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Breaking Bad Homies LIVE & On Stage

Posted by on November 27, 2012 | 2 comments

In just one week “The After After Party” with Steven Michael Quezada and The James Douglas Show will celebrate the taping of its historic 100th EPISODE!!!

Amazing special guests are scheduled to appear, and admission is absolutely free for all ages!!!

The 100th Episode Celebration takes place at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, December 4th at the historic YDI Wool Warehouse, located at 518 First Street NW (1st and Roma, just two blocks south of Lomas and directly north of the Albuquerque Convention Center)! It will kick off with the taping of Episode 99, followed immediately by the filming of the historic 100th Episode!!!

Admission is absolutely FREE! There will be a cash-only bar in the lobby serving drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)and snacks. There will also be t-shirts and merchandise on sale from “The After After Party” and The James Douglas Show! Doors open at 6:30 p.m.!

“The After After Party” airs every Saturday night at 12:30 a.m. (just a half hour after “Saturday Night Live”) on NBC! The show also airs on My Family TV on Fridays at 10:30 p.m., and on Tuff TV on Thursdays at 10:30 p.m.!


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Double Feature: Breaking Bad doing good in #ABQ

Posted by on May 18, 2012 | One comment

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NM’s Own JDS Stalled Super Bowl Bid

Posted by on January 30, 2012 | Comments Off on NM’s Own JDS Stalled Super Bowl Bid

Say it ain’t so Joe Jim James! In the name of dashed sports dreams everywhere, the good sportsmanship of Albuquerque’s favorite band is being put to the test.

Last month, beloved Albuquerque band The James Douglas Show was asked to perform at Jim McMahon’s Swang N’ Super Bowl Charity Bash 2012 on February 2nd in Indianapolis, the home of the Super Bowl. This high-profile celebrity event is a charity concert benefiting The Lynda McMahon Ferguson Literacy Foundation and Hope for the Warriors.

The JDS is honored to be invited. Check them out here on the list of headliners…

HOWEVER last week, their travel sponsor backed out – now band, bus and gear are all sidelined and they need our help!

A word from The Jame Douglas Show:

“…we do not have the funds necessary to make it to this show…and it is a BIG show. Most of the other performers on this bill have support from record labels to pay their expenses…that is not the case for The JDS. Most (if not ALL) of our travel expenses have come out of our own pocket from performances we do. However, traveling to and from Indianapolis would cost FAR more than what this organization can afford on its own…especially since we just returned from a two-week run of Nevada and California [dates].”

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – YOUR 6 Time Grammy Nominees, The James Douglas Show who have stepped up to the plate so many times right here in NM, performing countless free shows, donating their time to charity, playing backup for anyone who asks, always willing to lend their help to anyone in the business, who constantly hit the road and the airwaves making a good name for New Mexico all over the country will be performing LIVE TOMORROW night!!!

The James Douglas “Road to the Super Bowl Fund Raising” Show
Hooligans Nightclub
9800 Montgomery NE
7:00 p.m. – 12:30 a.m.
Just $10

Come out and have a good time with us, and with your helpful generosity, we just might be able to make this happen.

If you can’t make it to this show, but would still like to donate to the trip, contact The James Douglas Show’s management at THEARKITEKS@aol.com.

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Speakeasy, Listen Even Easier

Posted by on August 24, 2011 | One comment

Photo credit (right) Robert Montoya

What do you get when you mix Jessica Rabbit with The Fabulous Baker Boys at Vernon’s Black Diamond Lounge?

You get to see a new & saucy side of sultry NM Actress Monique Candelaria!

Starting in September the beauty will be performing in the Black Diamond Lounge – with atmosphere and a showcase for talent like no other we cannot wait to see what Ms. Candelaria brings to the stage!

In a completely different turn Monique has recently been cast in the sure to be thrilling 3D Horror film The Banshee Chapter.

The globe is buzzing about this film being executive produced by Zachary Quinto. Director Blair Erickson is already in pre-production at NM’s Own I-25 studios.

Here for your viewing and listening pleasure is a brief cameo by Monique in the James Douglas Show music video for Remember Me (don’t blink, lots of local celebs):

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I’m lovin’ it! New Mexico Style

Posted by on August 18, 2011 | Comments Off on I’m lovin’ it! New Mexico Style

Thanks Mike Cee

Well knock me down with a golden, crispy french fry!

