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Skarsgård and Peña kick off “War on Everyone” in New Mexico


Now THIS is confirmation. Days after speculation ran rampant that Swedish star Alexander Skarsgård would replace young Garrett Hedlund to lead John Michael McDonagh’s, “War On Everyone” with Michael Peña, the production has released the above set pic…along with McDonagh’s exuberant announcement of the commencement of filming, now underway in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

“It gives me great pleasure to declareWar on Everyonewith my fellow combatants, Michael Peña and Alexander Skarsgård. We look forward to the battles ahead, and we will go on with a spirit that fears nothing. That’s Homer, by the way.”

The film, shooting in New Mexico through at least mid-May also stars, Caleb Landry Jones, David Wilmot, Paul Reiser, Tessa Thompson and just announced Theo James. “War On Everyone” is a jet-black comedy about two corrupt cops who set out to blackmail and frame every criminal unfortunate enough to cross their path. Things take a sinister turn, however, when they try to intimidate someone who is more dangerous than they are. Or is he…

The Three States of New Mexico Film


On Saturday, the Las Cruces Sun News published a story as part of “an occasional series about the film industry in Las Cruces and southern New Mexico”, titled “Officials discuss plans for film industry in Las Cruces”, which says in part, “With new tax incentives for filmmakers passed by the New Mexico Legislature this year and money being gathered to build a soundstage in the Las Cruces area to attract more big-name productions, local film advocates are searching for a way to get a piece of New Mexico’s growing film industry, which spent more than $1 billion over the past five years.” Going on to cite a “bill passed in the 2015 legislative session, specific to Las Cruces, is the reappropriation of $555,000 for the construction of a soundstage, or studio, that would provide production companies with a fixed facility to shoot films or television shows in Doña Ana County.” All in support of spurring film and television growth in the southern region of the state the likes of which both Albuquerque and Santa Fe already benefit from.

Santa Fe based business agent for the state’s film workers union issued the following retort to the piece via his Facebook page on Sunday night.

“First I love that there’s a conversation on the future of Film in Las Cruces but as always I believe that conversation is happening in a vacuum. Those of us who actually talk to picture companies daily ( like me, I talk to at least 10 to 15 companies a week who are either here, thinking of coming here or were here and are in the rebate process ) have never heard that pictures bypass LC for Abq or SF because of lack of stage space. The number one reason is lack of crew. Number two is lack of something unique or at least better than the other options. We had a good start on crew when Mike Lawrence was there. He was 100% with us on the best way to learn how to make movies is to work on a movie set and learn from real technicians and we shot multiple projects including (my favorite filmmaker ever ) the multiple award winning “Red Mesa ” with Union funds. Now [they’re] back to theory and classroom at DACC and your best assets Mark and Ross and shooting with kids who will leave the state and take [their] knowledge elsewhere ( which is ironic since the best thing you have going is Mark staying home ). You build crews from the strong, the willing and the invested. Give me someone who loves movies and I will give you a film technician. Like Dan or Pepper.
On infrastructure me and the NMFO are 100% in agreement. The investment needs to be private so there’s skin in the game. But the seed and the field comes from the government. Again find me a place and we can build you enough of a set that we can hang our hats in and we can do the rest. Can’t find a western backdrop? Close a street and let us haul in dirt. Or a hacienda. Whatever. Build it and they will come (note the big hoopty the paper missed is designed to kick start the production of commercials a natural for Southern NM) Finally you need a hook. Not sure it’s good that the WSFF went away but honestly I’m the last couple of years it wasn’t the national fest you deserve. Let’s build a great one around Mark’s big whoop. I will lend you the best fest planner in the state who works for us. And put some other resources in if I’m matched. But it just doesn’t take competence it takes [concern] and cash, which we can find if there’s a real commitment from the community.
You can’t wait till you figure out sound stages. We had a business in Santa Fe and Albuquerque for 40 years based on locations crew and sets before we built stages. That’s the end game. That’s where [they’re] at in GA now and were in Nola 5 years ago and ABQ 8 years ago. If “build it they will come ” won’t work and you’re walking away from years of work, health Insurance and pension contributions while you wait to see if it works. My plan, the industries plan is quicker and cheaper. Plus it’s proven. Your call”

Commentary by IATSE Local 480, Business Agent, Jon Hendry

Catch the related firestorm of comments on this topic and add your own, here.

