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Armie Hammer drops the Q on GMA

Posted by on June 25, 2013 | Comments Off on Armie Hammer drops the Q on GMA

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Posted by on April 17, 2013 | Comments Off on ICYMI: THE NEW LONE RANGER TRAILER

Here’s the latest and allegedly last Lone Ranger advance trailer prior to the film’s release this summer!

Thanks McG’!

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Video of the Day: Johnny Depp LIVE & on stage edition

Posted by on March 22, 2013 | Comments Off on Video of the Day: Johnny Depp LIVE & on stage edition

Johnny Depp and Gore Verbinski at the Lone Ranger Wrap party in Angel Fire, New Mexico back in the fall of 2012!

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Extended look at NM’s Own, “The Lone Ranger”

Posted by on December 13, 2012 | One comment

As debuted earlier this week by NM’s parent company, Disney (we should be so lucky).

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Spy Pics & Studio Shots of The Lone Ranger

Posted by on October 1, 2012 | Comments Off on Spy Pics & Studio Shots of The Lone Ranger

Though their time in New Mexico has come to a raucous wrap, The Lone Ranger filming rolls on in California.

Walt Disney Pictures has released these breathtaking long shots and set stills of stars Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp from the gorgeous location shoots here in NM and in UT.

Teaser-trailer dot com has published these action packed “spy” pics from the Los Angeles set.

Check-out all our coverage on the film here – Chronicling everything that’s come across our desktop, from the first rumblings, to the rocky start-up, local filming haps, right down to those shiny happy NM Wrap Party pics.

The Lone Ranger is set to hit theaters on July 3, 2013!

Click through to enlarge

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And then there’s Johnny – Depp in NM [pics][video]

Posted by on September 4, 2012 | Comments Off on And then there’s Johnny – Depp in NM [pics][video]

BONUS 09/06/12: Scroll way, way down for video of THE LONE RANGER AKA ARMIE HAMMER LIVE on the NM Set of TLR with James Blackburn!!!

EVEN FURTHER DOWN THE SCROLL: Raw Footage of The Lone Ranger filming near Eagles Nest, NM from August 26, 2012. Depp and Hammer in full dress as Tonto and the Lone Ranger in Train scene.

From set to stage (and everywhere in-between) Johnny Depp certainly has left his impression on NM.

Since the beginning of 2012 the inbox@oneheadlightink.com has received everything from the interesting to the outlandish by of way info. and photos swirling around the then secretive “Silver Bullet” project.

From the very first studio lot prop pics we chose to release, which made waves with some local industry insiders, to the sweet pics true fans, friends and admirers of the star shared in confidence we’ve enjoyed being taken along for the ride.

Now that Disney’s The Lone Ranger has wrapped, here are a select few, previously unreleased pics:

Depp with local actor Jackamoe Buzzell at NM’s secluded cove and celeb hot spot, Vernon’s Steakhouse

Stills from Depp’s live stage performance with Gore Verbinski at the TLR wrap party in Angel Fire, NM (video and photos by Nevada Sands, reprinted by depp.ru)

Depp on the Albuquerque Studio lot arriving for filming

The Lone Ranger himself, Armie Hammer with his beautiful wife, Elizabeth Chambers at the TLR wrap party

Click through to enlarge images to full size

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Video of the Day: Johnny Depp Jams with Gore Verbinski at The Lone Ranger wrap in NM

Posted by on August 26, 2012 | Comments Off on Video of the Day: Johnny Depp Jams with Gore Verbinski at The Lone Ranger wrap in NM


Angel Fire, New Mexico – not just for bears anymore…the NM leg of Disney’s The Lone Ranger shoot is rapidly coming to a close. Time to let loose? Or at the very least take a moment to party responsibly with local cast and crew.

HERE is Johnny Depp on stage with TLR director Gore Verbinski at the unofficial wrap party for the film.

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The Lone Ranger Needs Mexican Men in Moab

Posted by on July 8, 2012 | Comments Off on The Lone Ranger Needs Mexican Men in Moab

From Lone Ranger Casting:

Still looking for Mexican men, local to Moab area, to work as Farmhands.

