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Official Events Schedule for Film & Media Day at the 2013 New Mexico Legislature

Posted by on February 14, 2013 | One comment

From New Mexico’s International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees:
(IATSE 480)

Film & Media Day will be on Friday, Feb. 22nd this year. We start with a Women In Film presentation on the evening before. A full schedule can be found below.

The Halls of History at the State Capitol will be full of exhibitors from communities, colleges, and film vendors from around the state. “Breaking Bad” star Steven Michael Quezada will introduce Friends of Film, Warriors for Film workers at noon in the Rotunda to be followed by a showing of “Carmen & Ben: A Love Story,” our documentary tribute to Speaker Lujan.

Background casting call will take place from 11am-4pm in the auditorium at the State Land Office, 310 Old Santa Fe Trail. The public is encouraged to attend. For casting session questions please call Hillary Baca at 974-8058.

The industry reception for legislators will follow at The Dragon Room in the Pink Adobe from 5-8 pm.

Jon Hendry said, “After ten years, Film & Media Day has become one of the biggest and most well-attended lobbying days during the session. Schools and communities from all over the state send students and businesses to meet their representatives and thank them for their continued support of this exciting industry. It’s a great day to come to the Capitol, and this year you could even become an extra!”

Schedule of Events

Thursday, Feb. 21st:

NMWIF and IATSE Local 480 kick-off event at the New Mexico Federation of Labor (NMFL) Legislative Office 7pm.

Friday Feb. 22nd:

7:30am Exhibitors being to set up tables in the Halls of History

8am – Exhibitor tables continue until 4:30pm

9-10am – Mayor’s Welcome Breakfast hosted by IATSE Local 480 at the NMFL legislative office, 410 A Old Santa Fe Trail

10am – Reel Working America class on lobbying at the NMFL office – open to all

11aqm -4pm – Open casting call at the State Land Office auditorium – 310 Old Santa Fe Trail

Noon –1pm – Press conference in the Rotunda with Steven Michael Quezada. We will also be screening IATSE 480 Business Agent, Jon Hendry’s tribute to Speaker Ben Lujan.

1pm – Sky video systems demo of their camera drone outside on the Old SF Trail side

2-5pm – Lobbying

4:30pm – Vendors break down their displays and tables and chairs are loaded out

5pm – 8pm VIP Legislative reception at the Dragon Room, Pink Adobe, Old SF Trail

7pm – Sundance Film and CCA present, “Upstream Color” at the Lensic.

IATSE Local 480 is participating by offering discounted tickets to NM film makers, available at the Roundhouse on the day for $5, first come first served.

Contact: Linda McDill, NMWIF President
505.424.3757 LMcDill100@aol.com


Enemy of the State

Posted by on January 26, 2012 | 2 comments

Predictably sour on film, Governor Susana Martinez tells lawmakers at this year’s legislative session that it would be “a waste of time,” to pass a bill along to her proposing lifting the $50M cap on New Mexico Film Incentives, which she worked to impose during the last session.

Martinez says, “I want predictability for the film industry and they have received predictability and I think they really appreciate the fact that there is predictability. It allows us to formulate a budget and balance the budget.”

In the last year alone this now “predictable” stance has led untold numbers of productions, including the likes of Iron Man III – starring Robert Downey Jr., Oblivion – starring Tom Cruise, Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained and television series The Lying Game to quit New Mexico for more “receptive” states.

While Alasaka and Colorado shoot to redouble their efforts in bolstering their existing incentive programs, states like North Carolina, New Orleans and Texas nab big budget films, local jobs and the media attention that follows them away from New Mexico.

Perhaps bringing to fruition what was forewarned back in November 2011, when representatives of the Governor’s cabinet appeared at an industry event, tasked with proclaiming the Governor’s support for New Mexico Film. At the NMedia State of Film event the Governor’s Cheif of Staff Keith Garnder stated in his address to the crowed that the Governor, “vows to wield a veto pen” on any proposed changes to the current Film Program.

Representative Al Park (D) of Albuquerque disagrees with Martinez’ decision.

“We don’t have a cap on a single incentive in any other industry. We plant incentives all across the board for things all across New Mexico…this is an industry that we know right now is generating a billion dollars in economic activity,”
– Rep. Al Park to KOB-TV

While New Mexico sends millions of dollars out of state to improve create our image around the world, and this ongoing targeting of the Film Industry is racking up losses in jobs and notoriety for the state, neighboring states stand at the ready to take over.

Right next door Texas is wrangling for the top spot in video game production by extending credits akin to their film tax incentives. After handily procuring the production away from New Mexico, North Carolina rides away with thousands of paid extras casting, crew jobs and the influx of income that the blockbuster Iron Man III will bring to their state.

Given the current administration’s stance on film, and the losses that follow, being the resonating image New Mexico puts forth as a still high profile option for production, industry activists and advocates are set to convene at the Roundhouse to lobby state legislators on February 1st for New Mexico Film & Media Day 2012.

