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The most powerful New Mexico film you will see this year

Posted by on October 12, 2014 | Comments Off on The most powerful New Mexico film you will see this year

Narrated by New Mexico’s own Steven Michael Quezada, “NMBH1001 BEHAVIORALNM 2930H” is the real life horror story of what has become of Behavioral Health resources and services in our great state.

As unconscionable as the denigrating measures described in the film may seem, a recent Election 2014 inquiry by the League of Women Voters of Central New Mexico yielded an answer from the state’s sitting Governor which failed to even include a mention of behavioral and mental health needs, though the question itself specifically asked to comment on meeting those needs.

Know your Candidates for Governor New Mexico

click here for full text

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Made in New Mexico, for a “Better New Mexico”

Posted by on May 1, 2014 | Comments Off on Made in New Mexico, for a “Better New Mexico”

Via AdiosSusana.com

Susana Martinez may outsource New Mexico jobs in education, mental health, web design, production, tourism and much more, but the organization for a “Better New Mexico” produced this election season spot with local talent & local outrage.

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NM’s Own: Best Costume Edition

Posted by on November 1, 2013 | Comments Off on NM’s Own: Best Costume Edition

Best Costume Winner - Hanna Skandera Halloween Costume

One Headlight Ink’s first annual COSTUME OF THE YEAR AWARD goes to “Hanna Skandera”, whipping teachers and ignoring students with her weapon of choice, “The Evaluator” – 50% testing (Scan-Trons), 40% red tape (evaluations), 10% attendance. Whippah!

Join the movement to communicate to our Governor that her un-confirmed pet appointee is sucking the life out of our state’s great teachers and marginalizing our children with her profiteering and pandering to corporate interests – who are buying her off in exchange for driving our teachers and children into the ground.

Sign the petition here.

Related posts – here.

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Video of the day: Cranston at bat edition

Posted by on May 10, 2012 | Comments Off on Video of the day: Cranston at bat edition

Jump to 1:20 for the flag that New Mexico state government is flying to say, “GO AWAY” to film jobs.

In a poor state whose leader endorses corporate loopholes over local business, whose political action committee is funded primarily by another state’s special interests, the vilification of one of the most hopeful, vibrant and sustainable industries ever built here, rolls on.

It’s become standard practice for this administration to spit balk in the face of local film talent and support businesses, and now the slow bloodletting has a new face and a name.

Flying in the face of the world is, in a name, “a New Mexico film study“. A better face for the promotion and growth of the state’s economy is and always has been Mr. Bryan Cranston.

The majority of the WORLD is unaware of New Mexico and those who have heard of us think we’re part of South America; except for the several MILLION who have been exposed to our previously top ranked spot in the good ol’ U.S-of-A for film production.

Talking directly to the point of what brought just one, globally acclaimed, beloved television production into our midst and our small business, tourism, talent, education and charitable organization bank accounts is the one and only Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad.

So while our government shells out some absurd amount of time and money on a tailored hex upon our film industry, productions will continue to go away and the obvious will be stated elsewhere.

UNLESS YOU SPEAK-UP and SPEAK OUT New Mexico! Cranston & Co. can’t do it all…

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From waste of time to $10,000 prize!

Posted by on July 22, 2011 | 7 comments

Exploitation much?

National news outlets covering the sitting New Mexico Governor’s summer tourism promotion are calling foul at rattling at the proverbial grave of the long lored, long gone “outlaw” Billy the Kid.

From rabid condemnation of the former Governor’s talk of a pardon for “The Kid” to launching a Palin style publicity stunt/hunt, replete with high cost billboards, television radio and print ad campaigns, propping and popping “The Kid’s” likeness, where’s Waldo style, into all form of New Mexico tourist destinations….Classy.

Local news thus far is lobbing out a far rosier spin of the “promotion”…up to and until possible investigative reports are to follow if this surely very costly campaign is a bust…If and when that forecast comes to fruition a culprit other than the Governess will likely be locked into the cross hairs of blame – NM Film perhaps?

Where are the Avengers tourism promos (Royals style)??? The NM Film destination packages? THE BREAKING BAD Winnebago tours?!?!?! FARK!

Let “The Kid” rest already!

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Prepped for Rep-cess

Posted by on October 18, 2010 | One comment

New Mexico WILL have her first female Governor come November. Who will represent NM to the world? Get out and VOTE on or before November 2.

Your early voting sites can be found here (Bernalillo County) and here (Statewide).

Above, all four segments of the latest and most riveting debate between your Gubernatorial candidates are posted, via KOAT, to inform and empower your vote.

Remember entire lives are lived and lost to protect your right to vote – Use it.

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Soft Sciences and the Superficial – VOTE

Posted by on October 13, 2010 | One comment
GovernmentNMVoteYouYour Momma

As some of you know I am experiencing alternating bouts of agida and angina over the upcoming Gubernatorial Election.

On the bias we’ve been discussing what seems to be a toxic mix of either overwhelming fear, extreme disinterest and/or discontentedness over just who will be the next leader of our great state. Thanks so much for your comments and retweets over on FB and Twitter – some venting and the sharing of your POV has really helped keep me off the ledge over the issue(s).

