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Production Co. Seeks UFO enthusiasts in Roswell, New Mexico

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From Berman Braun Media:

We are a production company in Santa Monica, California looking for a interesting individuals, groups, business or families in the city of Roswell, New Mexico that has ties to the Roswell alien lore or an interest in it.

Are you a local UFO enthusiast living in Roswell? Are you a UFO Chaser? Do you collect UFO memorabilia, Are you currently researching UFOs in the area is the whole idea serious yet fun for you as subject matter? Do your friends consider you the UFO expert ? If so and you currently reside in the Roswell area send us your story along with a pic and a contact number at castingyouttoday@gmail.com or call 310-392-4410.

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A Thrilling Good Time at The #Roscon

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“The Rambler” set to roll in Roswell, New Mexico

Posted by on April 13, 2012 | 2 comments


Compensation is Film and IMDB credit. The production can not pay for travel or hotel.

Seeking the following types of local actors:

• Men and women, 18 years of age and older, all types.
• Also looking for not so clean cut, gritty looking
• Need older man and older woman
• No prior experience is necessary.
• There are NO fees to attend open casting calls.
• MUST have a social security number and valid ID.
• MUST be legal to work in the United States.

If you fit these types and are interested, submit your information to ramblercasting@live.com; include your name, age, email address, headshot or photograph of yourself and telephone number where you can reached or contact Jeanette Loera at the production office (575) 622-1245 from 8am – 5pm.

Dermot Mulroney and “The Rambler” are NM bound.

Mulroney starred in the NM production, Inhale back in 2010 with Diane Kruger, who too is currently back in New Mexico filming Stephenie Meyer’s, The Host.

Production is just days away on the Calvin Lee Reeder feature film, The Rambler; which first premiered as a short at Sundance and SXSW waay back in ’08.

Dermot Mulroney will star as a man known as The Rambler who is released from prison and discovers a mystery as he attempts a dangerous journey through treacherous back roads and small towns en route to reconnecting with his long lost brother.

Lindsay Pulsipher who appeared in the original short will costar.

XYZ’s Nate Bolotin will produce with Brooklyn Reptyle’s Roger M Mayer and Christo Dimassis. XYZ’s Aram Tertzakian and Nick Spicer serve as executive producers. Celluloid Nightmares handles international sales.

Michael Benaroya is financing through his low-budget genre label AKA Pictures. AKA/Benaroya head of production Joe Jenckes also serves as executive producer with his Bow Street Films partner David Dickson, under a new partnership between AKA and Bow Street. Clayton Young of Benaroya Pictures will produce on behalf of AKA Pictures.

AND OF COURSE Dermont starred in the Retro NM Film YOUNG GUNS, way, way back in the 1900s!

Thanks Kristi

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Posted by on September 22, 2011 | One comment

          via Film Licoln County, NM

As promised the first of several Town Hall Meetings by The New Mexico Film Office, headed by Nick Maniatis are set to start next month!

Appropriately “Hollywood, NM” will serve as host to one of these upcoming meetings:

SANTA FE—The New Mexico Film Office today announced a series of Town Hall meetings scheduled to take place across the state, beginning with Southern New Mexico in October. Director Nick Maniatis will discuss the state of the New Mexico film industry – including an update about the 2011 legislation, the outlook going forward, and opportunities and training available to New Mexicans. The meetings are also intended to provide an open forum for the new Director to learn about educational programs, film related businesses, and issues of concern for each community. The Town Halls are free and open to all, including students, local filmmakers, businesses and the general public.

The first three Town Hall meetings will take place October 17, 18 and 19 in Las Cruces, Ruidoso and Roswell, respectively. The NM Film Office will take questions from the audience and will collaborate with local chambers of commerce and schools in conducting these events.

“We are working to make sure that New Mexicans across the state have a chance to be a part of this exciting and growing industry,” said Nick Maniatis, Director of the New Mexico Film Office. “Through these town halls, we are reaching out to residents around New Mexico to create a dialogue about how we can help each other in representing our communities.”

