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Separation of Church and Media

Posted by on September 28, 2011 | Comments Off on Separation of Church and Media

For entangling religion with pop-culture…it’s Hasselbeck for the win:

On today’s “very special” episode of the View, everyone’s favorite skwaktresses read from this story about Rihanna’s invitation to get the h-e-double-hockey-sticks OFF THE FARM by an Irishman who didn’t take too kindly to her areolic display.

The queen of tangent and hypocrisy chimed-in as only she can saying that “Jesus didn’t turn people like this away. Jesus welcomed the prostitutes.”

RECORD SCRATCH, say-what?!?

How in the name of artistry vs. the farm does someone go from the topic of exercising property rights to calling a “top” selling songstress a ho AND dragging the name of Jesus into it in one fell swoop!??!

Hasselcrack! That’s how! This woman is THE master of her domain, which is an especially rich and vibrant history of fitting foot in mouth, post giant step in dooky, that she works so quickly you don’t even see, let alone comprehend what’s happened until it’s already over.

Inspired by Hasselbeck’s ~Deep Thoughts on this (and all matters), here is my choice for picture of the day:

“Science flies you to the moon. Religion flies you into buildings.”

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QOTD: Deux Sided Coin Edition

Posted by on March 31, 2011 | One comment

Rihanna with her varying array of luscious red velvet hair and the queen of on-screen seeyounexttuesday-tressness, Kim Cattrall have alternate views of the blogosphere.

As lifted directly from the web pages of the greatest poet of our time, Michael K., who spun his beauteous yarns of word weaving around what Page Six recently encountered, Cattrall had this among other things to say about modern-day career choice of blah, blah, blah blogging:

“What about writing for a blog? Then you can write about what you want [or] care about.”

On the otra side of this virtual coin, I’ve cried countless times into my afternoon cocktail over what my beloved red velvet head had to say on the same topic a few moons ago:

“I still read the blogs sometimes, it depends on what it is I am trying to find out. I’m a lot more numb to it now only because I understand what it is. It’s a community for people who don’t have anything else to do and hate themselves, they hate their life, they hate their job, they hate their appearance, they are uncomfortable with who they are so what makes them feel good is talking smack about other people who they think they will never ever see in their life and they happen to be celebrities. It seems impossible to ever have the opportunity to say these things to their face, so they get to hide behind their computer.”

Gees! Generalize much…Salt to wound she said this to one of my favorite class of peeps, the coveted Radio DJ – specifically Ed Lover of NYC.

And now because re-reading and posting Ri’s harsh words render me temporarily unable to wallow in my self hatred dance around to my favorite Rihanna song…I’ll leave you with this bag of sads for the eyes and ears: (if you close your eyes maybe you can see Rihanna stepping on my black hair while whipping and lording her magical red hair over me and my broken dreams)

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