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Posted by on December 11, 2012 | Comments Off on NM BORN “REAL HOUSEWIFE” DRAMA

Following a year of messy headlines, detailing the ugly divorce battle between Dr. Paul Nassif and New Mexico born Adrienne Maloof, it appears that fellow “Real Housewife of Beverly Hills” star, Brandi Glanville is confirming that Maloof is now intent on suing her for some choice words bleeped out of the latest episode of their hit reality show!

All Things Real Housewives says:

“After what could be called a confusing episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Brandi Glanville wrote in her Bravo Blog that she regrets what she said about Adrienne, and that once again her mouth got her in to trouble… expensive trouble. She’s goes on to say that she pissed off the wrong rich person. You can read what has been reported about what Brandi allegedly said on the episode here. When a fan on Twitter asked Brandi what she said, she replied, “The truth,” but she couldn’t say what, “because she doesn’t want any more lawyer bills.” Bravo was not allowed to air what was said because of legal reasons…”

New Mexicans may remember the Maloof’s as the former owners of all the local Warren Properties and the Sheraton Albuquerque Uptown. Until 2010 the Maloof’s had exclusive proprietorship rights to the distribution of Boston Beer Company, Coors, Corona, Guinness, Heineken, Miller, Red Bull, and Tecate products throughout New Mexico. They sold Maloof Distributing in 2010 to Admiral Beverage Corporation.

For the past ten years the Maloof family has owned the NBA team, The Sacramento Kings. The family owns The Palm Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada; and are one of the largest single shareholders in Wells Fargo Bank.

The family also has their hands in entertainment and media with Maloof Productions and Maloof Music. The former being responsible for bringing us, Living Lohan in 2007…

Thanks Bub

In related ~news, Leann Rimes is performing in Albuquerque tonight…
Yay or nay?

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Romantic Lady, Sophisticated Mama

Posted by on March 25, 2011 | 3 comments

The glamorous life of blogging affords many things such as freedom, flexibility, poverty…and with less constraint from the FCC, PRC and propriety it’s a free-wheeling fun ride for all!

But we are accountable for drawing an audience and from Arbitron to Neilson to Census, numbers rule. The very existence of this website depends on traffic, without it (without you) there’s no reason to maintain the parking fees.

So, part of our internet based, pseudo careers is the duty of reviewing our data and that of those around us to best match our output to your input.

Some of the (excessive)ly interesting data we’ve recently reviewed about our current audience trends (that I was able to retain) really spoke to me as the “One” primarily responsible for inviting you to stay and watch our little, dancing cyber-monkey show.

THIS is what I learned: OHI likes the ladies and the ladies like OHI.

I expected our audience would be trending more toward juvenile boys – probably because I feel like that’s where my mentality is more than half the time. But, nope! Turns out we’re lady heavy – educated ladies at that. Ladies who have the wherewithal to be perusing the internets from home or their mobile devices.

Gentlemen, we’ll be accepting your resumes and headshots for broadcast shortly…

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