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New Epix series headed to New Mexico


New Epix series headed to New Mexico


Epix has announced plans for an upcoming series named for the 1995 movie “Get Shorty,” with elements from the novel that spawned the film.

In the 1995 film a mobster named Ernest “Chili” Palmer, played by John Travolta, travels to California to collect a debt and quickly becomes enamored with the Hollywood scene. Only then to realize that the movie business is not all that unlike his current career.

The series will center around the mob muscle as he attempts to carve out less criminal business opportunities to make a better life for himself and his daughter. That is until the seedy underworld he thought he left behind follows him to Los Angeles.

The 10 episode dark comedy series is expected to film in New Mexico beginning in November. Ray Romano, Chris O’Dowd are expected to star. The show is the second original scripted series to call New Mexico home. Epix political comedy “Graves” filmed in New Mexico in 2015 and is currently available on the network’s streaming service.


Stay tuned for “Get Shorty” casting announcements…

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