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Running the Numbers: 2.5M NM Dollars Headed to TEXAS

Posted by on January 11, 2012 | 3 comments

As we told you here back in August, the NM Governess appointed State Tourism Secretary, Monique Jacobson had put out the call for marketing proposals to help re-brand the state in the collective side-eyes of the nation nay, the world.

The Wall Street Journal recently reported a New Mexico State Tourism Department study finds that much of the nation sees New Mexico as “Arid.” “Barren.” “Dull”, and on the ~upside “Close to Arizona”? At least that perception places NM in the continental United States, right?

Ms. Jacobson, tells TWJ that she’s confident she can leverage her limited resources to build “a strong, iconic brand.” Not included in the article is the recent development that those “limited resources” of $2.5M has been awarded by the New Mexico State Tourism Department to a TEXAS firm.

Despite submissions by no less than six New Mexico firms for the job, our bottom barrel, 36th ranked national tourism standings (formerly run by a Los Angeles, CA firm), and state tourism marketing dollars are headed out of state.


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New Mexico Film – Word From Your Governor

Posted by on October 12, 2011 | 2 comments

TMZ OHI has obtained a copy of the letter drafted straight from the top of New Mexico State Government, inviting film and television productions to bring their projects here.

Being the fount of useless opinion that I am, I have to interject that film like enchiladas, New Mexico simply does better, and supplemental to this letter, maybe a NM goods gift bag, and demo reel would better serve this campaign.

But I defer to more intelligent, actual journalists who have pointed out here that most importantly omitted from this letter is an explanation or breakdown of the new, “bewildering” film incentive rebate structure (maybe it’s in an attachment).

Perhaps better than any paper attachment, armed with the letter NM’s Own Film Office Director, Nick Maniatis did recently trek to Los Angeles to meet with top film and television studio execs (next time also take chile).

We are assured that YOUR New Mexico Film Office Director and his team, under New Mexico’s Economic Development Department, are working for you in capably and fully representing the state’s best interests to bring film jobs and revenue home. Here in a clip from the NM Film Works radio program are Maniatis and NM Filmmakers Program Director, Trish Lopez explaining in detail the changes to the New Mexico Film Incentive Program.

With other states (NC, LA, TX, UT, GA) clamoring for and hammering out deals to the North, South, left and right of us, we better have barrels loaded and be at the ready to bring it full board to ensure we back our leadership in achieving “ongoing success” in New Mexico Film.

As evidenced by continual coverage in the national and international media, the world is watching New Mexico as a strong presence and contender in film production.

Pictured and transcribed here for all the world to see is the Governor’s letter to “Hollywood”. Below see the recent story featured in industry “bible”, Variety on top New Mexico studios.

The three-point punch here is that leadership is backing the industry, our top state film representative has put out the open call and YOU (statewide studios, talent, crews, youth & workforce training, local businesses, et al) are poised to put an everlasting shine on New Mexico Film. Get into it!

Dear Production Executives,

New Mexico like many states has been tasked with bringing certainty and predictability to its budgetary process under difficult economic time. New Mexico’s film incentive program was recently re- with great effort to maintain its success while balancing the needs of our state. I am happy with the compromise made during this past legislative session and I support the continued growth of the industry and the creation of more job opportunities for New Mexicans.

We continue to offer one of the most competitive industry incentive packages in the United States.In addition to the film incentives our job training program and low interest film loans are available for productions shooting in our state.

Our exceptional and experienced crew base is the largest between coasts. New Mexico currently has five studios containing 14 sound stages and over 200 film-related businesses including post production facilities. Direct flights from Santa Fe and Albuquerque to Los Angeles are just another convenience for studio productions.

With over 300 days of sunshine annually, New Mexico [insures] some of the most [awe]-inspiring and diverse landscapes in the world. We have a film-friendly community [network] throughout the state and a dedicated film office whose staff will assist your production through its [entirety].

This industry is a very important sector of our state and I am committed to its ongoing success. I look forward to working together in bringing your next production to New Mexico.


Susana Martinez

By Kathy A. McDonald from the cyber pages of Variety:

Santa Fe Studios
Built by producers for producers. That’s how CEO Lance Hool describes the [now] completed Santa Fe Studios. Two 18,000-square-foot adjoining soundstages are the principal elements of phase one of the project that also includes 26,000 square-foot of adjacent office and support space. Located on a 65-acre campus 15 minutes from central Santa Fe, the facilities boast state-of-the-art specs.

Tech highlights include 40-foot ceilings and acoustic design by Bastien and Associates Architecture, which lists Manhattan Beach Studios and Los Angeles Center Studios are among its credits. Hool expects Santa Fe Studios to open in the fall; negotiations are ongoing for the inaugural pic, as well as a camera house and grip and electric tenants.

Since Santa Fe Studios’ inception five years ago, much has improved in the area, says Hool: the local crew base has expanded significantly, and daily flights are available directly into Santa Fe from Los Angeles. Shuttling of above-the-line talent is kept to a minimum as most opt for digs in Santa Fe.

Other notable features: Pueblo-style architecture that echoes Santa Fe’s Native American heritage as well as eco-efforts, including a water catchment system and native plant/drought tolerant landscaping.

