tourist attractions, like the “Breaking Bad” tours that have developed in Albuquerque.

Filming of “The Reach” comes on the heels of other movies filmed in Farmington and Shiprock.

Two movies released this year — “The Host” and “The Lone Ranger — and “Transformers,” which was released in 2009, feature the Shiprock pinnacle.

Documentaries that have filmed recently in Farmington and San Juan County are “Rooted Lands” and “Split Estate.”

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Ed Breeding Film: Striaght Line Curve

Posted by on June 17, 2013 | Comments Off on Ed Breeding Film: Striaght Line Curve

NM LGBT Film Straight Line Curve DVD CoverImage via San Diego Gay and Lesbian News

New Mexico based Artist and Documentary filmmaker Ed Breeding, “offers the world a wonderful and motivational look at the gay journey” in his new film “Strait Line Curve”, which showcases seven successful gay men of the Southwest United States who do not fit the stereotypes often associated with homosexuality.

Breeding says, “Each man has a high profile and is fulfilled, optimistic, inspirational and proud.”

Rev. Canon Albert Ogle of San Diego’s St. Paul’s Cathedral 4 the City tells SDGLN.com that, “The film will go into countries in Africa and to Jamaica, where LGBT people are being persecuted and murdered, and this film is designed to counteract that with love and understanding; inclusion, not exclusion.”

Read an extensive interview with Breeding by San Diego Gay and Lesbian news here.

The 32-minute film is now available on DVD – STRAIGHT LINE CURVE – Seven men of the American Southwest redefining the word gay. A DVD of this 32-minute film can be purchased for $15.00 plus s/h $5.00 in USA by contacting:

Ed Breeding, Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA
email: breeding4051@comcast.net

General inquiries also being accepted by Breeding at the email address above.
Source: Ilga.org

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New Mexico Legislature Today: Proposed DOMA Act Squelched in Committee

Posted by on February 5, 2013 | Comments Off on New Mexico Legislature Today: Proposed DOMA Act Squelched in Committee

All Families Matter New Mexico USA DOMA FAIL

“The so-called “Defense of Marriage” Act was tabled in committee today, effectively killing it for the remainder of this legislative session. Like or share to thank the committee for standing for love, commitment, and marriage for all New Mexico couples!” -All Families Matter, New Mexico – USA

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Fattiest Fifty:

Posted by on October 19, 2012 | Comments Off on Fattiest Fifty:

A New Mexico fave is high on the fast list, as Health.com outs some of the least healthy (yet delicious) options state by state.

Alabama: Bacon-wrapped Meatloaf

Alaska: Eskimo Ice Cream

Arizona: Quadruple Bypass Burger

Arkansas: Catfish

California: In-N-Out Double Double Burger

Colorado: Jack-N-Grill’s 7-pound breakfast burritos

Connecticut: 2-foot-long hot dog

Delaware: Deep-fried pastry

Florida: Empanadas

Georgia: Luther Burger

Hawaii: Loco Moco

Idaho: Bacon bleu cheese dressing

Illinois: Deep-dish pizza

Indiana: Fried-brain Sandwich

Iowa: Hot Beef Sundae

Kansas: Charred Ends

Kentucky: KFC’s Double down

Louisiana: Beignet

Maine: Lobster roll

Maryland: Smith Island Cake

Massachusetts: Chocolate chip cookies

Michigan: BLT

Minnesota: Dairy Queen’s FlameThrower GrillBurger

Mississippi: Mud pie

Missouri: Hardee’s 2/3 lb. monster thickburger

Montana: Rocky Mountain Oysters

Nebraska: Eskimo Pie

Nevada: Buffets

New Hampshire: New England clam chowder

New Jersey: Fat Darrell

New Mexico: Frito Pie

New York: Garbage plate

North Carolina: Livermush

North Dakota: Fleischküchle

Ohio: Bob Evans’ Sausage Biscuit Bowl

Oklahoma: Chicken fried steak

Oregon: Brunchbox’s Redonkadonk

Pennsylvania: Philly Cheesesteak

Rhode Island: New York system hot wieners

South Carolina: Turducken

South Dakota: Frybread

Tennessee: Ruby Tuesday’s triple prime bacon cheddar burger

Texas: Corn dog

Utah: Scone

Vermont: Ben & Jerry’s Vermonster

Virginia: Ham

Washington: Crab Louis Salad

West Virginia: Hillbilly Hotdogs’ 10-pound burger

Wisconsin: Deep-fried cheese curds

Wyoming: Lamb

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Video of the Day: New Mexico

