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Set pics of the “The Ridiculous Six”

David Spade, Blake Shelton, an unrecognizable Robert Van Winkle aka Vanilla Ice, Adam Sandler, Rob Schenieder, Terry Crews, Whitney Cummings, Taylor Lautner and then some on set and on location for “The Ridiculous Six”, now filming in Santa Fe.

As we’ve been following for you here, the Adam Sandler film for Netfilx boasts a huge cast of major stars who oft’ take to social media to share pics like those above of their cool sets and costumes.

Cast and Crew are expected to continue filming in New Mexico through the end of April.

Eagle Earth E-Cycle Event

On Saturday March 28th, from 10am-1pm, Eldorado High School’s Eagle Earth is sponsoring another electronic waste recycling event. As in years past, locals are invited to bring any old computers, phones, wiring, etc. to the East parking lot to be properly recycled.

Rid yourself of outdated electronics, safely and environmentally. All hard drives will be wiped clean and securely disposed of.

Once again, televisions will NOT be accepted without a fee. Additionally, this year there will be a fee for CRT monitors…LED monitors are still free to recycle. Due to changes in the commodities market, fees will also be applied to all printers as well as large flat bed scanners. Everything else electronic will be recycled for FREE.

Organizers aim to break their previous record of 20,000 pounds.

Saturday, March 28, 2015
10 a.m.-1 p.m.
11300 Montgomery NE

Full list of items recycled for free:

Desktop computers, laptops, servers, stereos, satellite equipment, rechargeable batteries, UPS batteries, phones, cell phones, cords and wire, computer keyboards and peripherals, ink and toner cartridges, palm pilots, lead acid batteries, motors, microwave ovens, cameras, computer game assemblies, CD and DVD players, CDs and DVDs, pots and pans, specialized electronic equipment and Christmas lights.

Actor Scott Takeda’s Working Together Improv Show in Albuquerque

Takeda in Albuquerque OHI

TV/Film actor Scott Takeda has packed up his dry wit and “unexpected” sense of humor to hit the road with his hilarious group of improv pals to headline the improv show, Working Together in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Working Together, founded and directed by Justin Franzen, will be the featured show at The Box Performance Space on March 27, 10:30 p.m. and March 28, at 9:30 p.m. Takeda will strut his comedic chops in Working Together along with five other off-the-cuff comedians: Bre Forkes, Drew Rinella, Rahul Shah, Thomas Robinson, and Liz Walradt.

“We’re thrilled to host Working Together at The Box,” said Doug Montoya. “We’re always looking for hysterical improv groups that will entertain our guests and keep them laughing and once I heard about this show, I knew it was a perfect fit.”

Originally featured in Denver 2014 to standing ovations, Working Together is a workplace situational comedy that takes place in the 90s — the era better known as the hangover after the 80s, grunge, Beavis & Butthead, a stained blue dress and Clinton.

Known for his role in the locally filmed CW series, The Messengers and the new Tina Fey film, Takeda engages the audience with just the right mix of extemporaneous humor and classic comedy twists. The show also uses cue cards to bring the audience into the performance adding to the overall patron experience.

“As a working actor I am constantly advancing my dramatic and comedic talent,” said Scott Takeda. “Working Together has all of the components that I need to understand how the audience responds to humor and allows me to work at being funny.”

Typically taking on roles with a more serious side, Takeda has been featured in the Dallas Buyers Club and Gone Girl and hit TV shows Nashville and Drop Dead Diva. To find out more about Takeda and his latest projects, visit

About Scott Takeda Scott Takeda is an Asian American, SAG actor with notable credits, including Gone Girl with Ben Affleck, Dallas Buyers Club with Matthew McConaughey, Everything Must Go with Will Ferrell, Little Fockers with Ben Stiller and Robert DeNiro, and Disney’s Lemonade Mouth. He is based in Denver, Colorado, with his producer wife, Lori and two dogs, Pinot and Merlot.

To book Scott Takeda for a TV or film production, contact:

New Mexico: Lynette O’Connor of O-Agency, 505.269.6571 or

Los Angeles: Linda McAlister of Linda McAlister Talent, 310.561.2688 or

Call for Table Read in #ABQ

Actors needed for table read:

CirrusFilm, an Albuquerque film production company is looking for two female actors and eleven male actors for a table read for the feature film, “66.” Setting is a mid-1950’s legal drama about government corruption centered around a double homicide and a falsely implicated traveler. The table read is scheduled for April 18th from about 9:00 to 12:00 at 620 Roma Ave., NW (downtown Albuquerque). Food and beverages will be provided. Roles/descriptions are attached. Experience preferred reading from cold script but not critical. We need your age, commitment to appear and a phone number.