The Golden Arches’ commercial goodness that rings so true and near & dear to my carotid artery filled heart (not really, I hope), a spicy version of the jingle that entices the world over to that all American treasure boasts New Mexico’s golden, chameleon voice singing its praises!

That’s right the hottest version of the McDonald’s all time best jingle, “I’m lovin’ it!” is vocalized by New Mexico’s own James Douglas! You know him, he’s the front man of a lil’ local gone global band, the amazing, the mesmerizing, the one and only…THE JAMES DOUGLAS SHOW!!!

Listen to it HERE!

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Much Ado About Katt

Posted by on June 26, 2011 | 3 comments

UPDATE 9/3/11: In the latest debacle from the Summer Comedy Tour that just won’t quit being anything but funny, backlash from Williams’ perceived hateful rant to a Mexican American/Mexican National during a show late last month draws an apology…of sorts, “Katt Williams apologizes to Mexicans but not NEW Mexicans nor Arizonans…” Full story here.

UPDATE 7/5/11: Apparently the Chicanery of the Katt Williams tour of warped did not start in the Q.

Just days before the comedian struck the Land of Enchantment with a case of the WTFs (below), the “tour” had rolled on into AZ where TMZ is reporting that a member of Williams’ staff shot dead the canine life of a retired AZ Police Dog who got too close for the comfort of said employee (hopefully former employee at this point).

But the odd train doesn’t end there…to make it “right” a mastiff puppy was produced from the tour bus to ~replace the K9 who was killed!?!?

The full story here.

Katt Williams in Albuquerque hours before his increasingly infamous New Mexico “appearance”.

Local Beauty Nicole B. ran into the comedian at Cottonwood Mall in NW ABQ, where she says he was “super cool” and even paid for her kiddos to ride the carousel with him.

Both candids show a wholly pulled together looking Williams, a far cry from what the crowed at Tingley Coliseum would experience much, much later in the night and the mug shot (center) from the performer’s arrest in CA earlier this month.

Showing shades of breakdown in these two episodes many fans are calling out for those close to Williams to intervene…

UPDATE 06/28/11 Katt Williams Ticket Holders:

For Immediate Release
Official statement from Str8lace Entertainment
RE: Katt Williams Show 06/25/2011

We would like to start by explaining our position in regards to the Katt Williams Concert on June 25, 2011. We have recently been inundated by questions and requests for ticket refunds due to the lack of professionalism displayed by Mr. Williams at the recent concert. We are equally upset by the antics that were displayed for whatever personal reason Mr.Williams might be experiencing. We went above and beyond normal measures to ensure Mr.Williams was in Albuquerque and went onstage. Our expenses in doing so far exceeded our original budget and ticket sales revenues, due to the extra expense brought on by delays, over time rent on the venue, sound, labor, etc. As promoters we did our job as per our contractual obligations. We booked, paid for and promoted the show. ALL of the acts Showed up and performed. Some better than others, but they were all there and performed. We have no control over the content or quality of their performances. While we are disappointed, we feel the liability lies in the hands of Mr.Williams himself. We feel your frustration, and are in the same space financially, At a loss. So we will not be offering refunds of any kind. We are very sorry for the circumstances.

Because we are a small locally owned Promotions company we would in good faith like you to keep your Katt Williams ticket stubs for discount on a soon to be announced show we will put on in an effort to show good faith and give something to our community that were effected by Mr.Williams “Performance”. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Str8laced Entertainment.

If you like me have been asking yourself, “Katt who?” amidst all the online & around town buzz today over his appearance in the Q last night…and if a quick Google search only leads you to the above TMZ story of this “the second most important black guy on the face of the Earth”, you may find it interesting to get the low-down from those who were there…

Two of New Mexico’s Own set the *record straight with deets of what happened at the Katt Williams show where yet another Avenger was out & about…

Luckily for Nick Fury aka Samuel L. Jackson and the rest of the crowed who showed for this event the consummate awesomeness that is The James Douglas Show and the rest of the NM crew brought it!

ABQ Kattastrophe,
The Truth From the Sidelines – by Marco Nunez

I have been reading all this stuff on FB about the KW show last night, and it’s funny to hear how all of the stories have morphed into such far cries from the truth! It goes from “he was late and High and didn’t put on a good show” to “He came in with Samuel Jackson Riding a zebra smoking heroin and threatened to rape all the white women and steal their pink fur coats!”

