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From Wall Street to Radio Road

Posted by on April 26, 2010 | Comments Off on From Wall Street to Radio Road

Sweeping changes abound in our nation’s economy – from Wall Street to Radio Road. It is a bygone era when an artist jumped up and down with glee at hearing the local celebrity disk jockey spin their tune because that was the first, best place to be heard.

Free radio is not so free, it’s certainly rarely free standing – instead our jocks are regularly corporate employees, subject to sweeping changes in the name of financial overhaul that have already homogenized play and limited talent. ICYDK: You may be listening from Bozeman to Sacramento to a NYC based jock.

But now even that digitally farmed-out jock may be subject to the axe. What used to be our regional entertainment resource some now recognize as overwhelmingly commercial and contrived, a “syndicated jukebox” if you will – with too little home based talent and influence interjected.

Well your jukebox may lose every ounce of its humanity by being wholly “owned” by advertisers and record labels. The so-called Performance Tax is on the horizon. If the measure passes artists’ labels will take a cut from airplay thereby all but eliminating funds for live, on-air hosts.

You can sign the online petition here to join the thousands of us who want some local voice and choice on the radio.

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