For further information, contact JD at:



AMANDA REMINGTON: Wife of the wrongfully accused, Jake Remington.
DESCRIPTION: 25’ish, well-heeled, pretty, with a southern charm. Not overly made up. Comes
from “good Midwestern stock.” Religious. Reserved.

BECKY DOW: Wife of the owner of the trading post. She and her husband were the homicide victims.
DESCRIPTION: She is slender, blonde mid-30ish attractive; the wife/co-owner of this business. Really quite stunning. She was an aspiring Hollywood actress who met and fell in love with Bill. She gave it all up to be with him. Now, a few years later, she has some regrets in not staying in L.A. but is loyal to Bill.

CLAY PRESCOTT: Chief Deputy District Attorney (2nd Judicial District – Albuquerque).
DESCRIPTION: Main protagonist. Thirty four years old, the handsome rising star and political darling of the state Democratic party. Some believe he is being groomed as a potential candidate for governor someday.
A legal prodigy, he graduated Magna Cum Laude from U.C.L.A. Law School at 24. He has suffered no losses in the 16 homicide trials he’s prosecuted in the past 10 years. Bright and doesn’t get pushed around. He wields power as Chief Deputy.

JAKE REMINGTON: Sub-protagonist. Traveling salesman for Midwest Pharmaceutical company. The wrongfully accused.
DESCRIPTION: Mid-to -late 20’s . Conservative, but brash. Not afraid to lash out at injustice. He’s a salesman, so he can sell. Tall, slender, only H.S. diploma, he went to work for Midwest right out of H.S. He has been successful for Midwest but would like to quit traveling and get a desk job to spend time with his kids.

DAN CHILDS: Assistant District Attorney.
DESCRIPTION: Always eager to build his resume, jumps at the opportunity to handle this double homicide prosecution. He has a smaller, typical front-line A.D.A. office, without much decoration. He’s 35 years old, slightly overweight, a little pompous and a bit of an opportunist. He’s about 5’10” tall, dark hair but receding. Local boy. Carries the ball for the D.A.’s office when Clay is removed as the prosecutor. Good attorney, but not much depth.

JASON RUIZ: Sheriff’s office Detective and primary law enforcement investigator of this double homicide.
DESCRIPTION: Ruiz is a tall, officious-looking sort of fellow. Slender. Dark complected, mid-40’s. Been doing this for quite some time. Cuts corners but I think they all did in the 1950’s.

GARY MEYERS:District Attorney. Successor to the current U.S. Senator Jim Reed.
DESCRIPTION: Lesser antagonist. Gary is mid-40’s thinning brown hair but neatly groomed. He likes his role as D.A., not so much because he seeks justice, but because he is a political creature. He likes the attention and the power. He left private practice some years back after being seduced by power and prominence. He harbors a deep, dark secret from many years ago that could be his undoing.

MILES HANSON: Investigator for District Attorney’s Office.
DESCRIPTION: Primary antagonist. This man is pure evil. He is a schizophrenic, manic/bi-polar, hot-head. He’s got no business in law enforcement, but like Gary, he harbors a secret from when he and Gary served in the military together. He has leverage over Gary as a result. He is similar in age to Gary–mid 40’s. The only job he has ever held has been as this investigator role. Prior to this he held odd-jobs and worked as security till he was fired.

MIKE DUNLAP: Criminal defense attorney. The attorney who represents Jake Remington.
DESCRIPTION: Mike is a liberal, very idealistic, young attorney from the Pacific Northwest. Strawberry blonde hair color, assertive with a slight sarcastic edge to him. His family has wealth. Smart and east-coast law school trained (Yale). About 30 years old. Tunnel-vision about things, but relatively one-dimensional. He’s good at what he does but he can’t do anything else. Never really had to with the family wealth.

NICK ORTEGA: President of North Mesa Construction Company. He’s the contractor who is in on the plans for development of the Interstate frontages that the Senator is buying.
DESCRIPTION: Hard-nosed, blue-collar, teamster Jimmy Hoffa-like. He built his company himself from the ground up through political connections. Not afraid of much, including jail. He’s spent a little time there, but thinks it is part of the cost of doing business. About 52 years old, heavyset, as you might imagine and crusty.

NMSP OFFFICER: Discovers the abandoned Buick and Jake Remington running along Route 66.
DESCRIPTION: He is in his mid 30’s. His black and grey shirt sleeve displays his 8 years with the department via hash marks. He is slightly overweight from sitting in his cruiser and driving up and down the blacktop all day. Likes being a state police. He doesn’t work very hard, pay is okay but he is not yet ready to move up or onward. He is assigned to the Albuquerque SP post and hates to rock the boat for fear of transfer to some remote, isolated outpost.

