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Immerse yourself in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

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Hot Springs District 87901 New Mexico by Michael HonackPhoto by Kyer Wiltshire for Hot Springs District 87901 New Mexico

Set mind to “open” and make the short drive to the quaint little river town of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico – where El Paso goes to cool off, and Albuquerque goes to warm-up in the fall and winter months. No matter what time of year, or from where you hail, the quirky town that has long been world renowned for its year-round healing powers by way of its bountiful hot springs, just might hold something special for you.

The rich history of what was originally “Hot Springs New Mexico” is about to start a brand new chapter that will forever change the face of this hidden New Mexico treasure forever…again.

Back when the 1950s television show “Truth or Consequences” and host, Ralph Edwards put out a national challenge for an American city to change its name, Hot Springs, New Mexico stepped up to the plate and the town began its long, but quiet relationship with modern American show business.

Edwards famously opened each show with the tagline, “Hello There, We’ve Been Waiting for You”, and this mecca for artists, performers, shop keepers, inn keepers and fine cuisine – yes, cuisine has been doing so ever since. From those drawn there to set up shop, settle-in and create, and the many who have landed there quite by accident over the years, to those who were born and raised, the proud people of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico are indeed waiting to share their talents, wares, and richness of history with you.

As of late the likes of Ted Turner and Vince Gilligan, to name a few, have laid their stamp of approval on the Sierra County gem. The Sierra Grande Lodge & Spa, as recently purchased by Turner, was a welcome refuge for the Breaking Bad creator, who notably spent some time there enjoying a relaxing soak under the stars.

And very soon, droves of those who have their sights set on reaching the stars will begin pouring into the area. Just minutes from historic Old Town Truth or Consequences, at their well known, easy access freeway exit, you’re just a short ground-shuttle ride away from the world’s first commercial Spaceport; where all the world will turn in their quest for civilian space travel. Adding to the area’s tapestry of evolutions including their prehistoric history, Native American heritage, pioneer settlement, arts and entertainment contributions, military defense development, and armed services will be its history making involvement with U.S. commercial space exploration.

Before Beibs, Jolie, Pitt, their entourages, and many more book their itinerary and discover what is currently at your disposal, take some time off the beaten path at Interstate 25 Exit 79 – for art that inspires, town’s people who welcome and hot springs that beckon around every bend – because you can’t find a better bet than Truth or Consequences for a great, largely undiscovered, New Mexico weekend getaway.

Asian Fusion? What? Yes!

From moving moments at the all volunteer Veteran’s Memorial, to the fresh, flavorful cuisine a la chef Joseph Schmitt at Latitude 33, and everything in between – including the seasonal events that take place throughout the year in the happy riverside town and surrounding areas, keep an eye on Sierra County.

Visit these and many more OHI tested and approved area attractions in T or C:

Pelican Spa
Grapes Gallery
Latitude 33
Sierra Grande Lodge & Spa
Café Bella Luca
River Bend Hot Springs
Geronimo Springs Museum
Hamilton Military Museum at Veteran’s Park
Rio Bravo Fine Art
Passion Pie Cafe
Sumthins Ice Cream
Truth or Consequences Art Hop
Sierra County Fair
Ralph Edwards Park
Dukatt ’71 Custom Shirts

If you’re heading to Truth or Consequences or just interested in learning more about the town, look-up these prominent locals to help guide your experience:

Cindy Bellelli – Bellelli Productions
LaRena Miller – Exec. Dir. Geronimo Trail Scenic Byway
Sid Bryan – T or C Emerging Community Development
Cary “Jagger” Gustin – Sierra County Arts Council President
Linda DeMarino – Executive Director T or C Main Street

To purchase the insiders guide to T or C, “Hot Springs District 87901 New Mexico” by Michael Honack (pictured above), visit the Sierra County Arts Council here.

Then if you want to take a peek into the future of space travel, check-in with FTS Tours at the Space Place.

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FREE Labor Day Weekend Event – Statewide, New Mexico

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Salt of the Earth Tour New Mexico


The New Mexico Federation of Labor (NMFL) along with a collation of business and community groups presents THE SALT OF THE EARTH TOUR FREE – ALL AGES, SIX CITY TOUR this Labor Day Weekend.

Beginning in Southern New Mexico, in Las Cruces and in Truth or Consequences on Saturday August 31, the midpoint of the festivities will be held in Albuquerque and Corrales on Sunday September 1, with the full culmination of the traveling festival landing in Santa Fe on Monday September 2, ending in a finale blowout that night in Taos!

The six city, three-day event featuring performance art, poetry and music, will bring the true meaning of Labor Day to the people of New Mexico in a fun family environment.

Jon Hendry, President of NMFL said, “Many people think of Labor Day as just another three day holiday, but it’s our chance to celebrate working people and labor’s contribution to this country. We want to entertain and educate people.”

The Joe West Trio headlines “The Salt of the Earth Tour,” performing spirited renditions of classic workers’ songs important to labor history and tradition. Albuquerque’s Poet Laureate, Hakim Bellamy brings his exquisite style of social justice oriented lyrical poetry to new audiences on the tour. Local street performers of all styles and special musical guests will create a festive environment for all to enjoy. The seminal New Mexican Labor film, “Salt of the Earth” will screen at each tour stop. Local progressive groups will be present at each event to connect with each other and with new audiences about their work.

It’s time to “Rock” & talk while New Mexico talent and artists work to entertain and engage YOU!

Get into it here!

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Call for submissions: Statewide New Mexico Music Festival

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This Labor Day weekend, headliners The Joe West Trio and Albuquerque Poet Laureate, Hakim Bellamy are set to perform at the Salt of the Earth Tour – a FREE six city festival on wheels, spanning the state of New Mexico from Las Cruces, to Truth or Consequences to Corrales, with an entire street fest in Albuquerque and Santa Fe – all culminating in a FREE evening concert, blow-out at the world famous Taos Mesa Brewing Company!

The Salt of the Earth Tour celebrates labor, the power of the people, our great state and its diverse and talented artists.

Each stop will feature a showing of the seminal New Mexican Labor film “Salt of the Earth”.

Now is your chance to get in on the action.

Salt of the Earth wants YOU – local area bands, artists, street performers, singers/songwriters & poets!

For consideration to be featured in this premiere event submit the following to your Tour Organizer Alysha Shaw:

1. Electronic Art samples (video, video links, audio files, etc.)

2. High resolution promotional photo (jpeg or pdf)

3. Band/Performer/Artist Bio

4. Links to your online social network sites (facebook, reverbnation, website, myspace, youtube, etc.)

5. Description of your skills/performance in 10 words or less

6. Location, contact information, and availability

ALL genres of music, art & performance are encouraged to apply for inclusion. ALL SHOWS ARE “ALL AGES” UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED

Please submit to Alysha.Shaw@ gmail.com.

New Mexico’s Salt of the Earth Tour – Labor Day Weekend 2013 Schedule

Saturday August 31:
12-2 PM
Young Park
1905 Nevada Ave.
Las Cruces, New Mexico

Saturday August 31:
7-9 PM
Grapes Gallery
407 Main Street
Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

Sunday September 1:
1-3 PM
Corrales Bistro
4908 Corrales Rd.
Corrales, New Mexico

Sunday September 1:
Albuquerque Street Festival
5-9 PM
Amherst and Central

Monday September 2:
Santa Fe Street Festival
12-3 PM
Taos Street
(Behind ¡YouthWorks! and the Center for Progress and Justice)

Monday September 2:
7-9 PM
Taos Mesa Brewing Co.
20 ABC Mesa Rd.
Taos, New Mexico

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