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Large scale feature film casting


Large scale feature film casting


On Location Casting is now casting the large scale feature film “Cliffs of Freedom”. This is a period piece about a sweeping love story set during the dawn of the Greek War for Independence against the Ottoman Empire in the 1820s.

Vast amounts of background talent to play Turkish soldiers and Greek Rebels as well as Villagers, Palace Aristocrats and other roles are needed. The look for these types of roles consists of beards (for Turks) and mustaches (for Greeks.) There may be one or multiple days of work available as Core Groups are being created to work with OLC on a regular basis.

If you are interested in growing out your facial hair to work multiple days on this project, please send an email to: with your name, current picture, and current number. Please use subject line “FACIAL HAIR.”

Those of you who are not able to grow out your facial hair to a beard or mustache, please update your OLC profile and you may be called in for other positions where facial hair could possibly be applied.

When submitting – mention if you have any of the following skills and your skill level: horseback riding, guns/weapons, reenactor, lute player

Women and children as Greek and Turkish Villagers will also be needed.

SHARE this notice with any of your friends who could fit any of these casting specs.

All who are interested need to create a talent profile with OLC at

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