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New Mexico Film: “Justice”

Filmed in New Mexico

New Mexico Film: “Justice”

Justice – Montage from Richard Gabai on Vimeo.

Director Richard Gabai, producers Niko Foster, AJ Perez, Sean Skelding, John Lewis, Jim Burleson and a powerful cast and crew set out into the New Mexico desert to create movie magic.

OHI visited the set on day four of the scant nineteen day shoot and the vibe was already leaning toward phenomenal. The dust laden air was infused with the passion, intensity and commitment of the entire cast and crew.

You almost never know exactly what will translate from the set to the screen or how the efforts of so many will meld into a finished production. Not every film team, no matter how passionate, can reflect the intentions of their story, the plight of their characters and the raw energy of well crafted performances into a riveting piece of cinema.

From this movie montage it is likely fair to say that Gabai and company have achieved some form of cinematic lightening.

Congratulations to the entire “Justice” team. We’re excited to see what’s next for this NM Film.

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