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Slovenly Acts of NM Tourism or E̶v̶i̶l̶ Genius?

Posted by on March 16, 2012 | 4 comments

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Don’t cry, kids decorate pics like this all the time…the software comes on their “baby iPads”.

As we’ve been covering for you since the original RFP was released back in August 2011, the then recently appointed face of the New Mexico Tourism Department was poised to launch a new brand of New Mexico to the world…One that perhaps would eventually lend locals the luxury of not having to explain that New Mexico is in fact a part of the continental United States, to everyone from Washington State to Timbuktu.

New Mexico may perhaps be best known as an extra terrestrial landing strip or that dusty land which one passes through en route to another destination, but brand new leadership handpicked and handsomely paid is now at the helm to “rebrand” New Mexico, USA. The rally cry chosen by our new leader in branding, State Tourism Director, Monique Jacobson, to entice the world over to make New Mexico their destination of choice: “Adventure steeped in culture.” Okay. First question, whose culture?

Next, putting the reins of representing New Mexico to the world in the hands of a Texas Co. were enough to ruffle more than just a few local feathers. When Job Creation is touted as being a top priority of the sitting administration, sending a $2M job to a neighboring, tourist destination competitor state was perplexing at best, especially taking into account the plethora of skilled ad agencies all over the home front who no doubt KNOW New Mexico.

Regularly citing a seemingly “gold standard” of criteria, that the Tourism Department herself/itself either devised or adopted, the Texas firm won out over the many locally based firms who applied, even over the few NM firms which allegedly made it into the “final round” of “scoring” despite their in-state “preferential” allowances. Vendor Inc. ultimately won the dough, and apparently unabashed contract, creative and casting control.

Herein lies either the genius or the critical downfall of a campaign that has yet to air, New Mexico is already making news; First in the few rumblings about the Texas award, then almost under the radar the contracting started to go out. Initially with the multi-state (CA, NV, TX, NM) staffed casting outfit based out of Santa Monica, CA, which sent out the campaign devised casting call…(Back to that in a hot minute).

First round of FREE ADVERTISING begins here, where in a state which had worked, and risen to world-renowned ranks as tops in film production the mighty Vendor picked California filmmakers to jet in and out of the state with their own crew to film a weather ravaged four day shoot. The story of “irked” local filmmakers and production houses went from viral to news worthy, then broadcast all around the country painting New Mexico as a state set to advertise themselves without much faith in themselves.

To today and into mañana’a news, as dictated by the aforementioned ad campaign casting specifications, we shall only be represented by the “light-skinned” and fit among us. By these standards not even the woman who is our top elected official need apply to appear in this first round of advertisements requesting that the world take a look at New Mexico as an “Adventure steeped in culture.”

Where New Mexico is already hurting in some circles as appearing steeped in gas & oil interests and enriching corporate culture (see SB9 tax veto here), we’re now a step further to the right to most, elitist/racist or just plain out of touch at best. Because unlike a feature or indie film casting call which may rely on scripted requirements for certain characters – this is destined to be a multi-million-dollar motion picture representation of our great state, broadcast to the world.

All excellent moves if subscribing to the old adage that “any press is good press”, or aiming to flagrantly fly insensitivity in the face of the majority of your product/state’s population, or if politically angling to shine a spotlight on our state leader’s already dubbed war on immigration – good show.

Click here for the adults cast as Caucasian or “light-skinned” Hispanics in the ad, as released by the contracted casting director.

This just in: Expect NM Tourism select, Vendor Inc. to be without comment on this debacle just as they seemed to be in this 2011 Super Bowl bust.

Special thanks to our media “partners” and certain “whispers in the wind” in covering these developments…

UPDATE: Vendor Inc. has issued the following statement to Gabriel Escobar of The Dallas News:

“The focus of our shoot was on showcasing to the country the many amazing experiences and adventures one can have in New Mexico. The casting call you referenced was for the role of “tourists” who could be coming from any number of states. This is the first of many spots which will feature the wide range of people who are drawn to New Mexico.”
-Tom Hollerbach, Managing Director and COO, Vendor Inc.

So, as the statement(s) would suggest, we’ve got it all wrong. The cast are not New Mexicans, they are tourists. Caucasian or “light-skinned” Hispanic tourists.

