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Breaking Bad RV Tours bound into “Better Call Saul” locations

Breaking Bad RV Jimmy McGill's office Better Call Saul OHI

“Breaking Bad” brings Albuquerque to the world, and Breaking Bad RV Tours owners, Jackie and Frank Sandoval bring Bad to life for crowds from all over the globe!

As promised the revered tour is now expanding into the world of Saul Goodman, née Jimmy McGill, as riders are now escorted to “Better Call Saul” series locations such as the popular skate park where those knuckle headed twins get the skinny on ‘Slippin’ Jimmy’, the actual nail salon where beleaguered Jimmy lives and works, Mike’s toll booth stomping grounds and the haunting home of brother Chuck McGill.

All that and much more is expected on upcoming tour rosters. Note that the RV Tours company is a great friend to the “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Saul” productions…so, though newly revealed locations will be added to the tour after particular episodes air, don’t expect any show spoilers.

Happy touring!

Actors: Riding Reel with Lessons


Our friends at Monique’s Movie Ranch will get you ready to ride! Located in beautiful Corrales, New Mexico, saddle-up with professional, private or group riding lessons.

From “The Ridiculous…” to “The Magnificent…”

New Mexico filmers, Denzel Washington (The Book of Eli, Two Guns) and Ethan Hawke (In a Valley of Violence, Good Kill) are reportedly set to reteam on Antoine Fuqua’s remake of the classic western, “The Magnificent Seven”. Washington and Hawke costarred in the iconic 2001 police drama, “Training Day”. Both have taken turns filming here in New Mexico before. Washington in 2010’s post apocolyptic “Book of Eli” with Mila Kunis and in the southwestern buddy cop movie, “Two Guns” with Mark Wahlberg in 2013. Hawke currently has two movies in post-production that shot here in NM, the Ti West western, “In a Valley of Violence” and the upcoming thriller “A Good Kill”, directed by Andrew Niccol.

Of the multitude of feature films and television shows currently filming and slated to be headed to the state, “The Magnificent Seven” is one that has been widely speculated to be on the horizon for New Mexico. Along with Film & Media Day’s casting call boasting a long, vague list of scheduled productions (including TWO westerns) a hefty western of historic caliber has long been submitted to the OHI speculation bin. As national and global rumors have swirled around the pending remake; from a Chris Pratt attachment to its timing aligned with the forthcoming western-spoof, “The Ridiculous Six” (now filming in New Mexico) and Quentin Tarantino’s “Hateful Eight” (now filming in Colorado), momentum, anticipation and expectation is building around the movie.

The original 1960 film, starring Yule Brynner and Steve McQueen was itself a remake of Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai, remained about seven gunslingers protecting a Mexican village from outlaws. Like that version, this reboot is expected to film in New Mexico at some point after its spring start. viral video sequel now casting

The followup video to “Things New Mexicans Get” is currently in production and in immediate need a Hispanic male age 18-35 to play a waiter. It is a significant speaking role. Very comedic. Shooting will take place in Albuquerque, THIS TUESDAY – TOMORROW, March 3, 2015. You will be needed from 2PM to approximately 5:30PM. Only submit if you have full availability.

“Things New Mexicans Get” was viewed over 225,000 times and shared over 6,000 times. The followup is expected to achieve similarly significant exposure.

Submit a current photo and resume to this online casting post. I will be casting someone as soon as possible so please don’t wait!

Click here to see the original video.

“Manhattan” Season 2: Open Casting Call

On Location Casting will be casting PAID BACKGROUND TALENT for Season 2 of the series “Manhattan” which will begin filming in Santa Fe in April 2015.

THE OPEN BACKGROUND CASTING CALL is to cast NEW FACES and to get updated photos on those who are already in our talent database.


WHO: Adults wishing to work as PAID BACKGROUND TALENT. Open Call is open at this time only to ADULTS 18 and over. (Sorry – no Minors!)

DATE: Saturday – March 7th

TIME: 10:00am – 3:00pm

The College of Santa Fe – ALUMNI HALL
1600 St. Michaels Drive
Santa Fe, NM 87505

There will be signs directing you to Alumni Hall when you arrive at The College of Santa Fe.

