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RUSH CALL: Able bodied males & their older model 4X4s

Posted by on May 20, 2014 | Comments Off on RUSH CALL: Able bodied males & their older model 4X4s



Robert Baxter is looking for several Males to work as Extras beginning Wednesday May 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 27th, 28th, 29th.

Must be 20 to 40 years old and available for all 6 Days. Owning an older model 4×4 is a plus but not mandatory.

If this is you and you are available for each day please send a current photo to robertbaxtercasting[at]gmail.com.

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Michael Douglas on the set of the #NMFilm, The Reach

Posted by on September 18, 2013 | One comment

NMFilm The Reach-Michael Douglas pic

Michael Douglas sets the scene with this quick pic from the New Mexico set of his latest film, “The Reach”.

The star has been on location in the NM desert since last Friday, when the Farmington Daily Times reported that the production will be in the area for the next few months.

The Academy Award winning actor is playing Madec, an arrogant businessman and big game hunter in pursuit of his ultimate prize who hires a young guide, played by Jeremy Irvine (War Horse) to lead him into the American desert. After Madec shoots and kills an innocent man, a game of cat-and-mouse unfolds when the guide refuses to take part in a cover-up.

The film is based on Robb White’s 1972 novel Deathwatch.

The New Mexico production will employ 160 local crew members and 60 local actors and extras, according to the New Mexico Film Office.

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Neil Patrick Harris saddles up for MacFarlane Western in NM

Posted by on May 22, 2013 | Comments Off on Neil Patrick Harris saddles up for MacFarlane Western in NM

UPDATE 7/30/13: EG Casting is looking for a 5-year-old Caucasian boy to work on “A Million Ways To Die in the West” tomorrow, Wednesday July 31, late afternoon. Please email a photo with a phone number to egabel@msn.com.

Neil Patrick Harris Tweets on Santa Fe

New Mexico’s favorite son, Neil Patrick Harris is a man who’s typically hard at work, so it’s no surprise to find him on a unique new film project. This time out the Albuquerque native is taking a turn in a comedy western right here in his homeland!

The “How I Met Your Mother” star recently tweeted an inspiring revelation about Santa Fe, where he’s currently filming with the all star cast of Seth MacFarlane’s “A Million Ways to Die in the West”.

Also saying:

Neil Patrick Harris filming with Seth MacFarlane

This #NM flick is destined to become a comedy classic, scheduled for release on Memorial Day Weekend 2014!

The film also stars Amanda Seyfried, Charlize Theron, Giovanni Ribisi, Liam Neeson, Sarah Silverman, and Seth MacFarlane himself!

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First Look: “Walter White” Walk Through

Posted by on December 3, 2012 | One comment

UPDATE 10/6/12: Not one but TWO lucky winners were chosen by Heisenberg himself to join the cast & crew for a lunch date on the set of BREAKING BAD!!!

Walter White Lookalike Contest RESULTS HERE!

Inside scoop: This NMFilmophile can personally report that each of the 10 finalist can make the unique declaration, “I WAS TUGGED by Bryan Cranston!”

This major milestone, 100th episode of The After After Party will air in the spring!

UPDATE: Aaron Paul will also appear!

This just in!

HERE (below) is Bryan Cranston, with a Breaking Bad production team in tow, recently doing a walk-through for an upcoming scene at an Albuquerque, New Mexico filming location.

Tomorrow night, folks in downtown Albuquerque have a chance to see Cranston once again visit with his Breaking Bad co-star and friend, Steven Michael Quezada. Several of the Emmy winning series’ co-stars have appeared with Quezada over the years on his late night television talk show, The After After Party.

This is a special occasion on many levels, one being that the drama series is coming to a close once the final eight episodes on tap wrap production in the coming months. Secondly, tomorrow night’s live taping of The After After party marks the historic 100th episode of the wholly New Mexico original show!

Click through images to enlarge

Click here for the deets on how to be JUDGED by “Heisenberg” at the “Walter White Look Alike Contest” being held at The After After Party taping tomorrow night – YOU COULD WIN a set visit to Breaking Bad!!!

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#NM Casting “Peasant Women” for 2 Guns

Posted by on August 29, 2012 | One comment

ALBUQUERQUE/SANTA FE, NM Casting Notice – Feature Film “2 Guns”.

For work on MULTIPLE dates to include: Thursday 8/30/12, Friday 8/31/12, Tuesday 9/4/12 and Wednesday 9/5/12. MUST be available for ALL work dates!!

Location is in Estancia, NM.

Pay rate is $72.00 for 8 hours ($9.00/hr) plus overtime after 8 hours. You will also have an additional $15.00 added to your voucher to cover gas expense.