SENATOR JIM REED:The junior NM U.S. Senator. He is in charge of the Department of Transportation (DOT) oversight committee on the development of the newly proposed Interstate Highway System. Former Albuquerque D.A. and predecessor to Gary Meyers. Meyers and Reed are golfing buddies. They are working in tandem in the secret acquisition of frontage land around the proposed I-40 segment that will run through NM.
DESCRIPTION: He is about 53, impeccable in his appearance. 6′ tall, athletic. Salt and pepper hair. Well-spoken, smart/ manipulative and knows his constituents and his power base.

SHERIFF HENRY BLACKMON: Bernalillo county Sheriff. Homicide is in his jurisdiction.
DESCRIPTION: Is in his late 50’s, didn’t graduate from high school. Bit of a drinker. He is a transplant from Texas and still retains a slight good-old-country-boy-Texas accent. Been in New Mexico about 20 years. He’s politically savvy but not particularly smart. He’s slightly intimidated by Clay and those with education. He knows when Clay is around, not to overstep his authority as Sheriff.

Today’s NM Film Fix

New Mexico Film, New Mexico Entertainment, New Mexico Talent, NEW MEXICO TOURISM:

Princesses Anna & Elsa from Frozen Unfolded…

#NMTalent created “Fairytales Untold”, actors/performers available for appearances and events.

FROZEN UNFOLDED NOW CASTING “KRISTOFF” – Must be good with children, able to sing and perform in front of a lively audience.

Also currently available as “Cinderella” inspired characters…Other Characters on the way!

The “parent” company of “Fairytales Untold”; Breaking Bad RV Tours have expanded their Albuquerque tour locations to include weekly “Better Call Saul” sites! Click here for more info.


1.) Longmire is looking for Native Americans between 20 and 40 years old to work in a scene that involves a standoff with Walt Longmire at his cabin. To be considered, send a recent photo and phone number to

2.) End Game (TV Pilot) – Now casting through White Turtle Casting. To submit email,

3.) Robert Baxter is casting the following types for the feature film, “War on Everyone”:

Young Male Boxers
Boxing Coaches
Real Horse Jockeys
Hair Dressers
15 Japanese Tourists
Young Hispanic female Tennis Players

Click here for instructions on how to submit.

4.) Gunslingers:
Lorrie Latham is casting for 25-35 y/o age range. No facial hair.
Available 3/27, 4/2, 4/7 and 4/9
5′ 10″ 170 lbs., 32 waist and one 6′ 1″, 175 lbs., 32 waist
Smaller applicants will be considered, but not larger. To be considered, send your information and a current photo to:

ICYMI: #NMFilm discount for this #NMStage performance

NMFilm Tix for Threshold Play OHI


MADRID, NM — Threshold Art Collective presents #DyingToTextGary, an original multimedia exploration of love, sex and the internet. This brand new play opens at the historic Engine House Theatre on April 3rd!

#DyingToTextGary had its debut this Valentine’s Day as part of the One Billion Rising Revolution in Santa Fe. A functioning collage of experiences ranging from the profoundly personal to the almost alien, #DyingToTextGary features original songs by Los Angeles musician Lee Goffin-Bonenfant, real-life responses from the depths of the World Wide Web, stories submitted from around the country, and original writing from Threshold Art Collective’s resident group, The Points.

#DyingToTextGary is an eclectic and grippingly honest look into technology’s myriad impacts on our own personal lives and relationships.

When we can access virtually everything and anyone at the touch of a button, where exactly do we go next? With so many connections available, how do we know which ones are real?

#DyingToTextGary runs the first two weekends in April, 4/3 – 4/12, Friday and Saturday @ 8PM at the Engine House Theatre in Madrid, NM (next to the glorious Mineshaft Tavern). #DyingToTextGary was created by Ashira Montano and Sheridan Johnson. #DyingToTextGary features adult themes and strong language and is not recommended for children.

