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Today’s NM Film Fix

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YES BATMAN IS COMING! And you heard it here first! Now with video!

*****New Mexico residents ONLY*****

Scorch_Trials_Now Casting in New Mexico

EG Casting is looking for photo doubles and stand-ins for major feature film. Must have full time availability, for the Sci-fi/Fantasy feature film, The Scorch Trials

5’11” to 6″ male Asian stand-in. Full time position for 3.5 months. Preferably between 18 and 30 years old. Please email a photo with height and weight to egabel@msn.com – title your email ASIAN MALE.

Blonde girl, 4’10, 80 lbs with long blonde hair. Must must be 4’9″ to 4’11” but not bigger not over 80 lbs, but under is fine. Please email a photo with height and weight to egabel@msn.com – title your email BLONDE GIRL.

African American male stand in, 6″ to 6″2, Please send a photo with name, height, weight and PHONE number to egabel@msn.com – title your email AFRICAN AMERICAN MALE.

NMFilm Night Shift Casting

White Turtle Casting is looking for Background, all ages & ethnicities for season two of the NBC series, “The Night Shift”. Also looking for real nurses, police, firefighters, paramedic and amputees. If you are for example a real nurse, title your email, “NURSE”. Otherwise title your email, “NIGHT SHIFT BACKGROUND”.

extras@whiteturtlecasting.com | Click here for more info.

CREW CALL: Two day job in Santa Fe starting Oct. 18 – Staff me up

Albuquerque Fan Fest Nov 7-8 2014

As of 10am today – the 9th and the 4th person to email their name, contact info. and DOB to win@oneheadlightink.com will WIN FREE passes to the 1st ever Breaking Bad Fan Fest, Friday & Saturday Nov. 7 & 8.

Breaking Bad Fan Fest – Photo Contest

Friday Night Dog Rescue Fundraiser Birthday Party – Sandia Bar, Corrales, NM

Fox television series wardrobe now on sale at costume shop in ABQ.

Saturday night vote rally in Santa Fe!

KOAT Aerial footage of alleged Batman v. Superman set in NM

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Elaborate casualties of netowork cuts available in Albuquerque

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images via John McGarrah/double click to enlarge

Gorgeous wardrobe from the now defunct FOX series, “Hieroglyph” is currently on sale at U-Neek Findings (an upscale indoor market) on Central.

Our sources tell us that there are about 200 full outfits left there, which the studio had apparently paid $9000+ to have made for the series. OUCH!

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New Mexico Actress Goes to the Dogs

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New Mexico Actress Lora Cunningham raising money for dog resucueimage via the taos news

Beloved New Mexico based actress, Lora Cunningham, is in the midst of marking a big birthday year and rather than a flashy Hollywood style hullabaloo, this down to earth performer and acting instructor is staying true to her roots and her heart by focusing on pet rescue as part of her celebration.

THIS FRIDAY, Cunningham is inviting friends & fellow animal welfare supporters to join her at her very own fundraiser that looks suspiciously like a really good time!

“This birthday is a big one, and I want to make it count!

Come celebrate with me, and The Sandia Bar will donate 10% of the night’s profits to the wonderful local animal shelter, Almost Home New Mexico. They take in the animals other shelters are going to kill– the old, the sick, the ones considered “unadoptable” for whatever reason. Almost Home New Mexico keeps and cares for them, while finding them foster and hopefully forever homes.

The photo on this invitation is of one of my sister’s dogs, Josh. He was abandoned in the Foothills. My sister was able to catch his sister, but Josh evaded her for 2 hours, until he finally lost her. He was later found in someone’s yard. They turned him over to animal control, where his right eye had to be removed, due to trauma. Almost Home nursed him to health and kept him for over a year, until my sister was able to adopt him.

I want to help these hard-working and dedicated people, so that they may continue their vitally-important work.


Friday, October 17
6:00 PM to 11:00 PM
The Sandia Bar
4445 Corrales Road, Corrales, NM 87048
Between St. Francis and West Ella Dr.


Almost Home New Mexico

In lieu of gifts/cards, please consider giving to Almost Home New Mexico.
There are 3 ways:
1. Come out and have drinks with Lora!!!
2. Come out, don’t drink, but give a little in the donation jar at the bar.
3. If you can’t make it– please donate on their website here.

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1st ever Breaking Bad Fest CONTEST!!!!

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Breaking Bad Fan Fest Photo Contest WIN TICKETS

The one and only Breaking Bad Fan Fest is rapidly approaching!!!