Albuquerque Studios
A stone’s throw from the airport, Albuquerque Studios is the state’s major purpose-built facility with eight full-service soundstages; the largest four are 24,000 square-foot each with heights up to 55 feet. Adjacent stages can be combined for more space as needed. A one-stop shop offering everything from grip and lighting to production trailer rentals to camera packages, the facility currently houses “The Avengers” and “Breaking Bad.”

Garson Studios
Located on the Santa Fe U. of Art and Design’s campus, Garson Studios (founded by thesp Greer Garson) recently made major upgrades including new HVAC. Stage A is 14,000 square-foot with a permanent greenscreen cyc. Smaller Stage B (7,500 sq. ft.) is used for both production and prep. Production office space is adjacent. More than 30 films in 20 years have used facility, most recently “Bless Me, Ultima,” “Cowboys & Aliens” and “Paul.”

Fulcrum Building (Rio Rancho, New Mexico)
Seeing potential in the defunct manufacturing plant, Lionsgate took over the converted facility for both its “Wildfire” and “Crash” skeins. Two soundstage-type spaces (50,400 and 63,000 square-foot) with 30-foot ceilings are the draw, plus 25,000 sq. ft. of adjacent office space. Colin Firth starrer “Gambit” recently booked it for greenscreen work.
Contact info: Brian Anderson, Roger Cox & Assoc., 505-379-6030

I-25 Studios
A former microchip processing plant, I-25 Studios consists of 505,000 sq. ft. on 60 acres. The largest soundstage is 29,000 square-foot with a 21-foot height. Utilized as home base for USA’s “In Plain Sight” for four seasons, the location has since hosted an unnamed TNT pilot, “Breaking Bad” and a Dolce & Gabbana spot featuring Scarlett Johansson. In October, three new soundstages and additional base camp space will double production capacity.


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Posted by on July 27, 2011 | Comments Off on Hauslash
FilmNMNM's Own

A is for Albuquerque Actor, Erik Hausmanis who has taken to La La Land for a spell.

The long-time OneHeadlightInk fave and MI native had hit the NM scene running – landing several indie movie roles and television & movie spots.

Hot in the Q and beyond in New Mexico productions like Fright Night, Tiger Eyes and Breaking Bad

You should be able to catch him now in NMDOT PSAs buckling-up like a champ in heavy rotation, in Disney’s Lemonade Mouth and in the upcoming movie A Bird of the Air.

B is for the baad things that have happened to NM Film since the new administration at the roundhouse has taken aim at the industry opening the door to losing productions during these times of flux and pointing to the exit for talent that comes or strives from within to be a part of a sustainable workforce in local arts & entertainment.

C is for…uh, I digress.

Haus is one of the many who have gone and are planning to go where the very mobile film industry finds a supportive home – but he says he’ll always be one of NM’s Own – agreed.

Look for him in future projects out of CA and beyond (break a leg jetting to Chi-Town) we (I’m looking at y’all) will be holding-down the homefront by looking out for New Mexico Film so as to retain talent, maintain & sustain business for all!

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From waste of time to $10,000 prize!

Posted by on July 22, 2011 | 7 comments

Exploitation much?

National news outlets covering the sitting New Mexico Governor’s summer tourism promotion are calling foul at rattling at the proverbial grave of the long lored, long gone “outlaw” Billy the Kid.

From rabid condemnation of the former Governor’s talk of a pardon for “The Kid” to launching a Palin style publicity stunt/hunt, replete with high cost billboards, television radio and print ad campaigns, propping and popping “The Kid’s” likeness, where’s Waldo style, into all form of New Mexico tourist destinations….Classy.

Local news thus far is lobbing out a far rosier spin of the “promotion”…up to and until possible investigative reports are to follow if this surely very costly campaign is a bust…If and when that forecast comes to fruition a culprit other than the Governess will likely be locked into the cross hairs of blame – NM Film perhaps?

Where are the Avengers tourism promos (Royals style)??? The NM Film destination packages? THE BREAKING BAD Winnebago tours?!?!?! FARK!

Let “The Kid” rest already!

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QOTD: If Only Edition

Posted by on June 24, 2011 | Comments Off on QOTD: If Only Edition

“What I have learned in these months after the election is that my lifelong love affair with New Mexico, her people, her needs, and her politics won’t end. I promised to stick around and fight for our families and I intend to do so.”
-Diane Denish

Former Lieutenant Governor of New Mexico, Diane Denish reflects on where she’s been, what lies ahead and the issues facing our great state as she sees them since she’s been charting a course outside the Governor’s seat where she and many of us were passionately compelled to see her – if only.

Chief among her current concerns for the overall health & well being of New Mexico, just as during her 2010 campaign for Governor, is job creation naming, “technology, arts, culture, film, Labs, and human capitol” as a few of our most valuable assets in achieving sustainable employment for New Mexicans.

Read the full article here.

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Posted by on April 8, 2011 | One comment

This just in – According to Film Works for New Mexico:

Governor [Susana Martinez] has signed the budget AND HB607 AND SB44

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Queen of Darts

Posted by on March 24, 2011 | 2 comments

Art by Lalo Alcaraz

Listening to Susana Martinez on 94 Rock yesterday was like getting back together with an ex. You open your mind, decide that what’s done is done and just try to move forward on as positive a note as possible…but then you remember that she’s a lying, controlling maniacal b*tch bully!

