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Cat's Mind Body Actor Class 2

Mind+Body+Actor with Catharine Pilafas

This six week course is designed to empower the artist to serve their highest creative self. Course highlights include monologue and scene work informed by the study of yoga, persona, shadow, archetypes via The Lucid Body Method, and Viewpoints + Alexander techniques. Cultivate a deep, nurturing understanding of self to live more bravely moment to moment and run towards your acting choices. Drop into the body to release the mind chattering critic and rediscover the play in your creativity!

Empower yourself. Empower your acting process.

What past students say about Mind+Body+Actor:

“…is a truly transcending and invigorating experience for an actor. I cannot recommend this enough! Catharine’s energetic yet soothing style creates a blissful environment of trust. Actors who are looking to hone your craft, take note: it’s like honing with a laser instead of a block. #Namaste.” – Michael G.
“You led a group of very different people into a warm, inviting, almost glowing, space and gave us a safe environment to strip off the layers we wear every day” – Randi S.
“Not only was I exposed to a new acting theory, I was also able to spend some time really focusing on my physical self and recharging my emotional/spiritual and physical batteries. I would absolutely recommend this intensive to anyone who wants to know more about themselves not only as an artist but also as a human being.” – Amelia A.
“Catharine Pilafas is a fabulous new game in town — she’ll change your life in a very short time!” – Katie C.

Hosted by Southwest Sceneworks
Thursdays, Sept 17-Oct 22
Orpheum Arts Space

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