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New Mexico Film victories and futures celebrated at the Santa Fe Film Festival, “Industry Tune Up” Dec 5-7

Posted by on November 20, 2014 | One comment

Santa Fe Film Festival 2nd annual Tune Up

On the heels of the hottest news in modern day New Mexico Film, OHI has the scoop on major industry opportunities!

The Santa Fe Film Festival’s second annual, “Film Industry Tune Up”, brought to you by the Santa Fe Economic Development Department is taking shape as follows:

How to do more business with the film business
Meet and Greet with the people who make buying decisions for major motion pictures – How your business can do more business with the film business & Hosted Continental Breakfast

Legislative Brunch
2014 Legislative Session Filmmakers brunch and panel. Lawmakers discuss the Power of Persuasion and what’s ahead for the New Mexico Film Industry and the Breaking Bad Bill.

With Mindy Jones, LCSW and location scout & assistant, and Puck Stair, 480 E-Board Member. Learn the answers and more at this financial literacy class designed specifically for film & television crew.

What’s a tax deduction?
How do I find the best heath care plan?
How do I find and manage my union retirement account?
How do I go on unemployment?
What’s a GRT and how does a kit rental work?

Mingle with film and TV pros as you fine-tune your craft and show your best work. Take advantage of acting, makeup & headshot sessions, and get valuable industry tips from SFFF’s immensely popular casting panel!

All of this AND CASTING for at least TWO BIG SANTA FE productions! Both “LONGMIRE” four and season two of the WGN series, “Manhattan” will hold extras casting calls during the weekend Tune-up!

This is a can’t miss industry event. For filmmakers, by filmmakers, lawmakers and deal makers!

No one in the industry can afford to miss it, and everyone can afford to attend – all admittance is FREE of charge!

Click below for full schedule. STAY TUNED for full roster and daily updates at the SFFF website and on Facebook!

SFFF 2014 Tune up casting worksops networking

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New Mexico television series serves up PSA for teens and parents of Breaking Bad proportions

Posted by on April 29, 2014 | Comments Off on New Mexico television series serves up PSA for teens and parents of Breaking Bad proportions


Where Breaking Bad was instantly dogged with criticism for the so-called glamorization of meth use and drug dealing, a prospective New Mexico television series takes up the reins of controversy, striking even closer at the heart of the average American home.

The New Mexico made series pilot, #Hashtag, will screen its trailer this Sunday, May 4 at 3:30 p.m. at the Santa Fe Film Festival, Jean Cocteau Cinema.

The premise is a dark thrill ride about the underbelly of social media and the online world where kids hang out today. It is a show about exploitation, manipulation, bullying, friendship and romance. “The feeling of being sixteen hasn’t changed, even when everything else has”, say filmmakers Hannah Macpherson and Angelique Midthunder.

The selection committee says #Hashtag “is a realistic look at teens and the online apps that shape their daily human experience. It is an exploration of how the new language of social media has impacted today’s youth, and how parents, law enforcers, and teachers can’t possibly keep up.”

With that, the series may well speak to anyone who is, or knows a young person who participates in online activity…could be a pretty sizable audience. And with popularity will likely come controversy.

Here’s a reminder of the swift action ‘Bad’ had to take to distinguish itself as anti-drug.

Following its debut screening, #Hastag is slated for meetings with major studio executives in consideration for pick-up and distribution. A look at the show’s premise short video has already elicited impassioned feedback*, including:

“The series follows a group of alcohol swigging, pot smoking ****** with daddy issues being lured by mother ******** pigs. Because men **** us up and then ***** us. Not necessarily in that order. If you are a parent, don’t get a ******* computer. Or if you have a computer, don’t give them the password to your youporn account. And don’t let them on “chat sites” you dumb ****, because there is some pedophile, in Minnetonka, driving an 18 wheeler to a Motel 8 to ******** your princess.”

With critiques like that, who needs focus groups. This controversial, real-world in your face drama looks ready, set, to air.

OHI checked in with local web savvy business, Drake Intel Group to get their tips and warnings for keeping kids off the wrong tracks on the world wide web. Check yourself against their checklist here.

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NM TALENT: Turn out for the New Mexico Film Industry Tune-up

Posted by on December 3, 2013 | 3 comments


On Saturday December 7, as a part of the three day New Mexico Film Industry Tune-up, local talent is invited to participate in the first NEW MEXICO SIZZLE REEL shoot in Santa Fe, New Mexico!