PEASANT WOMEN: female, Hispanic or Native American, age range 25-70, able to play downscale & poor looking, interesting faces.

MUST have full/flexible availability and be in OLC database with a RECENTLY updated profile.

Please post here ONLY if you fit these casting specs and are available 100% on all work dates. If your FB screen name is different than your actual name, please list first & last name.

If you do not have a profile with OLC, please send us an email ASAP to: onlocationcastingNM@yahoo.com with subject line PEASANT WOMAN and include a recent photo, your first & last name, age range, height, weight and phone number.

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ICYMI: NMFilm Now in Brief

Posted by on July 20, 2012 | Comments Off on ICYMI: NMFilm Now in Brief

Sweetwater Cast: January Jones as Sarah, Ed Harris as Sheriff Jackson, Jason Isaacs as Prophet Josiah, featuring Eduardo Noriega, Stephen Root, Luce Rains, and Kathy Lampkin.

How sweet it is! Sweetwater is rolling in northern NM with a bustling cast & crew for the 25 day shoot. We’ll be on the lookout for extras casting for this production from Lorrie Latham and EG Casting.

Bruckheimer & Co. are back to put the NM wrap on TLR. After spending about a month away shooting in Utah, The Lone Ranger returns to the NM range scheduled to film through August!

The best show on television nabs emmy noms as the first of eight episodes in the can premiered to record numbers. The Breaking Bad fam. has checked out of their ABQ digs until this fall when the historic last episodes will take-up production again here in NM.

Conflicting news of The Odd Way Home shoot started coming in a few weeks ago, “it will shoot in NM”, “it won’t”, “Rumer Willis will star”, “that’s just a rumor”, etc., etc., well here are the first pics from the NM shoot, starring offspring of NM offspring Rumer Willis.

And finally local filmmakers kick a** with a hard earned Kickstarter success story! MAJOR KUDOS to the talented and determined minds behind Dead Billy!!! The New Mexico filmmakers raised $30K to produce their upcoming psychological thriller! CONGRATS!

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They’re Baa-ack: Breaking Bad Fifth and Final underway in NM

Posted by on March 28, 2012 | 2 comments

Local actors have been in auditions for featured roles for weeks, extras casting is underway and crews have been hard at work, as have been the writers for months now, tackling the grand finale season of the best show on television.

New Mexico’s own Steven Michael Quezada, aka “Gomie” was facebooking on set today, as were production team members and talent saying,

“Oh it so good to be back at work on set of the best show on tv, Breaking Bad” -Studio Member

“Today was an amazing day. Not only did I get to act with Bryan Cranston, [but] I found out today was the first day that they officially started shooting..so I’ll be in the first episode of the last season of Breaking Bad” -Actress Monique Candelaria

Keep-up with the epic show and be entered to win a prize pack of Br Ba swag by signing-up for the official newsletter at the show’s website here.

Welcome back Breaking Bad!!! CONGRATULATIONS to all our hometown talent and crew who are back at work! Break a leg!

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Where in the World is Cameron Diaz?

Posted by on July 1, 2011 | Comments Off on Where in the World is Cameron Diaz?

A dear OneHeadlightInk reader wrote up asking what-in-the-set-signs is filming down south Valencia way…

The film may not as of yesterday been all up in my old prestigious 2×2 mi. digs of beautiful Bosque Farms, à la that unsung Seth Rogen classic Observe and Report, but the GAM signs that have gone so far as Northern N. Mex to smack betwixt Bern Co. & Rio Rancho have turned-up Los Chavez style.

If this post is feeling even less sensical and more cryptic than usual that is because A.) I don’t really know what I’m talking about and B.) Because even if speculation on the part of any of our readers or myself may be correct, we’re not in the practice of real-time dish.

However I will expound further…as I almost always do…that if that sexy Latina Diva Cameron Diaz is down south she’d be remiss not to hit-up Benny’s Mexican Kitchen, stop & shop at the local GameStop where Taylor, the sweetest gamerboy/salesman ever is good for great advice and an adorbs chat-up…maybe he’ll take or at least direct her to his girl’s Jerky Shop…where a certain sessy “Jesse” has been known to partake…

And that’s just what I’d have to say if Cameron Diaz is NOW FILMING in New Mexico!

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Making it Great in Just 48

Posted by on June 4, 2011 | One comment

Date: Sunday, June 5th
Time: 6:30 – 9:30
Place: Kelly’s Brew Pub, 3222 Central Avenue SE
Premiere Screenings
Date: Friday 6/10 and Saturday 6/11
Time: 6:30 on Friday and 6:30 and 8:30 on Saturday
Place: KiMo Theater, 423 Central Avenue Northwest Albuquerque, NM 87102
Tickets: $10 (Purchase them here…)
Notes: Tickets will be available before the show (cash only), at the KiMo Ticket office during the week, or through Ticketmaster (fees apply). Box office hours & ticketmaster link are here: http://www.cabq.gov/kimo/tickets
Best Of Screening
Date: Friday, June 24th
Time: 7:30
Place: KiMo Theater, 423 Central Avenue Northwest Albuquerque, NM 87102
Tickets: $10 (Purchase them here…)
Notes: Tickets can be purchased in 3 ways: At the door, on-line or at the KiMo Box office.

