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NM Talent Spotlight: Sale (Sah-lei) Taylor


NM Talent Spotlight: Sale (Sah-lei) Taylor

Actor Musician Sale Tayor New Mexico

By Tina Borek

I caught up with local actor and musician Sale (Sah-Lei) Taylor to discuss his involvement in the exploding New Mexico film industry and his band’s CD release event coming up this Saturday, June 4th, 7pm at Marble Brewery, in downtown Albuquerque.


TINA: When did you develop a love for acting and theater?

SALE: It all started back in Church for myself and my family. I come from a big family! From nuclear to extended, and I was raised with a good portion of them in our Church…we’ve done various productions, from skits, to plays, to even Luau floor shows. I come from a family of musicians in which you could either sing, play, or both. [We] were well stacked. We’ve gone around to different churches, in different cities and states, doing our ministry. But I saw it as hanging out with my family. I grew up in Seattle, Hawaii, and California, and I remember, wherever we were, we would find ourselves on stage with family.

TINA: You recently worked as crew on several films including “Priceless” and “Justice”, what excites you about the New Mexico Film Industry?

SALE: There are so many things that need to happen in order for a production to work and I love that. A lot of it comes down to faith in each other. We have faith that every department will be able to come together and bring these words on a sheet to life. The people that I’ve had the honor of working with so far, have made me better in whatever job I’m doing and I am excited on the thought of these guys having continuing to have more opportunities to work, because it seems to not just be a job, but rather a calling. Everyone that I’ve crewed with so far have been awesome in welcoming me into this world that they hold a lot of pride in. I’m forever grateful to them for that.

TINA: You have a diverse background and speak several languages, what do you hope to accomplish as an Actor?

SALE: Overall, I wish to honor every piece of me, every special skill set that I have. I wish to honor what has been taught and put it to use, not just because I’m able to do these things, but to honor the time that was given from those who have taught/trained me. As an actor, I want to be able to do what I can to tell any type of story, in any degree, at any given time, because the story comes first.

TINA: Is there a particular role or character that interests you?

SALE: I’ve always wanted to play a villain. Not just any villain, but THE villain. I’ve always enjoyed a good antagonist, the ones that truly believe that everything that they’re doing is justified, or simply the one unpredictable ones that you either don’t see coming or what they’re going to do next. Also, the bad guy usually has all the fun.

Sale will make his Film and Television Acting Debut this fall in several New Mexico based projects.


TINA: You play several instruments, write music and are a vocalist as well, how did your musical family influence you?

SALE: I have an insanely talented family. I love, getting the chance to play with them when I can. I’m proud of where I come from. My father Thomas Taylor Sr. can also play just about any instrument, [he has an] insane ear for music, and still is playing. He started two of my brothers and myself young. The very first instrument we played was the drums. He and my mother would wake us early for our morning prayer and my brothers and I would rotate playing the drums at the crack of dawn. I was maybe almost 5 years when this all started. My mother Jackie Alofaituli has one of most beautiful voices and an ear for harmonies that is just brilliant. My brothers and sisters are all still involved with music, playing, singing, helping others, promoting shows. It’s in our blood.

TINA: What drives you as a musician?

SALE: The groove [is] one of the most important things to me. It’s home. Especially when playing live. The groove could be used as a reference for the musicians to get back to as they’re soloing, or any other place during their play. It could also be used as a way to connect to the audience to the musicians…it could even keep the band glued together. It’s one of those things that you can tell when it’s there or not. Groove is home.

TINA: How do you feel about the local music scene, who are some of the Local bands you like to listen to when you aren’t creating your own music?

SALE: I believe that this town is to blow up on the music scene. There are a lot of great bands and artists here who can put on some amazing shows. I’m honored to have worked with a lot of them and some of my favorite artists starting with Red Light Cameras.

RLC – one of those bands that just leaves you wanting more and more. Their showmanship could win anyone over if you’re ever watching them.

Lilah Rose – kicks major butt in any show setting. Whether if it’s just her and her looping equipment, her and her band (either her solo stuff or new band Prison Bitch!). If you see that name attached to a show, do yourself a favor and go and enjoy.

Rebecca Arscott – one of those people who can just sang. Amazing songwriter, amazing vocalist, amazing stage presence. Girl knows what she’s doing!

Youngsville – led by Carlos (The Tall) Garcia. I’m a huge fan of his songwriting style in which he tells stories and put them to some good music. I’m hoping that Carlos does well in Austin.

RAWRR! – it’s easy to get lost in their music. These guys can seriously give you a reason to love Psychedelic/Progressive/Rock. Strong Presence, amazing musician chops, and just damn good showmanship.

Just to name a few.

TINA: What inspired your latest Album and what is your personal favorite track?

SALE: This album documents us at different times in our lives. I can say that all of our lives have changed from when we first started recording to us now getting ready to release. This album started out as a way for us to document our originals with us doing everything ourselves, from engineering to mixing, everything. Benito (lead guitar) took the lead on engineering this project by setting up a little studio starting at his house in various rooms and it was a challenge. I’m proud of what we’ve created together and am excited to see/hear what other people think about it.

It’s difficult to pick out a favorite song, because they all represent a different time and I remember all of our sessions from concept, to first draft, to scratch track, to final. Benito had this brilliant idea to make some give as a bonus track in between the songs. What you’ll hear in between each song is a session of us either rehearsing or us making adjustments, revealing a bit of our process. We thought that to be cool.

The Dirty Shades band Albuquerque New MexicoPhoto by Kevin Kisiel — Sale Taylor, Mikey Hale, Peter Meilleur, Amanda Morales and Benito Bachicha

TINA: How did THE DIRTY SHADES form and what influences your style?

SALE: With the original 4 (Benito, Mikey, Peter, and myself), we started out as a cover band, playing late 50s on up! From R&B, Rock, Blues, Reggae, and Soul. We started playing at a restaurant that Ben and I both work at together as a celebration type of gig. A year later, Amanda joined, helping us to get a fuller sound and thus letting us add some Pop and a bit of Folk music into our repertoire. We all bring something different to the table and in doing so, have now created a pretty cool and unique sound that we’re all proud of of.

As we started writing our own music, we pulled from our new abilities that we’ve unlocked from playing a vast and eclectic array of music that we wrote songs beyond just one type of genre of music and basically wrote what we could and then when we would all come together to build the groove or instrumentation, we would pretty much do what we want, which is why on our album, we don’t have just one specific type of sound. We just tried to be authentic and in the moment when we put the music together.

The DIRTY SHADES will hold their self Titled Album/CD release on Saturday June 4th 7pm at Marble Brewery, 111 Marble Ave., Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Red Light Cameras, Never Too Late and So Say We All will perform.


Amanda Morales, (Lead Vocals) Beautiful voice. Amanda comes from a Musical Theatre background and has had some success in the local circuit! She is also Lead Vocalist for Ilumina A.D. which is a Metal Band and they’re siiiiiiiick!

Benito Bachicha, (Lead Guitar/Vocals) Ben has got to be one of the best guitarists coming out of the southwest! Ben (in addition to being our main engineer) has written the majority of our originals! Benito has collaborated with various local artists from NM and won’t stop anytime soon!

Mikey Hale, (Drummer/Vocals) Mikey is one the best pocket drummers I’ve worked with who is consistent, but when wants to show off, ain’t no stopping him! Brilliant musician who knows his craft!

Peter Meilleur, (Bass/Vocals) Peter can hold a groove down brilliantly and make it look too dayum easy! Also coming from a musical family and knows his craft well!

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