“Who travels to the biggest film festivals in the country? Who stands out as the face of New Mexico talent to global filmmakers? YOU DO…or at least you WILL.

Be a part of the first “New Mexico Sizzle Reel” and be showcased around the country and all over the world [via the web] for your part in the state’s great film industry.”

To be featured: Come to Saturday’s event in your own select wardrobe and have a 30 sec monologue prepared. You will be film prepped, put through hair and makeup, lit and shot to be featured in the first “New Mexico Sizzle Reel”, which will be taken to the next Sundance Film Festival, SXSW and distributed to top indie producers all around the country over the next calendar year. Both SAG-AFTRA and non-union talent welcome.

New Mexico Sizzle Reel Talent Featurette

In addition to a top tier casting agent panel, FREE head shots and 30 sec. promo production, prominent state legislators will be on hand at the FREE legislative brunch. The working lunch will host true experts on state production funding. Actual film industry buyers, the people who spend movie millions, will be in attendance to network with your local film related businesses and services. All of this & more at your disposal – for free!


Full Schedule:

Santa Fe Music Alliance celebration of music in film with bands Sol Fire, To Build A Fire, and DJ’s Bacon and Feathericci from Numbtron ($10 entry, includes food & drink).

9:00 AM – 11:00 AM Continental Breakfast
Meet and Greet and chat with the people who make buying decisions for major motion pictures. – How your business can do more business with the film business.

11:00 AM – 1:30 PM Working Lunch Tobi Ives, Senior Manager of Production, and Rochelle Bussey, Workforce Development Programs Manager, will discuss incentives and resources available through the New Mexico State Film Office.

12:00 PM – 1:30 PM Demonstration
Panavision will be demonstrating their newly launched Primo V series lenses.

2:00 PM – 8PM Head Shots
Get your headshot taken for extras casting agents

2:00 PM – 3:15 PM Panel
Casting Session Number One “SO YOU WANNA BE IN MOVIES”

Panelist: Angelique Midthunder, CSA, Elizabeth Gabel, Lorrie Latham

3:45 PM – 5:00 PM Panel
Panelist: Kerry Barden, CSA, Angelique Midthunder, CSA, Tamara Decker.

5:00 PM – 6:30 PM

6:30 PM – 7:00 PM
Awards Ceremony – Shoot Santa Fe trailer contest grand prize winner to be announced

7:00 PM
Celebration and DJ


10:00 AM – 12:30 PM Brunch & Panel

2014 Legislative Session Filmmakers Brunch and panel. Law makers discuss the Power of Persuasion and the next 5 years of legislation for film.

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Shoot Santa Fe Pilot Project

Posted by on October 23, 2013 | Comments Off on Shoot Santa Fe Pilot Project


Shoot Santa Fe Pilot Project

In Vivian Ward voice, this is big, HUGE!

The die has been cast, and the call has been issued as of now. Independent filmmakers are hereby invited to put their think on producing their best possible work around a TBA themed Santa Fe show pilot.

Submissions will be accepted beginning October 31, 2013. 60 – 90 second entries will first compete for a viewers choice prize of $500, which will be awarded next month. In December a grand prize winner will be selected and given a $25,000 production package to create the full show pilot in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Check-in at SantaFeFilmFestival.com on Monday October 25, 2013 for full contest details.

Go New Mexico!

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NMFilm Rising

Posted by on December 6, 2012 | Comments Off on NMFilm Rising

Filmmakers, film lovers, and all manner of arts enthusiasts are sure to file into theaters for this weekend’s Santa Fe Film Festival. Among them will be industry insiders spurred to take notice of the abundance of highly crafted works of passion scheduled to screen at the four day event.

One such work is the orginal New Mexico film, “The Deception” which is garnering critical attention for its dramatic depiction of gay youth and adults dealing with homophobia within society and within themselves. Deception director, Jay Durrwachter and Producer, Jerry Angelo started the journey into the making of this film with “the purpose of creating cultural representation of a marginalized people, to induce discussion, interest, [awareness and understanding]”.

The sold out Sunday night premiere of this riveting film is a big step toward national and international possibilities for the filmmaker’s labor of love. The continuing journey of The Deception is bitter sweet as its rising acclaim comes after the untimely passing of the film’s beloved director Jay Durrwachter who passed away last year after completing work on the production.

