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ABC’s New Mexico Production Latino

Posted by on November 7, 2013 | Comments Off on ABC’s New Mexico Production Latino

NMFilm Killer Women now filming in New Mexico

The Latino laden New Mexico production of ABC’s Killer Women is just beginning to get the hype it’s due.

The midseason prime-time drama is executive produced by Modern Family star Sofia Vergara.

The show is the English language revamp of the Spanish novela Mujeres Asesinas, a Latin American series, originally aired in 2005, which was an adaptation of Marisa Grinstein’s trilogy of the same title, based on true stories of Argentine women driven to murder by various forms of abuse.

Latin World Entertainment, helmed by Vergara – the highest paid woman on television, sold the series about the complex world of Texas Rangers to ABC last year. Co-produced by Ben Silverman (The Office, Ugly Betty), the script adaptation was written by Hannah Shakespeare (The Raven, The Playboy Club).

Vergara is using her success to create opportunities for other Latinos who want to make it in Hollywood. Killer Women stars lead actors Alex Fernandez and Martina Milans, and also features multiple Latino actors in various episodes.

In September Vergara told Agencia Efe, of Fox News Latino, “It makes me very proud to be Latino, today and always. Although now Latinos, the culture and everything Hispanic is getting more fashionable, the reality is that we know that being Latino, having those values of family, unity, working ability, delight in moving forward and that joy that identifies us, it’s something divine. It’s an honor, a privilege for me to be Latino,”


Killer Women will premiere on ABC in 2014.

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Sophia Vergara’s Sis Puts the Diss on #NM

Posted by on December 15, 2011 | Comments Off on Sophia Vergara’s Sis Puts the Diss on #NM

Got nepotism? Show biz is full of it and many, many other things including over inflated egos. In today’s installment of ungrateful much, little known actress not Sophia Sandra Vergara recently made news when deciding and broadcasting that N. Mex, specifically ABQ was not up to her high standards (of rampant alcohol consumption).

Uh, wrong, wrong and wrong dummy. Twin Peaks is not a strip club it’s a restaurant chain, NM has more drink to offer than we know what to do with, and Albuquerque spans farther than the three block length you in your all knowing ways chose to slam.

‘Not Sophia’ has obviously yet to learn the Scoville Scale to New Mexico (see: six degrees to Kevin Bacon) because in her lack of gratitude for being a working actress she also managed to diss the hometown of one of her sister’s co-stars. Um, lil bully.

Get the full story here from KOB-TV and see the entire talk show appearance where Vergara pokes at the Q here.

Step to the back of the line b-rate. Bigger, far more recognizable stars have perpetrated worse digs against our beloved Nuevo México. Take a cue from ABQ friendly a-lister and star of the movie you were here filming and earning money for…the famously crass, heartthrob and actual celebrity – Irishman Colin Farrell, who had no trouble getting his anything on while in the Q.

Finally instead of letting “what’s-her-name’s” quotes lead the parade today, check the bigger digs, here, here, here and here. But I have to hand the Quote of the Day award to:

“I would not know that actress if i fell over her. Albuquerque rocks, she can go and DO ONE as we say in England!” – NM Actor by way of the UK

Update: More delusions from Vergara on how her sister’s fame has NOT helped her ~career and best of all a rationalization on why Colin Farrell DID NOT go for her on location here as told to the LatinoVoices edition of the Huffington Post…(thanks Cheryl)

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