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Stylish Blogger Award

Posted by on May 3, 2011 | Comments Off on Stylish Blogger Award

The Global Film Maven at On Location Vacations was kind enough to include OneHeadlightInk.com on her very own Top 7 list of noms for a Stylish Blogger Award!

I’d like to personally thank Christine for this as her site is one not to be missed and most of the world knows it! I’m honored any and every time she shines her spotlight on my beloved New Mexico through our humble efforts here on this site for all the world to see!


According to the rules of the Award, I should:

1) Thank and link back to the blogger who awarded you with the award.
2) Share 7 Things about yourself.
3) Award recently discovered great bloggers.
4) Contact the bloggers and inform them of the award

So, here’s 7 things about me:
1) I don’t like sharing things about myself
2) My name is Christa but I blog under pseudonym(s)
3) This is my only j-o-b
4) Raised in & love NM but born just over the border…
5) I run this blog out of the sincere desire to showcase New Mexico Talent, Community and Issues
6) I am an agoraphobic, social anxiety sufferer in disguise
7) I/we don’t have a personal mobile phone service or caller ID

And here are the 9 sites I nominate for the Stylish blogger Award:

DListed – the ultimate in risque blog poetry by one of the most unsung word-meisters of our time, the irreverent perfection that is Michael K. (Not suitable for all/most audiences)

– Because this concept saves locals some dough and it’s written with a personal touch.

JeremyJojola.com – Because who doesn’t love ’em a little Jeremy Jojola; local news journalist extraordinaire, funny like Jimmy Fallon, heart o’gold, runs with mic like no other…and he’s one in six degrees to TOM JOLES!!!

abqthemag.com – the glossy, classy, flashy version of all things Albuquerque

Alibi.com – the most powerful website in the city!

Democracy for New Mexico – Where some of the truest political journalism still lives, with links to other such places such as http://nmfbihop.com/.

1003thepeak.com – a little more global than local but whatever your area code the morning team CONNECTS with their people and have a way of keeping it real, keeping it light, with heart…

Native American Hollywood – MUST have casting deets and dish for Native Americans et al in the Southwest and beyond!

Alan Baltes Website – Amazingly detailed casting info. and resources

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Soon To Be New Mexican

Posted by on August 20, 2010 | Comments Off on Soon To Be New Mexican

Thank God it’s not Montag – the latest co-star headed to NM to scream, slash, holler & shriek alongside the hotness that is Colin Farrell, who’s becoming a veteran NM actor is…Emily Montague (Melrose Place, CSI, Days of Our Lives) hmmmmmm.

Welcome Ms. M. And perhaps some of you will be enjoying craft-service at tonight’s ALL NIGHT shoot of the Fright Night redux in Albuquerque…

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