Posted by on September 5, 2012 | Comments Off on Video of the Day: New Mexico

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Obama Speaks-up for New Mexico Chile

Posted by on August 11, 2012 | Comments Off on Obama Speaks-up for New Mexico Chile

Well, the President should have WON over EVERY true New Mexican this week. While in Pueblo, Colorado a few days ago, a guy was bragging to him on how great the Burritos were, and how Nothing beats Colorado Green Chile…. To which he replied, “I won’t tell the folks in New Mexico you said that!” -McG

Full Article from the Albuquerque Journal here

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Teen Voice Talent wanted in Rio Rancho, NM

Posted by on July 27, 2012 | 2 comments

Image via Graffiti Studio.com

Creative Content LLC is seeking people with great voices:

Educational publisher based in Rio Rancho is looking for talented teenaged voice actors to record educational materials. Actors should sound like teenagers aged 13~16.

No experience is necessary–we’re building this team from the ground up, so if you’re a teen, or if you’re an adult who can create highly believable teen voices and would like to begin a career in professional recording, then please apply!

If you’re interested in a position, send your resume and letter of introduction to:

If we like we what see, an editor will then contact you directly.

Locals only! Candidates outside of the Albuquerque/Rio Rancho metro area will not be considered.

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President Obama visits New Mexico today

Posted by on March 21, 2012 | Comments Off on President Obama visits New Mexico today
NMObamaPoliticsYouYour Momma

[polldaddy poll=6063846]

The White House Reports:

On March 21-22, President Obama will travel to Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Ohio to highlight his Administration’s all of the above energy strategy, including his focus on continuing to expand responsible oil and gas development, increasing the fuel economy of the vehicles we drive which will save families money at the pump, supporting renewable energy sources, and investing in infrastructure and research and development, all of which play a central role in increasing our nation’s energy security.

On Wednesday, the President will begin the tour in Boulder City, Nevada where he will visit the Copper Mountain Solar 1 Facility, the largest photovoltaic plant operating in the country with nearly one million solar panels powering 17,000 homes. In Boulder City, he will highlight his Administration’s focus on diversifying our energy portfolio, including expanding renewable energy from sources like wind and solar, which thanks in part to investments made by this Administration is set to double in the President’s first term. The President will then travel to oil and gas production fields located on federal lands outside of Carlsbad, New Mexico, an area home to more than seventy active drilling rigs. While in Carlsbad, the President will highlight the Administration’s commitment to expanding domestic oil and gas production, which has increased each year he has been in office, with domestic oil production currently at an eight year high and domestic natural gas production at an all-time high.

On Thursday, the President will travel to the Cushing, Oklahoma area to discuss his Administration’s commitment to improving and supporting the infrastructure that helps us leverage our domestic resources, while also ensuring these projects are developed in a safe and responsible way. This includes a pipeline that will transport oil from Cushing to the Gulf of Mexico, which will help address the bottleneck of oil that has resulted in large part from increased domestic oil production in the Midwest. In Oklahoma, the President will deliver remarks at a storage yard holding pipes that will be used for the construction of the pipeline. The final stop on the trip will take place at Ohio State University in Columbus Ohio, home to some of the country’s most advanced energy-related research and development.

Read about the Lizard vs. Jobs issue here.

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The Ways of the R̶i̶c̶h̶ Wall

Posted by on October 1, 2011 | Comments Off on The Ways of the R̶i̶c̶h̶ Wall

UPDATE 10/02/11: Join the “Virtual March on Wall Street” here.

“Join us on Wednesday to create a huge show of support for anti-Wall Street actions nationwide. Together, we’ll add hundreds of thousands of voices expressing our solidarity with the protests at Occupy Wall Street and across the country targeting the bankers who wrecked our economy.”

Photo by Michael Palombo

In 17th century “New York” settlers built a wall to protect themselves from Indians, pirates, and other dangers…the poor, the sick…

Daily Mail UK, Occupy Wall St. Org., New York Daily News, Hollywood Reporter, We Are the 99 Percent, Occupy Together, WBUR Boston, KOAT, KOB-TV, KRQE

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For Shame, New Mexico Style

Posted by on September 29, 2011 | Comments Off on For Shame, New Mexico Style

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Vogue New Mexico: Az Muse News Edition

Posted by on September 10, 2011 | One comment

I don’t know if it’s the wily eyebrows, the sinewy chest, the oft sported flapper curls or the latest reports on New Mexico’s own Arizona Muse from this year’s Fashion Week being woven into epic tales of bitchery that warm the cockles of my cold, cold heart – but I do know that this Santa Fean is turning the fashion world on its ear for the second year in row!