[FAN PHOTOS] Email your best Breaking Bad fandom photos and they will use them to decorate the ‪#‎ABQBrBaFe‬ stage!

That’s right, Breaking Bad’s award-winning set decorator, Michael Flowers will incorporate your photos into decorating the stage at the Kiva Auditorium!

Submit your photos of you in costume, at a location or with a cast member–you name it! This contest is open to the public!

The top ten entries will receive one General Admission ticket!

The three best photos will also receive Fan Fest t-shirts!

The overall best photo wins a poster designed and signed by Breaking Bad set decorator Michael Flowers!

You’ll also be able to hangout with the cast backstage at the Kiva!

Deadline to receive the photos is Friday, October 24, 2014.

Please click here to submit your photos!


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NMFilm Night Shift Casting

Background Casting Call – Filming start mid November.

Looking for Background, all ages & ethnicities. Also looking for real nurses, police, firefighters, paramedic and amputees. If you are for example a real nurse, in the subject pls put NURSE.

If you are interested, submit ALL information as requested.
Refer to Contact Us Page to see what the perfect submission contains in the email.

Submit, ALL within the one email:

your name, contact number (cell is best), current photo (color only), height, weight, age range, year, make, model & color of your vehicle, your availability and where you live (not your address) ie ABQ.

Email to:


White Turtle Casting submission sample

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Health care provider needs real families for print work

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Casting Print Jobs for three generations of family mambers in New Mexico


Looking for three generation families! Parents, kiddos, grandmas, grandpas! REAL families wanted. As of now, not piecing together talent but looking for actual family members.

Send photos by Oct. 13th.

Half a day work on either Oct 29th or 30th in Albuquerque.

Pay rate will be negotiated depending on how many family members are hired. (Ballpark est at $100 per person.)

CONFLICTS: If you have done print work for any Health Care in past 3 years, do not submit.

Please submit clear pictures (no hats or sunglasses) to nmbackground@gmail.com

PICTURES: Feel free to send group photo of family or send individuals. Make sure they are clear photos. Send a few if you like. Please include names and age for the kids & contact number. Looking for Hispanic, Native American and Caucasian families.

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Scorch Trials Casting Stand-in – NEW MEXICO RESIDENTS ONLY

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UPDATE 10/14/14: EG Casting is looking for a blond girl, 4’10, 80 lbs with long blond hair.


Must be a double so she must be 4’9″ to 4’11” but not bigger not over 80 lbs, under is ok.

Email your photo, sizes, and PHONE NUMBER to Elizabeth at egabel@msn.com

Dexter Darden stand-in needed in New Mexico


EG Casting is looking for an African American male stand in, 6″ to 6″2, for actor Dexter Darden.

Must be available full time for Scorch Trials, New Mexico residents ONLY.

Send photo with name, height, weight and PHONE number to egabel@msn.com.


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The most powerful New Mexico film you will see this year

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Narrated by New Mexico’s own Steven Michael Quezada, “NMBH1001 BEHAVIORALNM 2930H” is the real life horror story of what has become of Behavioral Health resources and services in our great state.

As unconscionable as the denigrating measures described in the film may seem, a recent Election 2014 inquiry by the League of Women Voters of Central New Mexico yielded an answer from the state’s sitting Governor which failed to even include a mention of behavioral and mental health needs, though the question itself specifically asked to comment on meeting those needs.

Know your Candidates for Governor New Mexico

click here for full text

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Feature Film “Hideous” casting in New Mexico

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Hideous Now Casting in New Mexico

Malevolent Pictures in association with Ruthless Pictures

Hideous has guaranteed distribution.

Director: Johnny Tabor
Producer: Troy Scoughton Sr. – Robert Dean
Casting Director: Gary Bryman
Shoot/Start Date: December 1-20-2014
Pay Rate: 100.00 a Day, Housing provided and meals provided, gas travel only to New Mexico.
Location: New Mexico

SUBMIT Headshots and Resumes BY NOVEMBER 15, 2014, to Malevolentpictures@gmail.com.

NOTE: There are specific requirements for certain roles in this film. Please contact us for details.

HIDEOUS: While traveling across country on tour, six band members run into trouble on the road. Seeking help, they find themselves at a couples farmhouse, terrorized by a dark presence that has loomed there for decades.