Tentative work date is Tuesday, July 10th.

Must be available all day. The look production needs is actual Mexican men with a grizzled/weathered look. The type of person that looks like they could have been working years on the farm or a ranch in the sun doing manual labor.

If this is you, or you know someone that matches this, please submit an email to Tontocast@yahoo.com with Name, Contact phone # and a recent photo.

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From the Bruckheimer Chronicles AKA Twitter PLUS Johnny Depp on Set

Posted by on June 28, 2012 | 2 comments

New pics from the set of The Lone Ranger as recently tweeted by Mr. Jerry Bruckheimer:

On another side of the coin I do have in my hot little hand, a picture of The Lone Ranger Star, none other than Johnny Depp himself, on the New Mexico studio set for the film.

HOWEVER, I am not at liberty to publish said pic at this time.

Schooled though as I am in the masscommunication and proliferation of gibberish, I can ever so eloquently offer this poetic description of the very, very, exciting, sought after imagery:

Johnny Depp, as you’ve seen him before…

Somehow expressing quirkiness, eccentricity and a subdued humility all in one ever so slight curl of the lip, blankness of eye, and brow almost undetectably half cocked. All this range of emotion and subtle intrigue displayed as only a thespian of his stature could produce.

From behind shades of only slightly detectable blue, beneath a weathered ebony hat, which is crumpled atop his shaggy hairdo, Depp stands, Depp is…

on a studio lot at either dawn or dusk in Albuquerque New Mexico, having just walked between some StarWaggons® on the asphalt all around him (basically he’s walking around wearing these glasses with this hat).

I have other pics at the ready as well. Those too are Johnny Depp, looking like Johnny Depp, on a starry night after a long days work in the Q. COMING SOON!

P.S. Why isn’t New Mexico manufacturing their own version of StarWaggons® already?!?

More Depp (AKA Mah Woo May) in NM here and Depp in costume here and here.

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Johnny Depp Adopted as Comanche in New Mexico

Posted by on May 22, 2012 | 4 comments

INTRODUCING Mah Woo May, the Comanche name given to Johnny Depp, which translates to, “Shape Shifter”.

Sure as the casting of Johnny Depp in the upcoming Bruckheimer/Verbinski film adaptation of The Lone Ranger as the Native American character, Tonto drew fire, so might this move by The Comanche Nation.

Regardless of critics, artistic interpretation/representation met history, culture, unity and family when the world famous actor was formally adopted into the Comanche Nation at a private ceremony in Albuquerque, NM last week.

Pictured above with President and Founder of Americans for Indian Opportunity, LaDonna Harris.

No such hullabaloo is or has been raised about the Lone, Texas born, Ranger himself being portrayed by a hunky Californian

More of both in character here.

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Depp’s equine accident on the set of The Lone Ranger

Posted by on May 11, 2012 | Comments Off on Depp’s equine accident on the set of The Lone Ranger

Johnny Depp says a horse saved his life.

The 48-year-old actor was thrown from the powerful animal while filming forthcoming Western movie ‘The Lone Ranger’ but he believes the strong bond he forged with the creature made it react instinctively to ensure his fall wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

Johnny – who plays the Lone Ranger’s Native American sidekick Tonto – said: “I’m lucky to be here. I’ve done a number of films on horseback and I’ve taken a couple of spills but this was a violent one.

“I had a good relationship with the horse, which was named Scout, and when I look at the tape I can see that Scout saved my life.

“I went down badly and I was dragged for 25 yards and in the end the horse just jumped over me and clipped me with his back legs.”

Despite being a huge star, the ‘Dark Shadows’ actor insists he isn’t a very ambitious person and doesn’t choose his roles by guessing how successful they might be.

When he embarked on his acting career, Johnny – who has children Lily-Rose, 12, and 10-year-old Jack with partner Vanessa Paradis – just wanted to be able to look back on his body of work and be proud of it.

He added in an interview with the Daily Mirror newspaper: “I never knew where I was going to go. I never really thought about where any of it was going.