As I told you here last year, high fashion’s favorite New Mexican has become a runway darling, top fashion houses vie for her pose and Vougue has been keen to feature the beauty on covers from Korea to Australia.

As the story goes a fellow blah, blah, blah, blog fake reporter from Stylite covering Fashion Week was poised to get the goods in the way of interview with our coveted Muse. Instead, this is what he got:

Styleite: Hi, Arizona. We’d love to ask you just a few quick questions!

Arizona: OK. But before you record (we were already recording) would you mind telling me what questions you’re going to ask me?

Styleite: Um (stops recording). Sure! We were going to ask you about your plans for the rest of Fashion’s Night Out, what your plans are for Fashion Week and what shows you’re walking in. Then I was going to ask about what it was like working with David Yurman and what your favorite past campaigns are. And then maybe what you like about New York. Is that OK?

Arizona: OK. Could you pick two of them so there … aren’t so many questions?

Styleite: Yeah, sure! How about your plans for FNO, the week and working with Yurman? (starts recording again).

Arizona: Great.

Where’s the rub, yo?

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Smart City, NM

Posted by on September 7, 2011 | One comment

UPDATE 4/9/12: Pegasus Global Holdings has narrowed its choices for building a “virtual” test city in New Mexico to Dona Ana County or Lea County.

Adam Camp Reports from Hobbs for KOB4:

Hobbs is already a national leader in energy production, from oil and gas to nuclear and biofuels.

The city has averaged over 200 jobs per year for the last four years, totaling 850 industrial jobs in the last four years.

City leadership believes that economic precedent will convince Pegasus Global Holdings to bring a 20-square-mile “fake” city to Lea County, bringing with it over 3,500 direct and indirect jobs. -Full story here.

http://magic-fox.deviantart.com/3D concept art by Andrea, Italy

Eighteen months into negotiations with the state, Pegasus Global Holdings. has announced plans to build a “smart city” in the far recesses of New Mexico.

“The Center,” as the project is titled, will amount to a small model city that will be used to test advanced technologies including renewable energy solutions, so-called “intelligent” traffic systems, prototype wireless networks and smart-grid security systems.

“The idea for The Center was born out of our own company’s challenges in trying to test new and emerging technologies beyond the confines of a sterile lab environment,” said Robert H. Brumley, CEO of Pegasus Global.

Brumley goes on to say, “We were drawn to New Mexico by [Gov. Susana Martinez] and her administration’s encouragement of private-sector led, technology-based projects,”

The 20 sq. mi., $200M, privately funded project will be the first of its kind in the U.S. and could create a Silicon Valley of sorts in New Mexico.

“The Center” is expected to create about 350 jobs initially and could ultimately create about 3,500 support service jobs for the futuristic model city of 35,000 virtual residents.


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Middle Mexico, USA

Posted by on August 4, 2011 | Comments Off on Middle Mexico, USA

While middle-of-the-road in sleepiness, drunkeness, fitness & fatness, New Mexico is tops in least amount of personal tax burden, clean energy, national security, agriculture, adventure destination and ironically gay friendliness in the state capital where our unfriendly leader resides.

More tragic than that NM ranks low to DEAD LAST in job creation, gun violence, safety, education, poverty/hunger and child welfare.

Here are those rankings and the rest of what we found:

Sleepiest: Parade

Fittest Fattest: Calorielab



Gay Friendly: Santa Fe Magazine

Clean Energy: The Street

Gold Panning: eHow

Worst Drivers: ABQ Biz Journal

Adventure Destination: Trusted Reviews

Job Creation: ABQ Biz Journal

Employment: Business Degrees NM

Personal Taxes: 24/7 Wall St.

Biz Tax: Santa Fe New Mexican

Tech. Pay: Electroiq

News Channel 10


SAT/ACT: Edu. Colleges.com

Early Edu: NM Voices

Oil & Gas: New Mexico Independent

Clearly New Mexico

Santa Fe New Mexican


Health: NM Health.org

Diversity: NY Times

Internet Use: CAAS NM

Violence: Legal Community Against Violence

Safety: Ask.com

Best Performing Cities: Picacho Mountain.com

National Security: Washington Post

NM Dept. of Agriculture

NM Mining.org


Errors of Enchantment

Identity Theft:
Hint – Crackdown on crackheads

Manufacturing: Foorum NM

Indian Owned Business: Bloomberg

Child Welfare: NCWWI Report

Edu Spending: Rio Grande Foundation Report

Happiness: Live Science

Depression: Mental Health America

Pro Athletes: Players From.com



Biz Ranks: Foorum NM

Opinion: Yahoo! Answers

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Dubiously Yours – New Mexico Style

Posted by on July 27, 2011 | Comments Off on Dubiously Yours – New Mexico Style

ICYMI: Capitol City New Mexico recently landed spot no. 16 on GQ’s Worst-Dressed Cities List.