2015 Taos Shortz Award Winners

Taos Shortz Winners OHI

Dramatic Fiction Winner:
Electric Indigo
Director: Jean-Julien Collette

Dramatic Fiction Honorable Mention:
On/ Off
Director: Thierry Lorenzi

Comedy Fiction Winner:
Director: Lendita Zeqray

Comedy Fiction Honorable Mention:
The Moped Diaries
Director: Tyler Nilson

Documentary Winner:
To Kill a Sparrow
Director: Zohreh Soleimani

Documentary Honorable Mention:
The Apothercary
Helen Hood Sheer

Animation Winner:
Director: Carlos Lascano

Animation Honorable Mention:
Love in the Time of March Madness
Director: Robertino Zambrano and Melissa Johnson

OOTO ( Out of the Ordinary) Winner:
Director: David Coyle

OOTO Honorable Mention:
All Seasons Become One
Director: Shannon Michael Terry

New Nexico Zia Award Winner:
Director: Justin Golightly

New Mexico Zia Honorable Mention:
Low/ Fi
Alejandro Montoya Marin

Emerging Artist Winner:
A Good Story
Director: Martin Christopher Bode

Emerging Artist Honorable Mention:
Las Cieni
Director: Andzej Cichocki

Free Spirit Award:
Bye Bye Ronnie
Razelle Benally

Directors Choice Award:
Director: Frank Jerky

People’s Choice Award:
Por Siempre Jamon
Director: Ruth Diaz

Peoples Shortie Prizes ( Honorable Mentions)
Salomea’s Nose / Director: Susan Korda
Open Spaces / Director: Nick Rafter
Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution / Director: Mtthew Van Dyke
The Other Side/ Director: Scott Brown
Fool’s Day / Director: Cody Blue Snider
Mbeti: The Road to Kissini/ Director: Ann Bromberg
The Last 40 Miles/ Director: Jeff Roth

NMAA’s 15 Seconds of Comedy Fame

Before diving into this contest take a second, 15 to be exact, and find a clock. Watch the clock tick for 15 seconds. Its crazy short, yet amazingly long isn’t it? If you know of the app Vine, videos submitted are only seven seconds long. Instagram allows up to 15 seconds. This contest follows the same time constraints of those apps. We recommend you do a search on YouTube for “Best of Vine”. This is what we are looking for in this contest… basically who in New Mexico can be the funniest in 15 seconds while also promoting the New Mexico Film Industry.

Contest Rules and Requirements

The contest will be judged online by a panel of 14 celebrity judges; 7 female, 7 male. Their job is to narrow the pool down to a Top 5.
They will judge based on the following:
Humor 50% – Make them laugh out loud
Dialog Requirements 15% – Fly solo and meet the required words and reference (listed below)
Cinematography 15% – Both visually and audio, dazzle them
Originality 10% – Do something no one has done before
Creativity 10% – Let your artistic side flow
Then it will be up to an online vote from the NMAA Facebook page for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.

Contest Official Timing
o March 22, 2015 – Contest public announcement
o March 23 to March 31, 2015 – Celebrity Judges Bio’s posted on NMAA
o March 29, 2015 – Contest prize(s) announcement
o April 1, 2015 – Contestant video submission period begins
o May 15, 2015 – Contestant video submission period ends
o May 17, 2015 – Celebrity Judging begins
o June 7, 2015 – Celebrity Judging ends
o June 8, 2015 – Top 5 Contenders announced and posted online
o June 10, 2015 – NMAA Facebook Friends Judging begins
o June 12, 2015 – NMAA Facebook Friends Judging ends
o June 14, 2015 – WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

o Amazing Prizes from New Mexico Retailers, Services and Entertainment Venues to be announced on the NMAA Facebook page and this Event page March 29, 2015 (and boy are they good!)
If you are a business owner and would like to join by donating and in return receive free publicity with all contest promotions, email: with the subject: 15 SECOND CONTEST SPONSORSHIP. Deadline for donations, 03/28/2015
o Notoriety and bragging rights!
The Top 5 winners as selected by celebrity judges will have their videos featured on the NMAA Facebook page for the months of June and July 2015.
The Top 20 will be featured in a special comedy montage video posted on NMAA’s YouTube channel.
The Top 100 will be available on NMAA’s YouTube channel.

Contestant Submitter Rules
o Must ‘Like’ the New Mexico Actors Association (NMAA) Facebook page.
o Must be 18 years of age (as of April 1, 2015) or older.
o One entry per person. Make it a good one!
o Must be a resident of New Mexico and be able to provide proof of residency.
o If selected, submitter is sole winner of prize.

Content Rules
o Video must be between 7 to 15 seconds in length. Video’s exceeding 15 seconds will not be accepted.
o Video must be comedic in nature. Be funny… that’s the whole point!
o No overtly sexually suggestive, violent, racist or hate speech or innuendo.
o No political or religious motivated speech or innuendo.
o Video must be “selfie” based – one person only in video.
No pairing, interaction or dual dialog with another human (animals are not human, so…)
May be filmed in public setting or a crowd, but no conversation from crowd allowed.
o Actual camera work may be performed by others, but must contain primary actor (submitter).
o Special effects/CGI (except text) allowed, but may not exceed 1/3 (5 seconds) of entire video length.