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Posted by on June 1, 2011 | 2 comments

Before your friendly neighborhood AVENGERS take over the Albuquerque International Airport they first sweep the underbelly (literally) of downtown Albuquerque.

NOW FILMING in the basement of the sizable property that is the Albuquerque Convention Center.

So many of you darlin’ readers already know this and much much more and may I just say how excited and proud for you and the whole of our great state for being a part of this grande muy magnifico production!!

(Let’s all remain as respectful and professional as those with NDAs)

Just one week ago over 100 companies were invited here to the world renowned NM set by Marvel Studios for a “Licensing Summit”. Read the transcript of what one of these companies were allowed to say about what they saw and did there!

Jump >>
» Read the full post

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NM Youth Works

Posted by on May 3, 2011 | Comments Off on NM Youth Works

Just last week we were thrilled to share big casting news for two of New Mexico’s Own, both landing roles in feature film adaptations of best selling novels!

Two more New Mexico child actors win rave reviews all around for their work in the Disney Channel original movie Lemonade Mouth.

Now we’ve learned, through our friend Roscoe Pond over at Native American Hollywood, that more congratulations are in order!

Once again, the amazing opportunities for this young talent and all the cast & crew involved is thanks to more best selling literature hitting the screen in an exciting new television pilot, now filming in northern New Mexico.

From Native American Hollywood.com:

“Amber Midthunder has been cast to play Lilly Stillwater, a central character in the A&E pilot LONGMIRE (based on the mystery novels by Craig Johnson). Production is currently under way.” [Starring] Lou Diamond Phillips, Zahn McClarnon and now Amber Midthunder. This is shaping up to be a cool TV pilot. Let’s hope A & E picks it up as a TV series.

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Sessy Jesse

Posted by on March 15, 2011 | 2 comments

Like I told my girls on Facebook, I just love me some sessy Jesse a.k.a. the delectable, award winning actor Aaron Paul, back to work portraying the ever precious Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad.  As Coco knows, the show has always been simply “perfection”, but since Jesse cried his eyes out in that crack house I’ve just been crushin’ on ’em like mad!

And here he is with one of our absolute favorite local dynamos, the magnificent, multi-talented NM actress Andrea B. Good. Drea’s Breaking Bad these days, kickin’ it on set with the amazing cast and crew of the Pride & Joy of New Mexico Productions, for the fourth season of the Emmy winning AMC series.

Today, my most serious TV crush since Tom Hanson, is sporting a new buzz cut, much shorter since we saw him last, guesting on co-star Steven Michael Quezada’s own Late Night TV talk show. Most of the co-stars including the beloved, equally talented and sessy (barely legal) RJ Mitte have stopped-in to make appearances w/SMQ on The After After Par-tay – check it out here!

And keep checking-in with us for more homegrown Br Ba updates to hold you over til’ season premiere time! In the meantime Lisa and I will try not to sniff the Pinkman off of Dre’ the next time we see her and just be satisfied with daydreaming about our favorite make-believe, methmaker with a heart o’gold!

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New Mexico Seasons

Posted by on March 10, 2011 | Comments Off on New Mexico Seasons
AlbuquerqueCastNMNow FilmingTV

Mary Shannon (not to be confused with Molly Shannon) is still blond and Saul is back for the respective seasons 4 of New Mexico productions, In Plain Sight and Breaking Bad.

Tours of Old Town posted this pic of the IPS cast & crew between shooting scenes of the USA Network drama – Season 4 premieres May 1.

Last week a fan captured the scene in NE ABQ where the beginnings of a shoot were taking shape. This is our favorite set shot as it confirms Walter White’s season 3 attorney will be back on the job for season 4.

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They Ain’t Here For The VIEW

Posted by on January 13, 2011 | 2 comments

ICYDK: Exclusive pics direct from the New Mexico set here on the official Ten Year Facebook page.

Channing Tatum NM Set of Ten Year

Fresh off being violated tenderly “taken” by Ron Howard, Channing Tatum mingles at the end of a day’s shooting on Ten Year in downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Hotty Rosario Dawson is also werkin’ it in the Q, wowing cast & crew (including ©Sindicated fave Erik Hausmanis) with her miles of smiles.