Not so dubious considering that the top 40 boasts basically one city or major metro from almost every state in the nation, including San Diego, CA, Orlando, FL, Buffalo, NY, St. Paul, MN, Detroit, MI save Texas who seems true tops with at least 3 major cities named…

So sits Santa Fe New Mexico sandwiched between Atlanta, GA and Provo, UT.

Fresh on the heels of that prestigious recognition, comes a native take on some of our own.

From the makers of the Palin/Brewer line of vocational toys (not really) comes the New Mexico Inspired line of “Barbies”:

Thanks Willy

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Captain America Dicks on Albuquerque

Posted by on June 8, 2011 | 5 comments

Maybe like that very cute, but hyper pubescent boy from my 9th grade summer school remedial math class, Chris Evans thinks it’s adorbs bordering on irresistible to throw an almost nonsensical put down on every other thing…Or maybe like a Dixie Chick in London he wants to declare a full on public denouncement.

While on a quick jaunt to la la land from his host city of Albuquerque, New Mexico where he’s being paid millions of dollars to play grown-up Marvel comics with A-list cast & crew Chris played cut-up with MTV news spouting off about the drabs of the shooting locale.

Me thinks it’s the former that made this lucky actor sound off like this, esp. seeing as his screen idols and fellow Marvel heroes who’ve worked and played in the Land of Enchantment before haven’t been known to quip and complain about the state.

I-Ron man hikes, Nick Fury does it all and Thor doesn’t have to do a damn thang since he’s just prettier than purdy – maybe Cappy just isn’t invited to play with the big boys and he’s lashing out.

When in doubt Cappy, just ask yourself WWBCD (What Would Bryan Cranston Do) – otherwise just sit at the whiners table with Alba, Faison & what’s-her-name.

To quote an even lesser man, “Silly kids, let the adults do the talking for the state.”

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Mark & Kelly Trippin’ New Mexico Style

Posted by on June 6, 2011 | Comments Off on Mark & Kelly Trippin’ New Mexico Style

NYC’s Consuelos Family is NM bound!

On this morning’s episode of LIVE with Regis & Kelly, Mark Consuelos was pinch hitting for Regis Philbin alongside his real life, real skinny wife Kelly Ripa where the pair announced their impending trip to Nuevo México with all their chitlins in tow.

Mark made the call this year to bring the annual family Way Out West trek to our fair state in T-minus 5 days, when we’ll be tasked along with him to make it great for Pipa & Co.

While Ripa may be a tough customer for our dept. of tourism to impress Consuelos extolled his passion for the Land of Enchantment which undoubtedly took hold when he was here filming ’08’s Husband for Hire.

Roll out the welcome mats and face masks! Bienvenido Consueli!

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Video of the Day: BEST Edition

Posted by on May 16, 2011 | Comments Off on Video of the Day: BEST Edition

New Mexico is the BEST! The Automobile License Plate Collectors Association of the known universe has decreed it so!

In an award nomination process that I hereby decree as an all telling, all encompassing, foretelling event for the ages, NEW MEXICO takes top billing!

Without further ado, here presented with minimal interruption, by NM’s Own better looking version of Alec Baldwin is the official broadcast ‘werd’…

NM awarded best license plate in the US: krqe.com

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Do You Look Like This Woman?

Posted by on May 3, 2011 | Comments Off on Do You Look Like This Woman?

Commercial Casting, NM – Need SCARLETT JOHANSSON PHOTO DOUBLE – SAG – Msg. Angelique Midthunder here.

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Green Lantern WonderCon Trailer

Posted by on April 2, 2011 | One comment
Coming SoonFilmNMTrailerVideo

Presenting the highly anticipated, super, sci-fi, comic, fantasy movie, The Green Lantern, as animated right here at Sony Pictures Imageworks in Albuquerque, New Mexico!

Green made his world premiere at WonderCon 2011 today where 9 minutes of NM’s Own Sci-Fi fantasy Cowboys & Aliens was also screened.

Cowboys is in theaters July 29, Green hits screens on June 17…NM production, Thor will make its world premiere in Sydney, Australia on April 17, and THE AVENGERS is in production in New Mexico NOW!

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