My stomach literally turns at the thought of trying to re-listen to her propaganda in order to properly relay the precise points of scathing hot mis-truths and rhetoric surrounding the most vitriol laden, vengefully targeted topic of the recently wrapped 2011 Legislative Session – that is of course that business we call “Show”, or as Susana loathfully dubs it “Hollywood”.

So please take a listen for yourself here and definitely do pick-up (as you always do right) this week’s copy of YOUR weekly Alibi – on stands NOW! Inside the pages of this ever so artfully covered issue is a great synopsis of several of the most impassioned issues of the session. I thought it ever so poetic that our particular issue had some pink ink print leaks that look not unlike blood spatter on the “Making Sausage” news page – reminiscent of the blood letting that took place of our particular industry in the long hard fought battle for New Mexico Film.

Here’s where the New Mexico Film Tax Incentives stand (on the bias):

The Bill that caps Incentives at $50M passed the Senate and only has be signed-off by the Governess’s spiteful pen – this means that if and when films are due more than that in tax credits in a single year, the filmmakers could stand to collect the balance over subsequent years, which could create a bubble of overdue credits in years to come that could eventually leave a zero budget for Film Incentives.

New Mexico retains the original 25% Incentive rate – equal to or lesser than approx. 20 other states in the country. Alaska, Michigan, Texas, Louisiana, Utah and Californ-i-a itself among other states are still vying hard to take over where New Mexico has come to reign.

Senate Bill 44 – Film Production Tax Credit Tracking and Review which would stand to make good on the begrudgingly made campaign ~promise by Martinez to prompt a comprehensive study and reporting of the NM Film Program BEFORE making any changes also passed the Senate…but oops changes are already being made…

“Her attack on the film industry has already caused some companies to reconsider their investment decisions here,” – Senator Eric Griego

And the propaganda of pinning shortfalls in healthcare, education and the very safety of our public is being broadcast as the sole result of the evils of “Hollywood” on New Mexico by the Governess and her spin doctors while pet industries get away with raping our economy and lining the pockets of nationally politically ambitious officials.

Click here for our openly bias coverage of this unwarranted attack on the industry…

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Rein it in NM

Posted by on March 15, 2011 | Comments Off on Rein it in NM

Remember when you held the reins of your life firmly in your hands and you cast them down into the mess that would plague you for decades to come.

I do, and those poor choices of my early 20’s left only myself and a select other few to recover from the wake of those youthful indiscretions – none the less, recovery is a long, hard road. And the clarity of hindsight is of little use or potency once bridges are burned and lines are crossed.

So why not tread carefully and make cautious moves rather than maliciously casting off promising endeavors as they’re just beginning to bloom (as promised), especially when it’s thousands that will be immediately affected and thousands more for generations to come.

Right now Governor Susana Martinez and YOUR elected legislators hold the reigns reins of our still youthful yet top ranked film industry in their decisive hands.

As we reported yesterday straight from the mouth of a Roundhouse insider the slow wheels of our Government are turning and in what direction those wheels will turn the tide remains unknown – you have time to act (pun intended).

Despite proverbial nails in the hypothetical coffin of NM Film that mainstream media may be quick to tweet, broadcast and post, small businesses, trades, cast & crew and our state’s up and coming workforce in training are still in it to LIVE IT.

Please make your presence known and your voice heard in these days and minutes left to exercise your democratic rights to ask for a fair shake not a shake-down of New Mexico Film.

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NM Film Needs Your Body

Posted by on March 14, 2011 | One comment
CastingCrew CallEscándaloFilmGovernmentJobsNMSanta FeYou

Ironically many New Mexicans in Film, Entertainment, Trades and Local Business are working and can’t up the head-count to take a stand FOR NM FILM over at the Roundhouse.

But, we know plenty of y’all could & would haul your bodies up there and put your best act on if it were for a part in The Avengers or the like. Well this call to action may be one of the most important try-outs of your professional life.

Without a show of force NM Film remains in peril and efforts to keep cast, crews, support services and our kids in training for all of the above gainfully employed are shaky – we need a full cast & crew present to keep our top spot in global film production. If you would make the trek to audition or tryout for a role to further your career make this trip to capital city within the next few days.

Today we were able to chat briefly with IATSE Local 480 Business Manager and Film lobbyist, Jon Hendry. He’s quite literally been making the rounds, up at the Big House in Santa Fe and tells us we can take head that there is time left and negotiations open that we can still impact – the calls and emails are going through but NM Film needs your body.

Click here to listen to Hendry give us a little what’s-up with that industry we hold so dear…including who’s still trying to pull what and what our best bets are moving forward.