This project is a period piece that takes place in the 1940’s so will require some specific looks. We will be casting men and women with period looks – natural colored hair, no modern or wild hair cuts, NO piercings/gauges, only non-visible tattoos, smaller to average size body types that would fit into vintage clothing.

There is no need to pre-register for this Open Call – SIMPLY SHOW UP during the open call times. Ladies – Please do not wear a lot of makeup.
We will be taking photos and measurements of all talent attending open call. Please wear casual, comfortable clothing.

If you are unable to attend on Saturday 3/2/15 but are interested in working as background talent on this project – please visit OLC at and complete a Talent Application. It is FREE to register and you are not required to pay for ‘active’ account upgrades.

If you have any additional questions not answered here – email

Inspired by Example: Betsy Brandt at New Mexico Film & Media Day 2015

Remember when Jack Nicholson said, “you make me want to be a better man”, opposite Helen Hunt in “As Good As It Gets”? As romantic as that may have sounded to many, I find it so much more empowering and inspiring to know women who make me want to be a better woman. Because sisterhood, you know?

Reporting on the New Mexico Film Industry for several years now, I am often fortunate enough to meet very talented and inspiring people. Folks who are creative and driven, focused and determined, sharp and funny. Those who are all of these things and somehow manage to remain humble and exude an overwhelming sense of gratitude are true gems.

One such gem, of an undoubtedly amethyst hue, is SAG-AFTRA member Betsy Brandt. The “Breaking Bad” actress made a happily emotional return to her beloved New Mexico in support of Film and Media Day 2015 at the state Legislature on Monday, February 23. Championing the rallying cry of the day in appreciation for prior and ongoing support of legislation that creates more film production jobs for New Mexicans. The veteran actress literally teared up when recounting the tight-knit relationships she developed with New Mexico cast & crew. Brandt’s long time affinity for the state itself was made crystal clear as she recalled with vigor how her unlikely childhood quest to someday live and work here came to fruition with her life changing, eight season run playing “Marie” on the Emmy Award winning New Mexico production of the AMC series, “Breaking Bad”.

From the beginning of the day’s events and throughout, until the very end of the night’s festivities Betsy Brandt was truly gracious and charming to everyone who she came in contact with. Not at all unlike the long-lored stories of a screen idol who can entrance his every individual audience, Brandt even more touchingly ingratiates herself to the most ardent fanatics, government officials and everyone in-between, effortlessly. This is the kind of “celebrity”, the type of artist that thrives and drives all the best of what the New Mexico Film Industry has to offer. From the show and the geniuses behind it who introduced us locals to Brandt and company, the legacy of “Breaking Bad” is one that will go down in history well beyond the epic end product that draws so much of the world’s attention our way.

Sincerest thanks from this Blogette to one of the brightest stars that shines in the landscape of New Mexico Film. Here’s to making the most out of your passion and inspiring and uplifting others along the way. Now that’s as good as it gets. Shine on New Mexico.

Betsy Brandt’s Film and Media Day Press Conference address by Videotero Productions

Interview with New Mexico’s own Shelley Carney Productions

Casting Western Drama Series

Casting Director: Midthunder Casting
Production: Gunslingers, Season 2
Roles: Female Singer and Teen Boy Horseback Rider

*********New Mexico residents only*********


Female Singer: Caucasian females, Late 20s – Mid 30s, to portray Dora Hand, an American dance hall performer from the late 1800s, dark hair, must be a magnetic stage performer and very good singer

Teen Boy Horseback Rider: Caucasian boys, late teens – early 20s (but must look 18), to portray a young Jim Miller, an American outlaw from the Old West, dark hair, hazel eyes, on the taller side, must be very good horseback rider, weapons experience also helpful

Title: Gunslingers, Season 2

Type: Nonunion mini-series for the American Heroes Channel

Director: Chris Cassel

Producer: Paul O’Brien

Production Company: Castle Pictures

Rate: $125 per shoot day

Shoot dates: Sometime between March 16 – April 10 (do not submit if you are not available for these days)

Shoot location: Santa Fe, New Mexico

To submit (ASAP):

Send the following to:

Title your email, “Gunslingers (plus the role you are submitting for: “Female Singer” or “Teen Boy”)


Age (if you’re a minor)
Parents’ Info (if you’re a minor)
City and State where you reside
Phone number

Two photos: one headshot and one full body (does not have to be professional)
Photos must be under 1MB

If you are submitting for the Female Singer, please include video (under 5MB – otherwise, send through Dropbox, Hightail, YouTube…) of you performing/singing and your resume/training/experience.