Today’s NM Film Fix

The Orpheum Arts Space
500 2nd Street SW, Albuquerque, NM 87102
10AM – 5PM

Led by feature director/teacher/actor PRICE HALL and dialect coach/actor STEVE CORONA.

Go to, the first person to register for the Sat. April 25 – Sun. April 26 who enters “” will get 1/2 off their registration!

All others thereafter who enter “” will get $15 off!


Commercial Casting Drummer and Conductor OHI

Pay is $500 per day, non-union.

Any age or ethnicity, male or female, must be EXCELLENT DRUMMER, will be drumming inside of a MASCOT COSTUME. Must be PETITE to fit inside of costume. Costume is difficult to see out of so drummer must be highly skilled.

Age 40’s – 60, Caucasian, MUST KNOW HOW TO CONDUCT MUSIC (drums), past his prime, but still trying to be “cool.” Think J.K. Simmons ”Fletcher” character in WHIPLASH. Must be able to cue and conduct drumming / tempo.


DRUMMER: submit PHOTOS (headshot & body shot) with height & weight + VIDEO of you DRUMMING (under 1 minute)

DEADLINE to submit all materials (including video) is
FRIDAY 4/17/15 10pm

CONDUCTOR: submit PHOTOS (headshot & body shot) and musical + acting experience
DEADLINE to submit is
WEDNESDAY 4/15/15 7pm

CELL PHONE photos and videos ARE acceptable but they must be CLEAR.



ID2 Casting Multiple Types in New Mexico OHI


Filming in ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico between Monday, May 4, 2015 and Tuesday, August 18, 2015

SEEKING the FOLLOWING TYPES as well as General Background (all ages & types):







BACKGROUND will be PAID $72.00 for 8 hours ($9/hr) plus overtime after 8 hours and meals will be provided.

TO BE CONSIDERED for BACKGROUND work on this project:

Complete a FREE Talent Application at

(**DO NOT PAY FOR THE OPTIONAL ‘ACTIVE’ ACCOUNT UPGRADES!!! It is NOT necessary to do this to be booked for work on this project!!**)

If you have further questions or need more information, email:

Please DO NOT email photos or availability unless specifically requested!!! TO BE CONSIDERED FOR THIS PROJECT COMPLETE A TALENT APPLICATION AS INSTRUCTED ABOVE.


A Few Good Men…

OHI Tee 2015

And the hits just keep on coming…

New Mexico Film Office Director, Nick Maniatis, Local 480 Business Agent, Jon Hendry, Representative Brian Egolf and many more local industry advocates fight the good fight day in and day out, year round to create opportunities for New Mexicans in the Film Industry and beyond. From blockbusters to hit television series and upwardly mobile indie productions it seems that the state can barely keep up with opportunities being afforded to us all.

As the “Tina Fey Project” is set to wrap, “The Ridiculous Six” rolls on and many major motion pictures are gearing up to shoot here in the Land of Enchantment, including “Independence Day Forever: Part 1″, “Gold”, starring Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey, and a remake of “The Magnificent Seven”. These feature films will be staffing up with New Mexico cast and crew at the same time as returning and pilot television series are also filming. “Better Call Saul” returns in a matter of weeks, “Longmire” is currently in production as is the second season of “Manhattan” and at least two series pilots are slated for production over the summer.

Of the above cast and crew calls on the horizon there is another wave currently in progress and yet another following closely behind. The years of successful film training and production that have exposed New Mexico talent and know-how to the world lends to the need for continued education and participation in the industry and its wide ranging support services.

With accolades from the likes of Bryan Cranston (above), Author George R.R. Martin, an ever broadening global presence and the continued influx of new projects there is a clear and present need for more converts and participants in all film related fields across the state. A particular area of need is currently the background talent pool. After much hard work, dedication and training several success stories of well-known locals moving into another level or their acting career leaves a void for anew. Then there is the sheer volume of productions which is lending to more “RUSH CALLS” and need for “NEW FACES”, as well as the flat out cry, “we just can’t find anyone,” as more than one local casting director has admitted to One Headlight Ink upon submitting calls. As of late, whole segments of talent or even just the general public is “booked”. Large scale groups of men in particular seem to be tough to cast with the scarcity of new talent signing on with local Casting Directors.