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QOTOD: Eye Into the Future

Posted by on March 13, 2011 | 2 comments

UPDATE 3/14/11: While “$1.5 billion in credits” goes out to big oil and other industries, today your NM Senate Finance Committee passed a measure limiting New Mexico Film Incentives to $50M. Source

Our “Quote of the other day” belongs to State Representative Brian Egolf

We have less than a week to go in the session. The Governor is still ignoring jobs & the economy and focusing exclusively on political wedge issues. I am working hard to protect the film incentive program to keep good jobs here in NM and to hold the line on important conservation issues. I expect that the final days will be very eventful! 3/12/11

Tonight, after a long day in the Senate, amendments being batted about and readied to be heard by the Senate Finance Committee that stand to (carry out the Governor’s vendetta against film) limit New Mexico’s film futures have been held-off until Monday morning.

IATSE 480, the NM chapter of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, Moving Picture Technicians, Artists and Allied Crafts of the United States, is rallying small business owners, trades and other film supporters in the lofty efforts to maintain globally recognized position New Mexico has carved out for itself as a leader in Film.

Thousands upon thousands of New Mexico jobs and the very existence of hundreds of local small businesses hang in the balance. And as Statewide educational programs and institutions ramp-up training and build-up futures for creating and maintaining a sustainable workforce for generations of New Mexicans to come, our Governor vows to veto a state budget that includes Film Incentives with any cap over $45M.

It’s been said time and time again – though perhaps gone unheard, that that cap is “a job killer”. Supporters of the industry have been promised that the current incentive rate will stand at 25% (only 3rd highest in the nation), but it was also a begrudgingly PROMISED during her campaign that no change would be made without a full and transparent study of incentive benefits.

SB 44 passed the House this session allowing for such data to come to fruition but that forthcoming research and report will be rather mute with a production limiting cap. At $45M films the magnitude of last year’s Cowboys & Aliens and Thor would eat-up most if not wipe-out the entire allotment of incentives thereby taking away the chance for more productions within the year and all the jobs film and support service related.

As film, small business, education and training supporters we have through Monday morning to reach out to the Senate Finance Committee here and to the Governess herself here (505-476-2200) to voice our plea to KEEP NM FILM.

IATSE Local is raising money throughout the night to help get the message out and Film Works New Mexico is organizing business owners and other film supporters to lobby Senate Finance members live and in person at the Roundhouse, tick-tock.

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Posted by on March 3, 2011 | 3 comments

UPDATE 3/8/11:

“We are hurting the one growth industry in New Mexico by imposing such a cap without adequate information, so I am working to take it off during our Senate work on the budget. The Governor needs to hear from you about this to avoid a veto if we are successful in changing this in the budget.” – Jerry Ortiz y Pino, State Senate Dist. 12 on 3/5/11

UPDATE 3/3/11: via Nicholas D. Ward – “I am finding that DIRECTLY stating the fact that were the $45M cap to be currently in place, Avengers alone would eat $37.5M, or 83.333% of the $45M cap is actually making people in the legislative offices take a pause. PLEASE CALL AND DISCUSS THIS DIRECTLY WITH YOUR REPRESENTATIVES! GIVE THEM THIS TALKING POINT!”

“We need to stay competitive and $45 million is $15 million below what we spend, so we’re sending a huge message saying get out of New Mexico,” said Keller. “Make no mistake, the film credit is about jobs, and its being towed into politics because there are $1.5 billion in credits we are giving to other industries and no one is talking about those.” Senator Tim Keller


“Tough day. The House voted to cap the film program in New Mexico, despite   warnings that it would kill film in New Mexico. My amendment to raise the cap from $45m to $60m barely failed, with two Dems voting with the Rs. Then, the House failed to pass my amendment to apply the same $45 million cap to oil and gas industry subsidies and tax breaks. The Governor has won a battle in her war to kill film in New Mexico.”
– Rep. Brian Egolf 3/2/11

It’s not too late. Everyone in that roundhouse works for YOU New Mexico. Join The Motion Picture Association and countless other groups and organizations in fighting for fairness and the future of Local Jobs, Arts Education & Vocational Training that NM Film has built.

Contact YOUR members of the Senate Finance committee and ask for their reasonable and responsible support. Ask them to aid our Gorverness in keeping her word to allow for a full and complete review of NM Film BEFORE making any changes – as promised.

John Arthur Smith
505) 986-4365

Carlos Ciscneros
505) 986-4362

Rod Adair
(505) 986-4385

Pete Campos
(505) 986-4311

Carroll Leavell
(505) 986-4278

Howie Morales
(505) 986-4863

Steven Neville
(505) 986-4701

Gerald Ortiz y Pino
(505) 986-4380

Mary Kay Papen
(505) 986-4270

Nancy Rodriguez
(505) 986-4264

Sue Wilson Beffort
(505) 986-4395

Ask why the pocket lining special interest groups & predatory lenders aren’t being held to the same ATTACK accountability – oh wait, I suppose the answer is in the question. And it just isn’t right. Do your part to make it right – may the voices of many reason with the few elite who hold the fate of thousands of existing NM jobs and the future of building a sustainable work force for generations to come in their hands.

john.smith@nmlegis.gov, carlos.cisneros@nmlegis.gov, radair@dfn.com, petecampos@newmexico.com, leavell4@leaco.net, howiemorales@yahoo.com, nmsenate@msn.com, jortizyp@msn.com, marykay.papen@nmlegis.gov, nancy.rodriguez@nmlegis.gov, sue.beffort@nmlegis.gov

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Video of the Day: Ethics Edition

Posted by on March 1, 2011 | 4 comments

Please support New Mexico and stand FOR NM FILM

Ask YOUR 2011 NM Legislature to work to OPPOSE HB607 and HB622.