The whisper game is funny!! I helped the promoters do some tech stuff on this show ( I booked the Audio/Lighting and booked a tour bus for Katt To get here from L.A., and provided our van for ground transportation) So I was able to see what went on beforehand with all of them. AAANNNDD I wasn’t there for the show ( we left as soon as we were done with our show because we had to play at Hard Rock) so I know that when we left everything was fine and the only variable was Katt.

The truth is… Everyone from the Albuquerque side of things The promoters, The James Douglas Show & Dancers (Tracy & Glenda), Big Moon, Eric Martinez, The radio stations involved, Tingley staff, Stage company, Audio company, lighting company and even the girls who showed up to walk Katt onstage DID THIER JOBS!!!


I’ve heard Katt said last night that he didnt know about this show??? I personally booked the tour bus (WITH THE PROMOTERS MONEY) to get him here. The Hosts last night were faced with a crowd of 6k angry, frustrated (AND RIGHTFULLY SO) people, and still held it together.


As far as The JDS is concerned…WE HAD A BLAST!! THANK YOU ALBUQUERQUE FOR SHOWING US SO MUCH LOVE!! Both Tingley and Hard Rock last night were both great shows for us!!

Thank you very much for supporting us like you do!

Ok, normally I wouldn’t even say anything or get involved. But I want to say that Big Moon and I had nothing to do with the promotion, booking, organizing, or anything on this event besides hosting it.

Yes it was unfortunate what happened, and I’m not taking sides. However anyone who was there, saw Katt’s behavior for themselves. Spitting chewing tobacco in his hands and rubbing it in his hair, yelling at the audience, leaving the stage to pray, doing push-ups…the list goes on.

He did know about the show, he did get paid, he even did a drop on the air talking about how excited he was to come to Albuquerque. Shawty, AJ, The JDS and us all did our jobs to make sure everyone was comfortable and had the best time possible.

NO ONE had control over Katt but Katt. He showed up late, got served papers, and disappointed a lot of people. Again, I am not defending the actual promoters but everyone who was backstage including Samuel L. Jackson could see that everyone was doing what they could to accommodate Katt, his late arrival, his stage show AND could see that something was wrong with him.

I’m a huge Katt Williams fan and was sad to see him in that state. But no is responsible for Katt but Katt.

Eric Martinez, Katt Williams ABQ Show Host

More audio/visual from the mess that was Katt Williams last night,
Jump to 2:30 for the call out:
(R – Adult Content/Vulgar Language)

*Guest entries above edited for content

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Extra Extra

Posted by on March 12, 2011 | 2 comments

Hotel Andaluz
Club wear

MONDAY, MONDAY, MONDAY the latest music video for The James Douglas Show is filming! 75 background extras needed to star!

Six time Grammy nominated super group, The James Douglas Show is taping their latest music video for “Wonderfully”. You’ve probably heard the tune as played in heavy rotation on the radio!

Come and be part of the Official video for “Wonderfully”. Bring a friend…You will Enjoy it!

Come to the Hotel Andaluz and be part of the filming of the 2nd official James Douglas Show Music Video.

More Details to come here!

Please email: CastingtheQ@gmail.com

Here’s a look at their last smash-hit video!

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Posted by on March 1, 2011 | 2 comments

“Steven Michael Quezada and the producers of “The After After Party” want to give even more local talent the opportunity to showcase their talents on the state’s new #1 late-night talk show.” – The After After Party

Who: Musical Guests & Comedians
When: March 6 – 7
Where: The Historic Wool Warehouse Theater – Home of The After After Party
What: New Mexico’s Premiere Late Night TV Talk Show

From The After After Party:

When “The After After Party” first began filming in late 2010, the show’s star, co-creator, and executive producer Steven Michael Quezada never stopped emphasizing his desire to showcase local talent. In that time, “The After After Party” has served as a showcase of local musicians and comedians, proudly living up to the CW Network’s slogan, “Keeping It Local.”

In the four months that “The After After Party” has been on the air…, local and regional comics have relished the opportunity to perform in front of over 200,000 regional viewers and over 300 live audience members weekly. They have also appeared alongside major movie and television stars such as legendary actor Wes Studi, radio hosts Erika Viking, Big Moon, Crisco Kidd, and Swami Rob, and some of Quezada’s “Breaking Bad” co-stars including multiple Emmy Award winning actors Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston.