Perhaps they were actually making special concession in allowing local “lights” to be considered to portray the desirable white market…

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NMedia: State of NM Film Challenge

Posted by on November 18, 2011 | 2 comments

All the Governor’s men say, yes. The Duke says, HELL YES, and the rest of us are tasked to assemble and conquer for this business we call show and bring it all the way home to New Mexico.

Albuquerque Studios juts out of the far reaches of the NM desert just like the visions of a Vegas empire did to one Ben Siegel in a scene straight out of Bugsy. There on location, where action meets the vision of vast development; of land, economy and long term prosperity, NM Film Avengers & Advocates assembled last night.

The Governess had a long standing commitment against the industry and was unable to attend to voice the support we’re hearing she now lends so fervently to the industry; its jobs, education and global notoriety for our great state.

But state leaders, Governor Richard Berry, Chief of Staff Keith Gardner, Deputy Chief of Staff Ryan Cangiolosi, and New Mexico Film Office Director Nick Maniatis were in attendance to tout their full support and commitment to growing a sustainable future for New Mexico in the film industry.

Like Jesus, Mayor Berry stands with the carpenters, emphasizing that he is all IN on the film industry for the strong roots he wants laid in the Q and beyond for trades and small businesses.

Mayor Berry at Albuquerque Studios in 2011

Chief of staff Garnder went so far as to announce that the Governor vows to wield a veto pen on any proposed decrease to our film incentives come this next legislative session.

From the tippy-top of YOUR State Film Office, Nick Manianitis re-affirmed his dedication and efforts to keep films, their jobs, revenue and education rolling into New Mexico. Maniatis re-asserted the Film Office’s commitments to community partnerships with ongoing town hall meetings all over the state and an upcoming education summit.

While he prioritizes television production for its long term jobs and revenue, Maniatis further commented that his charter is too to branch NM production into digital media, gaming and post-production work.

Unable to divulge specifics on television prospects (citing three productions) expected down the pike, Maniatis was able to deliver a gingerly worded, press-release-lite, officially committing that the MAJORITY of Disney’s, The Lone Ranger film WILL shoot here in NM…

While attaining and maintaining industry growth for the state, by way of education, trades and small business opportunities, were the overriding sentiments of the night, the underlying theme was one of unity. A step in the right direction as voices raised together are voices more likely heard.

All of the above, representatives Egolf and Keller, hosts NMedia, every actor, crew member, support service provider and industry business in attendance share in the like-minded goal of furthering New Mexico’s name in film.

Closing the night was one of NM’s Own most outspoken…As always SMQ artfully and comically brought home some truth, echoing the immortal words of Whitney Houston, “the children are our future…tech them well”. Here, here! Teach them something for cripes sake!

Quezada noted that New Mexico’s youth are our “greatest natural resource”, and that they deserve to have more options in arts and entertainment than the prospect of being on cops or even on his own, one and only, Hispanic-led late night television talk show, The After After Party…No one fosters growth in the arts for New Mexico’s youth like SMQ and his crew, but they can’t do it all and they certainly can’t do it alone!

Just as MC Vivana Vigil had kicked-off the night by naming the Film Industry as a source of education and careers choices, giving all New Mexicans a reason and possibilities to stay in the state and make it great, Quezada concluded with the FACT that Film works for New Mexico.

Thank you NMedia at Mesa del Sol for wrangling so many film advocates in rallying for the cause!

NM Film – Get into it!

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Get Your J-O-B on in T.V.

Posted by on April 17, 2011 | Comments Off on Get Your J-O-B on in T.V.

Albuquerque, NM

“We seek a motivated journalist [I’m out] to create dynamic online stories for thousands of hourly visitors to KOB.com. Our website has become the online leader for breaking news in New Mexico. We seek a news writer who can maintain our level of immediacy and accuracy with attention to detail. The ideal candidate should be able to look outside the box of a typical story and seek interactive ways to help readers understand the subject. Journalism degree preferred. Understanding of basic journalism, story writing and proper attribution required. Experience with HTML ideal. Must be available to work weekdays from 3-11pm and/or weekends at flexible times.”

“Responsibilities will include, but not limited to: Writing print stories for the KOB.com website using sources such as broadcast scripts, Associated Press wire stories and raw news facts. Create images to appear with stories. Using an online tool, edit video clips and post them to the website. Work with KOB-TV newscast producers and reporters on generating interactive elements and additional content for news stories. Perform other duties as assigned.” – KOB.com

Click here for requirements and application info.