And tell them to help our new Governor keep her word in ordering a study of the film industry program before any changes are made and SUPPORT SB44

Senate Finance Committee:
john.smith@nmlegis.gov, carlos.cisneros@nmlegis.gov, radair@dfn.com, petecampos@newmexico.com, leavell4@leaco.net, howiemorales@yahoo.com, nmsenate@msn.com, jortizyp@msn.com, marykay.papen@nmlegis.gov, nancy.rodriguez@nmlegis.gov, sue.beffort@nmlegis.gov

House Tax Committee:
edward.sandoval@nmlegis.gov, jimtrujillo@msn.com, don.bratton@nmlegis.gov, ernestc1531@aol.com, anna.crook@nmlegis.gov, georgedodge63@yahoo.com, denroch@hotmail.com, brwooley1@yahoo.com, tom@tomtaylor.net, jamesstrickler@msn.com, rudy_s_martinez@msn.com, ben.lujan@nmlegis.gov, lewisfornm@gmail.com

NM Legislators:
annunez@zianet.com, brown55@windstream.net, conradjamesforhd24@gmail.com, yherrell@yahoo.com, sntyler@valornet.com, jimmie.hall@nmlegis.gov, larry@larranaga.com, docmcmillan@msn.com, trippsdon@netscape.net, noralee@cableone.net, tavish38@gmail.com, wjgray@pvtnetworks.net, zobaldonado@gmail.com, jamesstrickler@msn.com, paul@paulbandy.org, bill.rehm@nmlegis.gov, ddoyle@ebnm.com, natefornm@gmail.com, lewisfornm@gmail.com, denroch@hotmail.com, csecows@aol.com, rlittleent@aol.com, kb5ysg@arrl.net, david@davidcchavez.com, wallace@losalamos.com, james.white@nmlegis.gov, askdennis@denniskintigh.com, brwooley1@yahoo.com, zachjcook@gmail.com, anna.crook@nmlegis.gov, jpandp@comcast.net, jim@jimsmithnm.com, don.bratton@nmlegis.gov, tom@tomtaylor.net, rep16@moejustice.com, Joseph@cervanteslawnm.com, donagale@zianet.com, ernestc1531@aol.com, rudy_s_martinez@msn.com, ocate@hotmail.com, rrrvigil@plateautel.net, eliseoalcon@msn.com, georgedodge63@yahoo.com, jimtrujillo@msn.com, miguel.garcia@nmlegis.gov, debbie.rodella@yahoo.com, maryhelen.garcia@nmlegis.gov, mstewart@osogrande.com, alpark.nm@gmail.com, jrmadalena@fsipinc.org, edward.sandoval@nmlegis.gov, brian@brianegolf.com, roberto.gonzales@nmlegis.gov, patricia.lundstrom@nmlegis.gov, ray.begaye@nmlegis.gov, alujan@q.com, jonig@zianet.com, danice.picraux@nmlegis.gov, eleanorchavez@gmail.com, oneillhd15@fastmail.us, sheryl.stapleton@nmlegis.gov, mlo1@7cities.net, ben.lujan@nmlegis.gov, rick.miera@nmlegis.gov, gailchasey@msn.com

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NM House Passes Cap on NM Film Incentives

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Aggressively swiftboated as a nemesis “on the backs of our children”, robbing our state of proper education, health care and on the verge of prompting the release of violent criminals onto our streets – the much maligned NM Film Incentive program holds on to the competitive rate of 25% but is now capped at $45M.

If an epitaph for New Mexico film is being formed, it surely began on the day that action met inaction by way of electoral votes in favor of Susana Martinez over Diane Denish for the next Governor of New Mexico. And if there was a day in New Mexico history that marked a flag flying victory for Corporate loop-holing it would be the same day.

Though I may make quips about having to now move to Utah because even their legislature and hopeful Utes are pulling ahead in the race between many to catch-up to New Mexico in becoming a firm fixture in global film making – it was never about photo ops, events or even so much about film for me.

It has always been about New Mexico for me. Yes, I love the lore of “Old Hollywood”, if even only as an observer, but more happily as an advocate for what the industry lends to our great state. So well captured on the silver screen; whether drafted or reenacted, the stories of triumph over adversity, of enlightenment and empowerment should not be discarded just because of their packaging.

When I was a little girl with a flare for the dramatic – I never wanted to grow-up and move to Hollywood (still don’t), I wanted “Hollywood” to come to me – and it did. When I read Hemingway and Fitzgereld I loved them both – one for his grandiose, self actualizing prose and the other for his innate eloquence in capturing all those and that around him; and Lennon, so biting, so raw versus (quite literally) McCartney so painfully romantic and light.