“I only knew that, regardless of success or failure, I always wanted to some day be able to look back and go, ‘I did alright. I’m proud of what I did. I didn’t sell out.’

“I’ve never felt particularly ambitious or driven, although I like to create stuff, whether it’s a little doodle, a drawing, a small painting or a movie or a piece of music, so I suppose I’m driven by that. Everything I’ve done has felt natural.”

via Musicrooms.net, News Desk

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The Lone Ranger Casting Extras: Asian Men

Posted by on May 2, 2012 | Comments Off on The Lone Ranger Casting Extras: Asian Men

Via NM Extras Network:



Date: 2012-05-02, 1:54PM MDT
Reply to: gpxq7-2992400114@job.craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]

The movie The Lone Ranger is looking for more Asian men between the ages of 18 and 40+/- to work as paid extras. You will be working about 3 or 4 days in mid May. Please email a recent picture of yourself along with your height/weight/age and good number or email to reach you at to:

Thank you!

Elizabeth and Lorrie

*This posting has not been confirmed with the local, extras casting director on this film.

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The Lone Ranger Monument Valley Shoot – Depp with Navajo Nation Leaders

Posted by on April 16, 2012 | 2 comments

Image via “A Good Day To Die”, The Dennis Banks Documentary
Depp with Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly and Vice President Rex Lee Jim

Indian Country Today Media Network:

Actor Johnny Depp, who will play Tonto in the upcoming film version of The Lone Ranger, has begun filming in Monument Valley and last week was visited on set by Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly and Vice President Rex Lee Jim.

Gayle Dine’ Chacon, Surgeon General of the Navajo Nation, spoke with Depp at length, particularly about preventing youth suicide on the reservation, and admitted to being “star struck.” “He is a very charming man, very gracious and very concerned as well,” she said, according to a People.com story. “He probably spent a good hour with us. Everybody else left the set, but he was still there. … You feel that you are the only one there – that he’s just focusing on you.

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Johnny Depp’s Tonto: Navajo Nation

Posted by on April 13, 2012 | 4 comments

Badass Digest, by way of their tipsters on the world wide web, lands this EPIC pic of Johnny Depp, once again in costume as the Native American character Tonto, à la Disney’s The Lone Ranger.

Pictured with the Surgeon General of Navajo Nation, Dr. Gayle Dine’Chacon in Monument Valley today, this candid shot lends a more live-action look to the storied character as portrayed by the legendary actor.

A hot spot for some pretty sterile shots of the production as they happen is the film’s über producer’s twitter page here.

The Lone Ranger production, based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico is slated to continue through August – with additional locations, such as this in Utah and Colorado, scheduled for a May 31, 2013 release!

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Depp takes a break from Tonto, hits L.A. stage performing with Marilyn Manson

Posted by on April 12, 2012 | Comments Off on Depp takes a break from Tonto, hits L.A. stage performing with Marilyn Manson

People magazine reports:

Johnny Depp is one of the world’s great movie stars. But he can play the role of rock star pretty convincingly, too.

The actor, 48, grabbed his guitar and joined Marilyn Manson on stage Wednesday night for a rollicking performance at Revolver magazine’s Golden Gods Awards concert at Club Nokia in Los Angeles.

But in true Depp style, he played it cool – keeping his head low, almost to the point of being incognito. And indeed, it took a while for the crowd to realize that a Hollywood superstar was in their midst.

With an ivory guitar slung low on his thigh, Depp wore a black button-down shirt with the sleeves rolled up, black boots, black jeans and a black cowboy hat with a white feather pulled down, covering most of his face.

After running through the song “Sweet Dreams,” Manson, 43, shouted to the crowd, “If you don’t recognize my personal friend … my personal savior, my personal guitar hero … Johnny Depp!” The crowd roared its approval.

Next they moved on the Manson’s “The Beautiful People.” All the while Depp was straight faced, focusing on his playing, though he broke into an occasional smile – absolutely in control, bemused at times, but obviously enjoying himself.