But the most glaring concern remains and that is whether or not peeps and tweeps are actually gonna get out and vote. So as a matter of public service I’d like to offer up one of my final attempts to git’ y’all out to do just that!

If you don’t feel like doing any further investigating into either candidates’ platforms (where they may be available, like here, here, here, here or here) and if you like many will simply continue to tune out to their political ads here are quick reference routes to come to some decision and hopefully motivate you to get out to the polls and make your choice count.

Here goes…in the category of Soft Science take a look at the candidates logos (above).

Diane Denish in soft, yet authoritative blue, supported by her running mate’s name, with the New Mexico zia symbol centered, and outstretched toward potential and growth.

Susana Martinez
, her name and her name alone, zia symbol off center and skewed….hmmm. Dark, nay black background, sharp, glaring white NAME and deep yellow (the color of warning/caution flashing) symbol.

-OR- if you want to go the more superficial route…take a gander at both these ladies’ eyebrow game (above). As beauty is in the eye of the beholder (tweezer and/or pencil holder) take the visual and apply your own sensibilities to the thought that how these ladies treat their brows is how they may treat our state…and VOTE on November 2nd.

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Tea is the new Kool-Aid

Posted by on September 25, 2010 | One comment

From sea to shinning sea – not so much. More like from G.O.P. to OPP.
You’ll pick my religion, my life partner and reign over my body?!?!?

“No big Government”, EXCEPT for no separation of church and state, no gender or orientation equality, and no choice!

Whatever your label, don’t scream “No big Government” with one face and force your religion, orientation and hypocrisies on my body, heart and soul out the other!

If the money you’re incensed over is stamped “in MY God only we trust”, you don’t agree that we’re free to love he or she, and you want to regulate the very body that is me, then I cannot drink your tea, join your GOP or ignore your OPP.

Tea for two in New Mexico? No.

Not for equality
Not for public education
Not for NM Film
Not for renewable energy and technology
Not for me…


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Your Friday Q Spot

Posted by on September 24, 2010 | 2 comments

Git’ the teaser here

As heard on Coyote 102.5 September 24, 2010

Weekend picks:
Comedy Friday – Tonight is Comedy Night at Howie’s Sports Page with James Marrow, Michelle McGregor, Sarah Kannedy, Matt Peterson and their headliner…Roger”Rodney Dangerfield” Peterson!! Doors open at 7:30 Montgomery & Tramway

Time Travel Saturday with The Fall Follies Burlesque Extravaganza! The night of Burlesque is Downtown at Low Spirits and promises Burlesque Queens; Belly Dancing Wonders, Hot Jazz, Thrills, chills, and amazing sideshow treats! Hmmm, sounds freaky, sexy, cool…

Salsa Sunday w/a Salsa Social – 3 solid hours of SALSA starting at 6 w/the 5 most important things to know in Salsa! Open dancing at 8 w/ DJ Pancho and a performance by Evelyn D and The Salsa-Babies! at Salsa Baby Dance Studio, 307 Central Ave NW.

Casting for the feature film Bless Me Ultima, and the sure to be sexy WWE movie Blood Brothers are in full swing both films are casting multiple ages and ethnitcities – Bless Me Ultima is also looking for vintage cars for the Santa Fe shoot Oct 29th thru Nov 3rd.

Casting & productions are very much alive in NM for now! Keep-up with us at OneHeadlightInk.com where we post as they happen – the globe (right) is watching – get it first New Mexico!

Quote…Unquote Inc. with UNM Continuing Education are offering a certificate course in TV Production. The 6 session training includes studio camera operation, overhead grid lighting, screen production equipment, audio boards AND Registration includes one year annual membership to equipment and facilities meets November 1 – Dec. 6 $199

If you want to sharpen your craft or break into comedy NM’s Own actor/writer/director/COMEDIAN extraordinaire Steven Michael Quezada of TV’s Emmy Winning Breaking Bad is putting on a 4 wk. comedy workshop concluding with a live performance on Nov. 12 as with pretty much anything the Quezadas do the workshop benefits the community by supporting YDI’s Actors Core program! Register here. Steven Michael Quezada

Shout Outs: NM’s Own Actress/Model/Sign Language Interpreter Diana Gaitiria will be signing The Red Carpet Celebration of Latinos in the Media. This 1st Annual Event presents Awards to Latinos supporting the Film Community here in New Mexico – October 8 at the ABQ Convention Ctr.

NM Actor Jesus Jr. just booked a role on Blood brothers, my “Mucho Mas” Manny Baca is on stage and screen for Bless me Ultima & two local child actors were bumped from extras to speaking roles on Disney’s now wrapped Lemonade Mouth – go NM!

And not to mention (except to mention) three time Emmy Winner Bryan Cranston has said he’s set to host SNL October 2

When you tune in to Erica on Monday she’ll be joined live, in studio by the the hosts of the MAKING STRIDES ART BENEFIT PARTY 2010, the event will raise funds and awareness for the fight against cancer. Tuesday, September 28 · 6:00pm – 10:00pm at The Place in Nob Hill.