So far, Steven Michael Quezada has welcomed the comedic stylings of Niki Mangin, Frank Lucero, Kenny King, Freddy Charles, Chris Otero, Curt Fletcher, Nathaniel Auguston, and Silver Dominguez. In addition, some of the state’s most talented musicians have also graced “The After After Party” stage including Hillary Smith, Poema, Illustrated Man, David Wade, Alex Maryol, Juan Gambino, Fat Fish, and many others. Even “The After After Party” house band, The James Douglas Show, is based in Albuquerque.

Now, Steven Michael Quezada and the producers of “The After After Party” want to give even more local talent the opportunity to showcase their talents on the state’s new #1 late-night talk show.

Full post after the jump…
» Read the full post

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Video of the Day: Pinkman!!!!!!

Posted by on February 22, 2011 | One comment

Untitled from Mark Padilla on Vimeo.

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After Party LIVE at Film & Media Day

Posted by on February 9, 2011 | Comments Off on After Party LIVE at Film & Media Day
ComedyMusicNM's OwnTV

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Casting YOU in the Q

Posted by on January 26, 2011 | 2 comments

Hello Albuquerque!! You may have heard The James Douglas Show, you may have seen The James Douglas Show…you might have even partied with The James Douglas Show – but NOW if you wanna get down to business and make the cut you can BE an honorary part of the SHOW!

Try-out for your chance to be featured with the SIX TIME GRAMMY NOMINATED kings of FUNK!

Please see below for the casting requirements and details for the latest James Douglas Show music video directed by Eric Martinez, produced by Jerry Angelo and Fire Born Films…

When: Tuesday February 8, 2010
2 p.m. – 6 p.m.

Where: Stage Showcase
5413 Lomas NE
Albuquerque, NM 87110

4 Lead Females – 20 -40 Beautiful Women with character and emotional range.

4 Children 10 years and younger– with emotional range.

2 lead males one young one older (open any ages) – Rock Stars overwhelmed with life and regret.

Must RSVP for a time, acting direction will be given on camera at audition…
Please bring your current headshot and resume.

Contact: No phone calls please. You may email:

Thank you! See you soon!
Sandi Kay, Casting in the Q

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Posted by on January 4, 2011 | Comments Off on From SNL To SMQ

UDATE: That’ll be TWO EMMY winners on set >> Enter co-star Aaron Paul – Just confirmed to appear at the same taping of the AAP next TUESDAY! You might wanna wear shades l’est the star power be blinding on this HOT New Mexico winter’s night!

Globally acclaimed actor, three time Emmy winning STAR of the AMC series Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston will guest on New Mexico’s Own late night TV talk show, The After After Party with his beloved co-star in the series, host Steven Michael Quezada.

We’ve been telling you for years that SMQ is where it’s at – now the WORLD is tapped in to the weekly party!

And as you heard here from the fantastically funny man himself, he’s working it for YOU and your seat is waiting at the Historic Wool Warehouse in Downtown Albuquerque!

Get in while you can! The next taping, including the episode featuring the one and only Bryan Cranston is Tuesday January 11th, 7 p.m. sharp!

It’s sure to be a full house and it’s ALWAYS a good time at this hometown phenomenon! Take your seat for the FREE show! Snacks, drinks and souvenirs available! See you there!!!

p.s. Full Disclosure: Catch past episodes here, including yours truly as of late, delivering SMQ’s Hommywood Report (ep. 4 & 5).

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Fabu Casting Call

Posted by on December 19, 2010 | 2 comments

The Historic Wool Warehouse
518 First Street NW Albuquerque, NM 87102

Originally posted December 2, 2010

Get in the Show…The James Douglas Show that is!

“SIX TIME GRAMMY NOMINATED?? WHAT?” That’s right! NM’s Own premiere funk show is shooting their HOT new music video Sunday Decemer 19 at 3 p.m.

Do they sound as good as they look or do they look as good as they sound, it’s not a tough call – they’ve got it all! All that’s missing is YOU.

Get in the scene…live and in-person as the sweet, sexy, funtastic, cool, groovin’, beautiful New Mexican that you are!

“You do not have to be a professional actor or actress to attend!! Please Email your information to CastingtheQ@gmail.com ASAP.”