The first series of these meetings will take place as follows:

LAS CRUCES: Monday, October 17th – 6:30pm
Doña Ana Community College Auditorium
2800 N. Sonoma Ranch Blvd
Las Cruces, NM 880012
Contact: Matthew Byrnes at mbyrnes@nmsu.edu

RUIDOSO: Tuesday, October 18th – 6:30pm
Spencer Theatre
108 Spencer Rd.
Alto, NM 88312
(575) 336-4800
Contact: Dirk Norris at dirk@dirknorris.com

ROSWELL: Wednesday, October 19th – 5:30pm

Roswell Chamber of Commerce
131 West 2nd Street
Roswell, NM 88201-4703
Contact: Kathleen Curtis at kathleen@roswellnm.org | (575) 623-5695
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By Any Other Name Guynes-Bougainvilleas

Posted by on November 11, 2010 | One comment

Beauty and resilience like the flower of the city from whence forth she came…Hap, hap, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to @MrsKutcher, New Mexico’s Own Demi Guynes nay Demi Moore.

Demi come back…

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¿Et tu Demi?

Posted by on September 1, 2010 | 5 comments

It’s been a long time since Demi Moore was a but a child from Roswell New Mexico. She’s experienced quite the trajectile ride from Area 51 to center stage/screen, global dogooding, to gyrating on rappers and her youthful hubs.

But something the Dems ain’t done es una película de Nuevo México. Yes, from the time she absconded to and conquered La, la land, to her infamous purchases of small town America and commendable humanitarian efforts…N. Mex hasn’t seen much of ‘er.

Let’s git’ wit Mrs. Kutcher (@mrskutcher) and ask her when she’s coming home, who does she want for her home state’s first Governess, when she’s gonna make a flick here, etc., etc.

Because we is good people – from So. Nem. to N. 25 and everywhere in-between, whose booming film industry could really use a boost from her wattage – a little love from the Roswellian could result in more j-o-b-s which she could help parlay in to more philanthropic ways from we her neglected homies.

Before you hate on me (y’all didn’t even know she did half this stuff till I tol’ you) for bein’ hater I ain’t hatin’ I’m just callin’ a sister back home.

The Dems is currently betwixt Chi-town, Motor City and Gay Paree shooting the sure to be cinematic gold LOL: Laughing Out Loud with Miley Cyrus (who filmed her BIG Hannah Montana movie in her home state of Tennessee…hmmmm).

Maybe Dems, Kutch and the affable Willis can star in the sure to be remade Threesome, N. Mex Style…a.k.a. two slabs of beef with extra cheese!

And p.s. if Moore has any trouble finding us…NPH can show her the way ;)

Miley & Demi on set LOL: Laughing Out Loud

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Gobs o’Jobs

Posted by on June 2, 2010 | Comments Off on Gobs o’Jobs
JobsMoneyNMPost RápidoYou

New energy plant in Hobbs, NM – “Attorney General Gary King today helps kick-off inaugural ceremonies for the new uranium enrichment facility in southeast New Mexico which has already brought hundreds of new jobs to Lea County.

‘As a longtime supporter of the Louisiana Energy Services facility near Eunice, it is very gratifying to see the project paying off for New Mexico,’ says AG King. ‘Besides providing much needed new jobs, the plant is helping to diversify the area’s energy technologies for future national energy production.’

500 to 700 facility construction jobs are expected to continue through 2015, adding to nearly 300 permanent jobs already created in Lea County by L.E.S.

The Eunice facility is the first centrifuge uranium enrichment plant located in the United States. It is anticipated that at full capacity the facility can produce sufficient enriched uranium for nuclear fuel to provide approximately 10% of America’s electricity needs.” – Office of NM Attorney General, Gary King

And in Roswell, NM, “Company Plans to Grow Workforce to as many as 200[.]

Governor Bill Richardson announce[d] that AerSale, Inc. has acquired Great Southwest Aviation including its 15 employees, and plans to add 100 to 200 mechanics, inspectors and support staff as it grows its aircraft leasing business. AerSale, a Florida based company, has also acquired approximately 200,000 square feet of aircraft hangar and warehouse space at the Roswell International Air Center, and plans to acquire over $1 billion of aircraft over the next 5 years.” – Office of New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson

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