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The Noose is Loose

Posted by on September 18, 2010 | Comments Off on The Noose is Loose


Local news, and the social net are all abuzz with both outrage and outcries from the Albuquerque community, who seem ready to hang middle school teacher Kathi Hunter for her hefty crop of “medicinal” greens.

In the very same broadcast after the breaking news of Hunter’s arrest, condemnation, banishment, etc., etc., one of the next stories straight off the teleprompter was some fluff liner about the (and I quote), “antics” of “actress” Lindsay Lohan (tra, la, la, la, la, ha, ha antics, tee, hee, hee).

So kiddies, feel free to watch mediawhores at their finest like Parasite Hilton (allegedly) smuggle coca in her cocha across international borders; Coca Lohan drive drunk, fail court ordered drug treatment/testing, etc., etc., and Kardashian Family post porn gazillion dollar payoffs.

Official ©Sindicated Statement: It’s illegal, it was wrong. (butsoisdrivingandtalkingonyourgoddamncellphone)

“And also too” – Sheri Shepard
We have violent crime parolees, double digit DWI offenders, child molesters, hard core narcotics dealers, corrupt public officials and cracked out chitlins addicted to the surplus of your Nana’s Rx cabinet walking our streets but throw away the key on this memaw looking pot head.

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Old News is Good News

Posted by on May 19, 2010 | 3 comments

UPDATE 08/27/10: FYI They also have this in common – none of these or any other major production as of late has had a swanky New Mexico Movie Premiere {sads}. Join our quest to change that here.

Nothing new to us but more national news is taking notice:

CNN says NM is “Building Up America”. See how the Cable News Network glimpses into our kick-ass world of movie making – Including a moving pictures look at our favorite foxy Deputy Chief of Staff and Film Policy Advisor.

CNN was founded by NM’s Own biggest, richest Rancher Ted Turner.

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©Sindication in the News

Posted by on May 15, 2009 | Comments Off on ©Sindication in the News

When is this woman gonna play herself in a major motion picture? Calling current NM productions, Book of Eli, Did You Hear About the Morgans?, The Killer Inside Me, Invasion of Privacy, and Broken Horses. Terminator and Transformers may have already wrapped but they can put her in post-production à la J. Jojola.

Seriously, we love this chick and not just because she’s talked about us…but because she is one of the least annoying (and I’m annoyed by everything), best delivering, most consistent faces on the NM airwaves. AND she’s big screen ready. Homegirl looks great in HD! Only a handful of her peers are well surviving the HD conversion, much less thriving in it.

We may want to keep her out of NM film if we want to retain ‘er ’cause after one flick she just might move beyond us…Regis & Jess maybe. We don’t get to see heaping doses of her funny bone on her newscasts, but it twinkles in her shiny ojos caliente regularly. Besides I think the sun has set on Kelly’s time in the spotlight. She’s puttering out into more of an impersonator than a personality. Anyway when Kells takes her millions and her dehydrated chicken bones and retires I think our Jess can fill the seat a-fresh.

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NM’s Own Miseralba

Posted by on December 12, 2008 | One comment

Hollywood’s Jessica Alba

New Mexico’s Valerie Castro

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Posted by on December 11, 2008 | Comments Off on Developing

Remains of a “small child” found near home of relative of Caylee Anthony. CNN 11:04 a.m. MST

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What Your Momma Learned Last Night

Posted by on December 8, 2008 | Comments Off on What Your Momma Learned Last Night

Watch CBS Videos Online
Long running, low rated CBS television news program 60 Minutes exposes the literal depth and breadth of the Saudi commitment and stronghold on oil production through aggressive, state of the art oil drilling in the Saudi Arabian region known as “The Oil Kingdom”.
In pitch perfect one-on-one interviews with 60 Minute’s Lesley Stahl, Saudi oil minister Ali Al-Naimi reveals they are sitting on over 260 Billion gallons of oil and foresee finding and drilling another 200 Billion.
The highly Americanized industry focused on the mission to produce this oil looks not unlike it’s own western country situated and developed smack in the mid-east. Their center for tracking and operating drilling easily rivals (or bests) Nasa’s control center. In Shaybah just one of their oil fields the facility is built with as much steel as would be in two of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge.
Despite the awe inducing sites and stats of the endeavor Al-Naimi asserts no intention to maintain an “addiction” on his oil by showcasing it’s abundance and accessibility.
Even at the pace and priority with which these Saudi’s are achieving oil production one of their own estimates of supply capabilities is only 50 years.

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