If you are submitting for the Teen Boy Horseback Rider, please include any photos/resume/experience of your horseback riding skills and weapons experience/training.

“The Ridiculous Six”: Fist set pics

Adam Sandler Taylor Lautner filming in New Mexico OHI

The first pic of “Ridiculous 6”, filming in Santa Fe, New Mexico comes from the “Team Taylor Lautner” Facebook Fan Page. This photo of Adam Sandler on the first day of shooting along with a detailed chronology of Lautner sightings can be found on the page.

Filming on the Netflix western began last week and will continue through the beginning of May. The film is said to also star Whitney Cummings, Luke Wilson, Steve Zahn, Danny Trejo, Chris Parnell, Lavell Crawford, Terry Crews, Jorge Garcia, Rob Schneider, and Nick Nolte.

“Ridiculous 6″ will employ approximately 250 New Mexico actors and 200 local crew members (and undoubtedly drop mad cash on miscellaneous spends).


“Ridiculous Six” originally headed to NM back in 2013

OHI exclusively reported that the western was a go in late 2014

“Breaking Bad” Businesses: Dust-ups & Busts

Breaking Bad Business Pizza Place 1 OHI

Breaking Bad Business Pizza Place 2 OHI

Venezia’s is now Gino’s

Breaking Bad Business Car Wash OHI

Octopus is now Mister Car Wash

Breaking Bad Business Denny's OHI

Denny’s on Central CLOSED

Breaking Bad Business Twisters OHI

Twisters aka Pollos Hermanos SOLD

Breaking Bad Business Paul's Monterey OHI

Paul’s Monterey CLOSING

Gus’s Chicken Farm aka Cal-Maine Foods – Closed, 4’s Cabaret aka Chapter II Show Club – Closed, Uncle Jack’s Compound. Near Second St. and Los Ranchos – Demolished.

For more, nay, possibly every other Breaking Bad Filming location in New Mexico, visit the Marc Valdez Weblog/repository here.

Albuquerque Adult & Youth Actors Workshops

Faith Hibbs-Clark CSA, casting director and owner of Good Faith Casting, LLC of New Mexico will be teaching the following workshops in Albuquerque next month.

“Faith teaches from a very different perspective and if you think you have nothing else to learn, you are in for a big surprise! For more about Faith and Good Faith Casting go to or watch the Fox 10 news coverage of Faith Hibbs-Clark, CSA or view credits at

More than 80% of commercial jobs are principal non-speaking roles, but don’t let that fool you into thinking this is low paying background work. Commercial jobs of this type can pay hundreds of thousands of dollars! Like everything else, there is a right and a wrong way to approach these types of jobs and knowing the tricks of the trade from a professional casting director who books actors for this type of work every week is priceless! Commercial casting credits include Skittles, Pepsi, Petsmart, JG Wentworth, Under Armour, McDonalds, Peter Piper Pizza and many hundreds more!”

Upcoming #ABQ workshops:

Wednesday, March 4th 2015 from 5:30 – 8:30 (ABQ, NM) Commercial Improv Auditioning for Youth (ages 8-14) Taught by Faith Hibbs-Clark, CSA. Learn to audition for commercials that have no lines. $75 if you register by Feb 28th 2015 (regular price is $99) REGISTER HERE.

Thursday, March 5th 2015 from 5 pm to 9 pm (ABQ, NM) Commercial Improv Auditioning (Adults 16 +) Taught by Faith Hibbs-Clark, CSA. Learn to audition for commercials that have no lines. $99 $75 if you register by Feb 28th 2015 (Regular price is $115) REGISTER HERE.

For detailed curriculum or other inquiries, email

Audition workshops are for educational and training purposes only.