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Respective Perspective

Posted by on February 24, 2010 | Comments Off on Respective Perspective

KPEK Radiothon

Kicking a vice? Take your lenten savings and give.

Perennial do-gooders, a.k.a. JTD are on the j-o-b, lending their voices to spotlight UNM’s Children’s Hospital. For the sixth straight year the KPEK morning crew, Jackie, Tony & Donnie is holding their annual Radiothon to benefit UNM Children’s Hospital.

JTD are now broadcasting live through February 26, from 6-6 bringing you an inside listen to the courageous fight for life & recovery from within UNM Children’s Hospital.

Take this time to give for the care and recovery of children in our community and beyond.

Click here to learn more, listen live & donate.

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You Don’t Have to Break the Bank…Just Open Your Heart

Posted by on February 26, 2009 | 2 comments

KPEK Radiothon

Presenting the ~warmest/fuzziest post to date. 100.3 the Peak is holding its annual Radiothon benefitting UNM’s Children’s Hospital.

I know times are tough, but times don’t get any tougher than your child hospitalized, fighting for even a moments comfort.

Everyone’s dieting, kicking habits, tightening their belts etc. For the price of three of your monthly martinis, two packs of cancer sticks, ONE pair of movie tix, or a few ‘supersized’ ‘value’ meals you can become a Miracle Worker:

“Call 272-1003 or statewide 1-866-811-1003 to become a “Miracle Maker”. When you become a Miracle Maker, you’ll agree to send the hospital $15 a month until you tell them stop.”

Listen to the Peak Radiothon live here through Feb. 27. Give to UNM Children’s Hospital all year ’round.

Lesson Learned – If not now when? If not you, who?

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