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Posted by on December 17, 2010 | 2 comments

From the NM Film Office:

Sheryl Roberts & Primal Panic
Productions are casting for a new Television Show “Music U-Night.”

This is a VH1 style show (videos, live performances and interviews) with VJ interviewers and Facebook/Twitter technicians, with bands answering questions on-air.

We are looking for VJ’s who have a solid knowledge of music especially Rock and can perform live on-air. Acting ability preferred but not necessary if you have the other traits we are looking for.

We will be hiring Male/Female between 21-40 (attractive & computer savvy).You should be hip at any age, heavy metal to all types of rock.

We will also be hiring for various on-air positions, which will be contributing live from concerts and other events.


» Read the full post

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Daytime Nighttime NM on the Tube

Posted by on November 28, 2010 | One comment
AlbuquerqueEventsNMNM's OwnTV

New Mexico talent abounds and now there are two new platforms to shine that everlovin’ spotlight upon ’em!

As we’ve been following for you here the King of Hommywood™ (Hommywood is his brainchild/King, we’ve dubbed ’em) Steven Michael Quezada is well into filming on TAAP (The After After Party).

Your chance to watch the premiere episode is coming-up on Friday Dec. 3, at 2 a.m. on the CW. But if YOU want to get in on the action and be a part of the studio audience check here for upcoming tapings and git’ down there to cheer on NM’s Own and to catch the in-between takes that will be some of the funniest moments you’ll ever see! (wear dancing shoes too because The James Douglas Show will have you shaking a groove ‘thang or two)

Wet your appetite for TV goodness with NM’s Own, brand spanking new morning talk show. New Mexico Style premieres this Monday morning on Kasa Fox 2.

Join host Nikki Stanzione for her exploration of all things New Mexico every weekday morning from 8-9. Click here to connect with the show and give them your take on NM Style.

Lastly, Sindication joins many of the boohooers of Nuevo México in saying good-bye to KOB morning anchor Marla Tellez! In the never ending shuffle of talent in the deck of this game called show-business, Marla has left us to head back to Cali. Adios Marla you will be missed!

Perhaps Marla will be back – I know of two new NM shows where she could possibly come-back and guest!


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After The After After Party

Posted by on November 17, 2010 | 3 comments

In the paraphrased words of the late great Ed Sullivan, it was a really, really big show!

If you weren’t at the taping of NM’s Own Late Night Talk Show The After After Party with Steven Michael Quezada you missed some of the funniest, most entertaining moments of the year!

In short the audience was the MAN, the sixth man that is, but it wasn’t a tough task because from start to finish SMQ held the crowd in that endearing & engaging way he wields his HIGHlarity. The original and actual members of the Quezada family led the chain of adorable supporting the King of Hommywood in this next great, big step in his entertaiNMent career! (Mama Quezada was too presh for words)

The newest honorary Quezadas include the astounding James Douglas Show who simply brought down the house with every single beat – and I kid you not, brought the goose bumps along with the can’t-help-but-shake your booty funkification!

This production is truly a sample of New Mexico’s finest – the professional, largely volunteer crew, students, performers and guests really brought their A-game as a community, it doesn’t get more feel-good fun than that.

If you’re up for some feel-good, funky, hilarious, goodness YOU too still have a chance to catch some up-coming shows LIVE. Keep-up with all the updates & announcements right here on the show’s official Facebook page AND most definitely pick-up the James Douglas Show’s music here, here or here in the meantime.

Be a part of NM history, join the familia, and don’t miss another live show!

The premiere episode of The After After Party with Steven Michael Quezada airs Friday November 26 at 2 a.m. on the CW.

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Late Night Games

Posted by on November 3, 2010 | 5 comments

Because SMQ‘s got a cute, little brown pata in pretty much everything NM ENTERTAINMENT (including the afore and oft mentioned Breaking Bad) here he is again, and here he will be every Friday night, late, late night on New Mexico’s CW for all our After After Party needs…you know you have ’em.

And in true “Hommywood” style SMQ brings the jams with The After After Party house band, crunk with funk, the one and only James Douglas Show as freshly sampled here on the Coyote 102.5 morning show with Erica Viking just last week.

Clickety, clickety, CLICK it…you know you want to!

Now that your appetite is properly whetted…check out the sneak preview of the show below…presented as only the King Hommywood can!

Check it out every Friday night starting Nov. 26 and join the show’s Facebook page here to find out how to go to a FREE taping! Woot!

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