These balances of the imbalanced are what we are poised to thrive on. We need the trappings of show business like charlie sheen needs to marry lindsay lohan – but what we do need is a future for an industry that employs thousands of New Mexicans, that stirs excitement, inspiration and hopes in our communities. We aren’t Maseratis and reality tv. We’re chicken wing eating, NFL loving reality in a pick-up truck. We’re all that and so much more. But what else? That’s what the bulk of our youth and disenfranchised are asking.

What next? Where do we go from here? Nowhere? To the crack den or to the set? Can I grow-up to make millions in office or will I grow-up just unlucky enough to be oppressed by Corporate America?

While Jeff Bridges is perennially Oscar nominated and crusading to feed the hungry in America let’s tell ours, not for you, not this dream. Apply to Wal Mart again, because social services are being cut so that birth control and government cheese also aren’t an option any longer. No wonder the crack dens aren’t only on the set and petty crime abounds – hopelessness breeds (quite literally) poverty.

So, no I will not actually be moving to Utah, I/we will stay here in the state that we love with the people we love and we will continue to seek out the best in NM Arts, Entertainment, Education and Training – not for the love of “Hollywood”, but for the hope that we can bring a little joy, a little fun, a little encouragement to anyone interested in such things.

Join the online efforts to speak-up for NM Film here, here or here.

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NM Film Futures Strung Out While Loopholes LIVE

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MAKE SOME NOISE! Have you contacted YOUR Legislature today? They hold the fate of New Mexico Film in their hands: Keep & Compete NM Film PASS SB 44

UPDATE 2/23/11: via Film Works for New Mexico, here is the full list of Legislative contact information. Please contact them and implore them to give NM Film a fair shake, not a shakedown.

eliseoalcon@msn.com, kb5ysg@arrl.net, zobaldonado@gmail.com, paul@paulbandy.org, ray.begaye@nmlegis.gov, don.bratton@nmlegis.gov, brown55@windstream.net, Joseph@cervanteslawnm.com, gailchasey@msn.com, david@davidcchavez.com, eleanorchavez@gmail.com, ernestc1531@aol.com, zachjcook@gmail.com, anna.crook@nmlegis.gov, georgedodge63@yahoo.com, ddoyle@ebnm.com, brian@brianegolf.com, noralee@cableone.net, csecows@aol.com, maryhelen.garcia@nmlegis.gov, miguel.garcia@nmlegis.gov, ocate@hotmail.com, natefornm@gmail.com, roberto.gonzales@nmlegis.gov, wjgray@pvtnetworks.net, jonig@zianet.com, jimmie.hall@nmlegis.gov, tavish38@gmail.com, yherrell@yahoo.com, donagale@zianet.com, conradjamesforhd24@gmail.com, askdennis@denniskintigh.com,

larry@larranaga.com, lewisfornm@gmail.com, rlittleent@aol.com, alujan@q.com, ben.lujan@nmlegis.gov, patricia.lundstrom@nmlegis.gov, jrmadalena@fsipinc.org, rep16@moejustice.com, rudy_s_martinez@msn.com, mlo1@7cities.net, docmcmillan@msn.com, rick.miera@nmlegis.gov, annunez@zianet.com, oneillhd15@fastmail.us, alpark.nm@gmail.com, danice.picraux@nmlegis.gov, jpandp@comcast.net, bill.rehm@nmlegis.gov, denroch@hotmail.com, debbie.rodella@yahoo.com, edward.sandoval@nmlegis.gov, jim@jimsmithnm.com, sheryl.stapleton@nmlegis.gov, mstewart@osogrande.com, jamesstrickler@msn.com, tom@tomtaylor.net, trippsdon@netscape.net, jimtrujillo@msn.com, sntyler@valornet.com, rrrvigil@plateautel.net, wallace@losalamos.com, james.white@nmlegis.gov, brwooley1@yahoo.com

As we’ve been following for you here, here, here and here New Mexico’s new Governor has her sights set on executing the state’s firm hold on U.S. and Global filmmaking.

As the 2011 Legislative Session draws nearer to its close, Film Incentives have indeed remained a sticking point – but don’t take it from me…here are two real reporters reviewing what’s really going-on and undone in Fe.

In the Santa Fe Reporter – Zane Fischer paints the all too real picture of Susana Martinez as a Corporate Loophole loving, “HOLLYWOOD” hating, Tea Party standard play-booking, inflammatory statement making swiftboater (my words not his).

In the Santa Fe New Mexican – Trip Jennings details the battle in the roundhouse between NM Film and the above mentioned (Corporate Loophole loving, “HOLLYWOOD” hating, Tea Party standard play-booking, inflammatory statement making swiftboater).

MI – demonstrates the err, UT – is at the ready, AL – really puts out, TX – matches the seemingly arbitrary 15%, LA – braces…and NM?

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Film v. Education: Senate Bill 568 Edition

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GOING GOING GONZO UPDATE 2/21/11: As reported *below MI lawmakers are batting about their film incentives to an even lesser degree than NM is and they’ve now LOST their stake in the NM bound AVENGERS movie. via NM Business Weekly

WE MUST KEEP OUR EYES ON SB 568 (puts a prohibitive cap on incentives) and HB 479 (decreases incentives from 25% to 15%) – raise your voices to the capitol.