The actor has made a point of hanging out with rock stars lately. Back in February he chilled out with Sir Paul McCartney and Bruce Springsteen at the Foo Fighters’ after-Grammys party.

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The Lone Ranger still needs NM Men with full beards

Posted by on March 28, 2012 | 2 comments

The Lone Ranger is still looking for men, 18 to 45 with full beards. Please call Elizabeth (EG Casting) at 505-227-2920

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Helena Bonham Carter at #ABQ Uptown

Posted by on March 19, 2012 | One comment

The lifelong muse and immortal beloved of Tim Burton is in town for her part in Disney’s The Lone Ranger movie.

While New Mexico is known for playing it cool and letting our visiting celebs go about their b’niss uninterrupted like…Helena Bonham Carter was particularly unbothered by the kindest gentlest local celeb in town when they were face to face at our own uptown Trader Joe’s.

If she’d been a snake, she couldda bit him. But our unassuming, beloved morning radio show bearer of sunshine and light, Donnie Chase of 100.3 The Peak couldn’t have ID’d the star to save his life or hers when they recently crossed paths.

The star encounter sighting prompted a storm of celeb encounter reports on the JTD Morning Show facebook page.

Do you have a NM Celeb Encounter story or pic? Send us what you’ve got! Vintage pics, à la you w/ the cast of Young Guns, Natural Born Killers, All the Pretty Horses, etc. especially WANTED! Tell us about your NM Celeb Encounter: sindication@oneheadlightink.com

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Routine Traffic Stop in New Mexico = Bruckheimer Detained

Posted by on March 18, 2012 | Comments Off on Routine Traffic Stop in New Mexico = Bruckheimer Detained

Friday night über producer Jerry Bruckheimer tweeted a call for Albuquerque restaurant suggestions. He’s certainly not suffering any shortage of sweet eats as he’s also tweeted an abundance of cake on the Albuquerque Studios set of The Lone Ranger here in NM. Werd in to OHI also says that five star craft service is a set staple.

Sunday, whether trekking out to another filming location, sight seeing or restaurant hunting it looks like The Lone Ranger producer ventured North of Albuquerque…

The Taos News reports:

Film producer Jerry Bruckheimer may have been the subject of a routine traffic stop in Taos County today.

An individual named Jerome Leon Bruckheimer was pulled over by police on State Road 75 this afternoon in southern Taos County. Local police dispatch stated it was likely a routine traffic stop but offered no other details.

That also happens to be the full name of the renowned film producer who is heading up the Disney film, “The Lone Ranger,” starring Johnny Depp that is currently shooting in New Mexico.

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Bruckheimer Presents YOUR Lone Ranger & Tonto

Posted by on March 8, 2012 | One comment


FIRST LOOK: Johnny Depp as Tonto and Armie Hammer as The Lone Ranger – On set and in costume in New Mexico!!!!!!!!!

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Giddyup! Johnny Depp Saddles-up in New Mexico

Posted by on March 3, 2012 | Comments Off on Giddyup! Johnny Depp Saddles-up in New Mexico

No stranger to working with quadrupeds, Depp Lost in La Mancha

There aren’t a lot of pictures of Johnny Depp on the internet and he’s not very good looking…but for you, my beloved online friends, I braved pages and pages of web content searching for images of the chiseled cheek bones, dreamy eyes and perfect pout that filled my seventh grade dreams (à la 21 Jump St.)…

Ehhmm, anyway…the reports are IN that Mr. Depp himself has been hard at work in ABQ over the past few days.

Über producer Jerry Bruckeimer and academy award winning director Gore Verbinski (Rango) had already landed in NM for pre-production on The Lone Ranger over the past couple of months…

Now in star sighting news of the day OHI has learned that Depp was on hand locally, completing test shots with an equine co-star.

Here for your viewing pleasure are the results of my stock image search, to help your minds eye in seeing that that would go something like this:
(you’re welcome)

And before everyone (else) raises their arms in protest over Johnny not being “Native” enough, might I remind you that the leading role of The Lone Ranger himself has gone to a non-cowboy…fact check.

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