Listen to the Q Spot every Friday with me & my girl Erica Viking on Coyote 102.5

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Posted by on September 13, 2010 | 8 comments

This November New Mexico will choose a new Governor. Will it be Diane Denish or Susana Martinez (alphabetically)?  If Social Net is any indicator…(as of 9/13/10)

Denish (D)
1,179 Facebook Likes
5000 Facebook Friends
363 Twitter Followers
36 Listed on Twitter
70 Following on Twitter

Martinez (R)
6582 Facebook Likes
2405 Facebook Friends
874 Twitter Followers
97 Listed on Twitter
23 Following on Twitter

AND this broke Blogette wants YOU to know where both of these candidates stand on the New Mexico Film Industry:

“New Mexico is currently named #3 in all of North America and ABQ #1 in the U.S. for film production, facing steep competition from IL, LA, and MI (to name a few ) what is your stand on incentives, education and job training for the industry, growth or repeal?” –©Sindication

We will promptly post any official statement from either/both campaigns as soon as one not likely might be received…

UPDATE, Denish Response:

“The film industry has been a beacon for jobs during tough times. One of my main concerns is jump starting our economy in New Mexico. The film industry is definitely key in doing so. We need to continue to work with the industry and the Legislature provide sustainable, accountable incentives, as well as build up post production in New Mexico.” – Diane Denish 9/14/10

09/16/10 Next Question – NM Tech Industry:

Duke City Tech via @misspeter wants to know…

“IT workers who grew up in NM often consider themselves lucky to work
in their home state. If they managed to make it through the public
schools with a decent education, they are frequently lured away by out
of state universities. Recent graduates face a bleak job market and
often find that leaving NM is the only choice to advance their
career. What would you, as governor, do to nurture the development and
education of local high tech workers? How would you keep the local
talent here and what would you do to bring more high tech jobs to NM?”
Peter Mezensky

Again, we will promptly post any official statement from either/both campaigns as soon as one might be received…

UPDATE, Denish Response:

High Tech and Renewable Energy Jobs for NM July 2010
– Via Diane Denish 9/16/10

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Your Friday Q Spot

Posted by on September 3, 2010 | 3 comments

As Heard on Coyote 102.5 September 3, 2010

Listen to the teaser here

The New Mexican of the week is ALL OF US:

Oy! It’s an ELECTION year & New Mexico will have its first Governess come November!!! It will be Diane Denish or that other lady, (I keed, I keed) but either way the facts are out there for the taking…The candidates have their own sites and there are political bloggers in town that have tons of great info. to help inform and inspire us! So get your VOTE ON, we all gotta do it and make it count!

Here are some hot links FYI:
NM FBIHOP, NM Independent, Joe Monahan, Only in New Mexico, Eye on Albuquerque, NM Politics, Democracy for New Mexico, Susana Palin Martinez, Diane Denish, Send us yours!

Check your voter registration status here.

Money Matters: If you haven’t already utilized ’em Albuquerque on the Cheap and Groupon are discount sites to help ya’ with all your Q Spot spending!!!

And now how to spend your Labor Day weekend:

ALL weekend is the 23rd Annual New Mexico Wine Festival Sept. 4, 5, and 6th over in Bernalillo.

The biggest wine fest in the state is a great Summer wrap party – music, arts, food and of course great wine. It’s always a hot crowd, fun peeps, good times…

ROCK OUT in the Q East to West:
» Read the full post

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AZ and TX Won’t Play w/ N. Mex.

Posted by on July 15, 2010 | Comments Off on AZ and TX Won’t Play w/ N. Mex.

UPDATE 9/29/11, TIMES THERE AIN’T MUCH A-CHANGIN’: The New York Times reports that THIS year’s U.S. / Mexico Border Conference hasn’t improved much upon last year’s conference non grata, with only ONE, count ‘er, ONE U.S. Governess in attendance…full story here.

Hot off the presses or wherever ~news comes from these days – El Majico a.k.a. Governor of New Mexico Bill Richardson has agreed to host this year’s annual Governor’s border conference which has been canceled by Arizona Gov. you-know-who (the zexy, secretly Latin loving Jan Brewer) amid many pending, threatened or implied AZ boycotts by US and Mexican factions of this and other AZ events over the you-know-what (highly controversial AZ immigration law recently passed by that zexy b*tch Brewer).

With a whole host of border town/state issues requiring attention this the 27th annual border conference, to be held in September, is “structured” to serve as a forum for participants to share information, better relations, advance problem solving and decrease tension.

But tension is on the rise as Arizona and Texas (R & R) Gov’s state they will not attend. A stance stuck in mud perhaps to show/hold strong posturing on the issue as they are heading into re-election bids.

Can Rodney Lindsay stay off crack? Guess the answer is the same to both questions…

Of course we can count on the soon to be exiting stage right Governator of CA to attend.

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