Written and directed by Durrwachter, the film stars Jerry Angelo, David Busse, featuring Garrett Wade, Steve Corona, Chris Ranney, Mike Ostroski, Christopher Dempsey, Luce Rains, Andrea Good, Mike Miller and many more.

Please see the official trailer here.

Jay Durrwachter’s sister, Darlene and their mother will be in attendance at Sunday’s Santa Fe Film Festival screening of his final work.

Darlene Durrwachter tells OHI exclusively, “Jay was [a] multi-talented and meticulous artist, and “The Deception” was the completion of a lifelong dream capping a three decade theatrical, television and film career. The creation of this film was truly a culminating life project for my brother, and I know that he would be so pleased that it was completed and is being shared and viewed.”

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Filmfestapalooza, NM

Posted by on June 29, 2010 | 2 comments

From the 48 Hour Film Project taking over the Q, to the Duke City Shootout, the Albuquerque Film Festival, through the fall when capital city will put on The Santa Fe Film Festival, New Mexico is lousy with film opps. and events!!!

The 48 Hour Film Project runs in ABQ July 9-11

The Duke City Shootout blazes July 23-31

The Albuquerque Film Festival – August 25-29

Santa Fe Film Festival runs Oct. 20-24

Each fest is oozing with NM filmies + and if you’ve never been on a set or to a fest ea. is a must. The films themselves will no doubt be extraordinary, the people and culture are phenomenon unto themselves.

Come out and support what is rapidly becoming a major force in the state we all love. These are showcases, fundraisers and educational experiences sure to boost our sagging economy and raise our sometimes glib spirits. Dip your toe in the experience or dive all the way in…

It’s a trip – for Jenna

Keep checkin’ with us for announcements on these festivals, indie. film casting and crew calls and so much more. Par exemple the L.A./ABQ feature length film shoot of Dear Pen Pals has been seeking locals for extras and starring roles. Click here for full deets.

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Bonanza on the Pecos

Posted by on June 12, 2010 | 2 comments

Though the San Miguel county commish & his posse are holding Ma Huckelberry back from creating resort style lodging on his Pecos Ranch property pending a showdown at the not-okay corral (a.k.a. court) later this month, fund raising is in the cards.

You can Cartwright-up for the day or the 1/2 day by donating $125 – $500 to the Santa Fe Film Festival. Your tax deductible donation opens the gates of this modern day Ponderosa to you where like Hoss and the gang you can enjoy a real homestead experience while helping the local film making community.

The more you know New Mexico – This showcase of our land and the enchantment therein…priceless. Now let ma dogooding Huckleberry make his property as prosperous as possible! We’re looking like burros in assless chaps bucking a homeboy who does so much for his adopted home state.

And p.s. this story is going global as the ACLU is getting involved to show us how to treat a brother – global asses, just what NM needs…

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Made In Pakistan/Post Production, NM

Posted by on November 19, 2009 | Comments Off on Made In Pakistan/Post Production, NM

Santa Fe-based Indus Valley Productions and Talking Filmain, the team that produced cult classic, Kashf: The Lifting of the Veil, bring their groundbreaking feature length documentary Made In Pakistan to the Santa Fe Film Festival.

“Made in Pakistan is an insider’s look into “The Most Dangerous Country in the World” as the cover story in Newsweek (October 29, 2007) called it. The documentary follows the lives of four Pakistani working professionals during the ‘declaration of a State of Emergency.’ These four individuals represent a multifaceted Pakistan – a country where politics, fashion, religion, debate and tradition intermingle – where one definition of an Islamic State no longer holds true.” – Synopsis, Indus Valley Productions

See the film on December 4th at 8:30 pm at DeVargas Cinema and on December 6th at 2:45 pm at the New Mexico History Museum. Made in Pakistan has already won the Audience Choice Award at the South Asian International Film Festival in New York earlier this month.

The film will also screen at the Cancun International Film Festival, and will be released theatrically in the UK in December by Mara Pictures. UK based company Indigo Film & Television has picked up the worldwide sales rights.

Ayesha Khan, head of Indus Valley Productions will moderate the Cinema Activismo Panel at the Santa Fe Film Festival.

For full Festival schedule and tickets click here.

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