To get updates on opportunities and information check back here and follow One Headlight Ink on Facebook and Twitter.

Today’s NM Film Fix

#DyingToTextGary at Threshold Art Collective, Madrid, NM, Mineshaft Tavern
FUNNY, BRAVE, LIVE attack on the questions love, sex and the internet are raising. THIS WEEKEND, Friday and Saturday at 8pm. Get your tickets NOW!

Midthunder Casting NOW offering training, consultation & taping out of their Santa Fe office or via Skype!

CORRECTION: Audition Workshop with Faith Hibbs Clark is Wednesday, April 29 at 9:00am – 12:00pm, Las Cruces, NM
5 audition tricks that could take your 1 liner to the next level, information about new trends in the industry that have a big impact on your career, plus you will have the opportunity to ask questions.

CNM’s 50th Anniversary Faculty Lecture Series:“From “From Gunslingers to Drug Dealers: 50 Years of Dark Western Road Warrior Romance Filmed In-and-Around Albuquerque.”

Robert Baxter is casting SAG Film “CORTEZ”. Seeking a young Man for sppeaking role. To play 10, smart, sassy, quick, yet tender spots..ability to keep up a witty conversation with an adult is charming….but underneath, he’s still 10 years old. Ideally Red Headed or a Blonde headed with freckles.
Send submissions including your photo and phone number to

Kiira Arai Casting
– 6 – 10 YEARS OLD
Contact Kiira Arai Casting at

Midthunder Casting for Major Motion Picture:

Major Motion Picture Casting in #ABQ and #SantaFe

casting call.ppt


If you fit the following description(s) and would like to audition,
email to request an appointment.

Seeking real people to portray PRISON GANGS:


Audition dates: mid-April 2015 in Santa Fe
Shoot dates: May 26, – July 10, 2015 in ABQ and Santa Fe

Rate if booked: up to $880 / day or $3,053 / week

Please note that you must have no outstanding warrants and cleared parole (probation is ok).


New Mexico Film Bill Signed into law by Governor

OHI Film Reel

“New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez signed a bill today that will allow production companies to pre-assign their tax rebates to third parties. Unlike many states that require producers to sell their credits at a discount, New Mexico provides a direct cash rebate, and the ability to pre-assign the earned rebate is expected to benefit independent producers seeking financing for their projects. It goes into effect January 1.”

More from Deadline Hollywood

Santa Fe, NM – Actors resources from Midthunder Casting

Midthunder Casting Acting Resouces OHI

Midthunder Casting is now providing SELF TAPE, PRIVATE COACHING, & CONSULTATION


For actors who need to self-tape, upload, and send auditions to L.A., New York, or even Albuquerque, Midthunder Casting offers self-tape services at our Santa Fe casting facility.

Pricing includes rehearsals, taping and playback review. Please bring a flash-drive – or files can be sent via Dropbox.

Multiple takes, directing, and coaching provided upon request.


Have you ever gone into an audition only having performed one take and left wondering if you nailed it or blew it? Have you ever read a scene
2 or 3 times and left wondering if the casting director got what he/she needed?

Prepare with a casting professional who understands how to draw context & back story off the page and who knows what writers, directors and producers are seeking from you — so you can be confident going in that you are delivering what they want…on the first take.

If you have an audition coming up for film,
television, theater, or just to hone your skills, Angelique can run your lines with you and
help you fine tune before you go in (no matter who the casting director is, where you are located, or even if it’s for a self tape). Angelique offers one-on-one session via Skype or FaceTime or in her Santa Fe office.

If you have ever auditioned for Angelique then you know how she works. She will often give you a rehearsal or roll on the first take to see what you naturally bring to it…then she may tweak your audition to correct a misinterpretation, bring out the subtle nuances that your character has the opportunity to show, or explore opportunities for
your character to travel in the scene. Or if you’re doing too much, she’ll teach you how to “throw it away” or “stop acting.” Whatever it takes, she’ll get you there so when you go into your audition, you’re ready!


Angelique can answer your personal questions about your headshot, resume, demo reel, talent agent, etc.

To schedule a self-tape appointment,
Call or Text: 505.695.2606 or