UPDATE 2/21/11: SB 568 has been laid over. Another day to contact YOUR senate committee…all the contact info. and links to the bill itself below. Go New Mexico!

UPDATE on the competition 2/20/11:

*MICHIGAN – Law makers are proposing a more straight forward/above board cap that has MI film supporters calling foul, fearing a steady stream of taillights heading OUT of the state. – Full Story here.

ALASKA – Increased film incentives range from 30% up to 44%. Full story here.

We repeat: Film VERSUS Education!?!?!?

On Thursday, the last day to submit bills to the 2011 NM Legislature, SB 568 – the FILM PRODUCTION & EDUCATIONAL RETIREMENT bill was introduced just under the wire…”In essence, this bill pits film against education retirement and caps the film credit at $45M.”

Sponsored by Senator John Arthur Smith, SB568 was swiftly scheduled to be heard on Monday, 2/21, at 8am in Room 311 by the Senate Education Committee.

NM Film is subject to and has yet to have the opportunity to be afforded a full and complete review of sustainability and accountability. Thanks to SB44 that day is on the horizon.

In the meantime, please raise your voice in a respectful and proactive way by calling and/or emailing a sensible sentiment to “OPPOSE SB568” before the Monday morning shenanigans vote.

Here are YOUR Senate Education Committee Members:

Cynthia Nava  ……………. 986-4834, email: cynthia.nava@nmlegis.gov
John Sapien  ……………… 986-4371, email: john.sapien@nmlegis.gov
Vernon Asbill  ……………. 986-4393, email: vernon.asbill@nmlegis.gov
Stephen Fischmann …… 986-4377, email: stephen.fischmann@nmlegis.gov
Mary Jane Garcia ………. 986-4726, email: maryjane.garcia@nmlegis.gov
Tim Keller …………………. 986-4260, email: tk@timkellerfornewmexico.com
Gay Kernan ……………….. 986-4274, email: gay.kernan@nmlegis.gov
John Pinto …………………. 986-4835, email: not listed
Sander Rue ………………… 986-4375, email: sander.rue@nmlegis.gov
Bernadette Sanchez …….. 986-4267, email: Bernadette.sanchez@nmlegis.gov

For your cut and paste convenience (per usual):

cynthia.nava@nmlegis.gov, john.sapien@nmlegis.gov, vernon.asbill@nmlegis.gov, stephen.fischmann@nmlegis.gov, maryjane.garcia@nmlegis.gov, tk@timkellerfornewmexico.com, gay.kernan@nmlegis.gov, sander.rue@nmlegis.gov, Bernadette.sanchez@nmlegis.gov

Read the full bill (SB568) here. See Senate Committee Schedule here.

Thanks Mac

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Con Respeto

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It’s Roundhouse Red Rally time once again. via Film Works for New Mexico:

BILL ALERT!!!!: HB 479, bill to lower incentive to 15% is being sponsored by REPRESENTATIVE JAMES P. WHITE!!! IT’S GOING TO [THE] HOUSE BUSINESS & INDUSTRY COMMITTEE (HBIC). Contact these committee members asap with respectful professional and personal requests to stop HB 479.

Debbie A. Rodella ……….. (505) 986-4329……….. debbie.rodella@yahoo.com
Thomas A. Garcia ……….. (505) 986-4242 ……….. ocate@hotmail.com
Eliseo Lee Alcon …………. (505) 986-4243 ……….. eliseoalcon@msn.com
David C. Chavez …………. (505) 986-4451 ………… david@davidcchavez.com
David L. Doyle ……………. (505) 986-4249 ………… ddoyle@ebnm.com
Yvette Herrell …………….. (505) 986-4214 …………. yherrell@yahoo.com
Dona G. Irwin …………….. (505) 986-4234 ………… donagale@zianet.com
Rodolpho S. Martinez ….. (505) 986-4235 ………… rudy_s_martinez@msn.com
Jane E. Powdrell-Culbert….(505) 986-4467 ………… jpandp@comcast.net
Thomas C. Taylor …………… (505) 986-4757 ………… tom@tomtaylor.net
Jim R. Trujillo ……………….. (505) 986-4255 ………… jimtrujillo@msn.com
Shirley A. Tyler ………………. (505) 986-4214 ………… sntyler@valornet.com

For your cut & paste pleasure here are the inline email addys for the committee:
debbie.rodella@yahoo.com, ocate@hotmail.com, eliseoalcon@msn.com, david@davidcchavez.com, ddoyle@ebnm.com, yherrell@yahoo.com, donagale@zianet.com, rudy_s_martinez@msn.com, jpandp@comcast.net, tom@tomtaylor.net, jimtrujillo@msn.com, sntyler@valornet.com

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Twitpic of the Day #NMFilm #NMLeg

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UPDATE 2/18/11: SB 44 moves on to be heard by the SFC TODAY! 1:30 Room 322

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Videos of the Day: Juxtaposition Edition

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