Dialog Rules
o Video must include actor dialog.
o All dialogs must come from primary actor.
o No obscene or vulgar language. Keep it “G” rated.
o Dialog MUST include the words “New Mexico”.
o Dialog MUST include a reference to a Television Show or Feature Film filmed in New Mexico – past or present.
o Dialog may be monologue, narrative or song. Be creative! Be original!
o No created text allowed.
No opening title or closing credits.
No cue cards.
No scrolling text.
NOTE: Pre-existing signs are acceptable as background (I.e.: Street signs, billboards, businesses). Cannot be anything created just for the video.

Technical Requirements
o Digital formats only.
o May be filmed with phone, iPad or any other digital recording device.
o Accepted file formats: MPEG-2 or better .mov, .mp4, .wmv, .mpeg – Max file size: 24 megabytes
o Aspect ratio: 4:3 (letter box) or 16:9 (Widescreen)
o Quality: 480p or less for initial submission. HD may be requested if you make the Top 5 but not required.
o Video filename: “ ‘Actors first and last name, no spaces’-15Seconds.extension”
o Videos must be submitted by 11:59pm MT May 15, 2015.

Instructions on how to submit your video will be posted here on March 31st.

New Mexico Actors Association reserves the right to reject any submitted video if the preceding rules are not met or violated. Once submitted, all entries become the exclusive property of New Mexico Actors Association and will not be returned. New Mexico Actors Association reserves the right to use all entries for all future promotions and events hosted exclusively by the New Mexico Actors Association.

Heere’s Jimmy

Better Call Saul Bingo OHI

I can’t believe we have to wait until tomorrow night for the next installment of “Better Call Saul”. It is not-so-simply the best spin-off in television history. For the third week in a row, I was left in tears between the laughs.

Episode: Season 1, Episode 7, “BINGO”.

Each episode’s ability to retroactively and meticulously build the backstories of subculture icons with an artful eye and gut wrenching realness is truly an extension of the brilliant source material and the absurdly creative minds that started it all. Beyond the entrancing “Moonlighting” lighting and the fact that the visually striking smatterings of blue is the new green, there is no denying that there is not one moment of laurel resting at play from episode to episode. Sure there’s the occasional graffiti squiggle or reminiscence and sure tribute to the “Bad” days gone by. From the SMQ on Mike’s toll taking polo, to the uppity “Betsy” whose volleying from hysteria to mania and back again harkens back so nicely to both sisters, Skyler and Marie.

The “Breaking Bad” prequel does not simply flit around Albuquerque offering glimpses or easter eggs of foreshadowing to its predecessor, as it very easily could have devolved to. Instead the Gilligan/Gould creation delves into the lives, humanity and inhumanity of the characters they originally conceived and presented to the world less than a decade ago. This time around it is the heart of James McGill, whose effort and attempts at goodness, breaks your own heart for his. No matter how ridiculous or absurd a situation he finds himself in, we see him be good, do good and try oh-so-hard to keep it together and further himself just a little bit. All of that is underscored with a certain “Lethal Weapon” style soundtrack and some, MTV’s “Real World” style graphics which takes us to the not so distant past. Perhaps back to when we were all just trying to make it, but happenstance and our own good intentions (however misguided) led us on other paths.

Bless you, James McGill. You and your good’ish heart and your well meaning intentions. We’ve all been there. It’s a fascinating ride to watch from whence you came and I for one cannot wait to see every next move that lands you where we all first learned to love you as Saul Goodman.

#NMFilm Legislation headed to the Governor’s office for signature

NMFilm Legislation 2015

Legislation which will affect the New Mexico film industry has cleared the House and Senate, and is now headed to the desk of Governor Susana Martinez to be signed into law within the next 20 days.

Interested parties may respectfully contact the Office of the Governor to voice their support of the above bills.

Dirk Norris, President of the New Mexico Film Foundation says, “These two bills are really great for film in New Mexico especially the ability to pre-assign their tax incentive refund. That means an independent film maker can get a loan based on the incentive they expect back.”


New Mexico increases tax incentives – Screen Daily

New Mexico Legislature Votes To Increase Film Tax Credits – Deadline Hollywood

Film tax credit bill clears New Mexico Legislature – KRQE

Film bill encourages crews to hire, buy materials in NM – KOAT

Film tax credit bill clears New Mexico Legislature – KOB

Expand Local Economic Development Act fund from $15 million to $37 million, expand productions eligible for film tax credits and encourage local hiring – Albuquerque Journal