Ten Year is the latest Big Screen production currently shooting in NM. The made for TV movie Truth Be Told starring Candace Cameron Bure is also filming now – featuring the return of JAG to NM.

Next-up is THE AVENGERS, hopefully NOT to be followed by the funeral of all that has become good and holy in the world of New Mexico as the top spot in the country for film making – we all know it’s purdy here, but sunsets alone don’t keep the very mobile, very big business of movie makin’ generating gobs of jobs and joy in NM – KEEP NM FILM!

Catch Tatum this April in another NM Film, Haywire – formerly titled Knockout, with Antonio Banderas, Michael Douglas, Ewan McGregor and Gina Carano.

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Speaking of State Beautification

Posted by on October 26, 2010 | Comments Off on Speaking of State Beautification

UPDATE 11/03/10 – ALBUQUERQUE Extras Notice “Blood Brothers” for THURSDAY 11/4/10 – FINAL DAY of filming for this project. *NEW FACES who have not worked! DRIVERS with CARS that are not red/white/yellow/black and PEDESTRIANS with own Business attire. MUST be in OLC database and available ALL day! If submitting with car-post make/model/year/color. If not in database, go to www.onlocationcasting.net – OLC

Since we broke the news of this production coming here…many a report has come in to us of just how lovely and sweet (and incredibly rippely-muscley & totally GORGEOUS) the two stars have been around town and on set of their current WWE film Blood Brothers.

We’ve tweeted our gracias y ¡bienvenidos! to @JohnCena and now we’d like to give an official “welcome” to Miss Amy Smart!

Rest assured our birdies are tweeting but being the highly upstanding and respectable publication that is ©Sindication we will uphold our commitment to remain paparazzi free as we welcome candid pics but never publish real-time or forecasted specs of talent locations or shoots – de nada.

Here’s the breakdown of the film à la PW Torch about the first of the WWE films to shoot outside of Louisiana…

“Notable actors recruited for the movie include Ethan Embry and Boyd Holbrook as the other two brothers, Amy Smart as their sister, and Michael Rispoli as an “embittered entrepreneur” masterminding a kidnapping plot.

The movie is directed by WWE Studios head Michael Pavone. New Mexico governor Bill Richardson is complementary of WWE in the press release with 140 jobs created to assist in the movie’s production.

“These kinds of projects help promote the state’s film industry and continue to provide good, high-wage jobs for New Mexicans,” he said.

New Mexico offers tax breaks to production companies that film in the state. A WWE producer said in an interview yesterday that it’s “highly unlikely” they would have selected Albuquerque to film the movie without the tax incentive.” – PWTorch.com

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Mennonites, Feds, Mexicans, Oh My!

Posted by on October 11, 2010 | Comments Off on Mennonites, Feds, Mexicans, Oh My!

UPDATE 10/18/10: “ALBUQUERQUE Extras Notice “Blood Brothers” for TUESDAY 10/19/10: Still need the following – JOGGERS, MOM with STROLLER, DRIVERS with CARS that are not red/white/black/yellow (post car year/make/model/color), PICNIC COUPLE (real couple), REPORTERS, DETECTIVES. Tentative call time 06:00am. MUST have full day available and be in OLC database. Post here – we will call you if we can book you.” – OLC

UPDATE 10/14/10: “ALBUQUERQUE Extras Notice “Blood Brothers” for TUESDAY 10/19/10: UNIFORMED POLICE, DETECTIVES with own suits, REPORTERS with own business attire, VIDEOGRAPHERS with camera experience, HOOKERS/CRIMINALS. We do not have call time so MUST be available ALL day. MUST be in the OLC database. Post here and we will call you if we can book you. *NEW faces who have not worked this project yet!” – OLC

NEW MEXICO Extras Notice “Blood Brothers” for FRIDAY 10/15/10: MENNONITES – male & female, Caucasian, age range 8-13y/o kids and 30-60y/o adults, fair skin, plain, no modern hair styles (prefer long straight hair) or colored hair. This works in SAN PEDRO (about 80 miles South of ABQ). MUST be in OLC database and available ALL day. Post here. We will call you if we can book you. You MAY need to come for fitting TODAY! – OLC

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URGENT: Where the kids at, NM!?!?!?

Posted by on July 28, 2010 | One comment

Disney’s Lemonade Mouth movie shoot going sour w/out teens for cast:

ALBUQUERQUE RUSH CALL “Lemonade Mouth” – TODAY (Weds. 7/28/10) ASAP in Rio Rancho: Need 14-19 year old, conservative (DISNEY!), high school students who have black pants, balck shoes and a white dress shirt. MUST be able to get to Rio Rancho quickly and have proper ID. If you are available please call Karin at 505-366-9863. (ONLY call for this posting please!)

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