ANNA Early 20s, girl next door, pretty, motherly. Works as a waitress in a small town restaurant. She and Billy have been together for almost two years…it’s been a rough relationship. He spends much of his time on the road pursing his music career. She loves him, but doesn’t really know if he can take care of her and the baby on the way.

BILLY Tall – Lead Singer- Late 20s, Long Hair, Rugged, Quiet and Collected. A frustrated man, he constantly tries to please himself and others, but has trouble doing so. He is constantly trying to quit smoking. He dropped out of high school to start a band with his best friend Riley and has been pursing his dream ever since. Music is Billy’s passion. He loves Anna, but fears not being able to take care of her because of his music dream. He is what most would call an unlikely hero.

RILEY Drummer – late 20s, Athletic build. Best friends with Billy since childhood. He’s rowdy, likes to party and fight. Riley grew up with an abusive father. Although he appears confident, it’s a facade. He views himself as a loser. He looks to music as his only chance of leaving his hometown and making something of himself.

JESSE Bass – Early 20s, Naive, skinny, shoulder length hair and a beard. Jesse isn’t a leader; he’s the newest member of the band, but really looks at Riley and Billy as older brothers. Music is his hobby and one day plans on traveling the world and settling down to become a lawyer. Jesse is an all around good guy.

TIM Backup Singer and Lead Guitarist – Mid 20s, Good looking and comes from money. He’s constantly in competition with Billy and is secretly in love with Anna. He thinks he’s quite the charmer, he has a nice guy appeal to him, but has hidden motives. He plans on starting a solo operation soon.

JENNY Groupie – Mid 20s – A free spirit and not looking for anything serious. She goes where the wind blows her. She grew up in a small town. She likes Riley, but will settle for any one of the band members.


CECILE Late 50s, grandmotherly in nature. She and her husband Walter have been through a lot in their years together. She lost her only daughter when she and Walter were younger.

WALTER Late 50s, quiet and weary. He feels responsible for the death of his daughter and has spent the extent of his life trying to reconcile the loss.

JUAN DIEGO Latino, Late 30s, unfaithful husband, married to Esperanza.

ESPERANZA Latina, late 30s. Once upon a time she and Juan Diego were madly in love, that is until they decided to start a family, and after continuously trying, discovered that Esperanza was unable to bear children. This was devastating news to the couple and, over time, Juan Diego became distant from his wife and would spend weeks at a time away working. When Esperanza discovers that not only is her husband having an affair, but that his mistress is also pregnant, Esperanza becomes enraged and seeks revenge.

RING MAN Late early 50s, tall, intimidating and weathered. (Bad Guy)

DRIFTER 1 Late 40s, works for the Ring Man. (Henchman)

DRIFTER 2 Late 40s, works for the Ring Man. (Henchman)

FORTUNE TELLER Female, 50s – 70s , Sweet yet eccentric woman who has a grandmotherly nature to her.

BONNIE 20s – Groupie chick, good looking and flirtatious.

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Stanistan Pilot now filming in Santa Fe New Mexico OHIJane Phillips/The New Mexican




Tell ‘em “OHI” sent ya’!

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Today’s NM Film Fix

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94 Rock Film Fix

Happy Birthday John Lennon!

MOVIE SUGGESTION – Not filmed in NM but, Nowhere Boy. It stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Lennon, who starred in Godzilla with Bryan Cranston good flick. Solid.

“Dig” gets at least four more episodes – USA Network “event” series (mini series) will premiere in March 2015 with 10 episodes instead of the original slated 6. Jason Isaacs Lucius Malfoy, Harry Potter, Ann Heche, David Costabile, Gale from Breaking Bad & more! See the official trialer HERE. Watch for additional, “Dig” casting notices here and HERE!

First open call for “Maze Runner” sequel and “Dig” – Saturday in Albuquerque:

Seeking: Middle Eastern, African American, Asian, Hispanic and Caucasian men and women between the ages of 18 and 22.

10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Far Horizon Studio
304 Washington St. SE
(between Central Ave. & Zuni Rd.)


Hispanic Male – voice over

Whole Families – print work

Bilingual boy – acting

CLICK HERE for full details!

Indie films I hear are on the horizon for NM:

Talent currently being sought for the film, “Hideous”.
“Hideous” is a nonunion feature film about six band members who run into trouble while on tour and find themselves “at a couples farmhouse, terrorized by a dark presence that has loomed there for decades.”

Diane Kruger will star in the independent feature, “Sky”, about a woman on a trek across the country following a violent dispute with her husband. On the run from him and love itself, she finds herself falling for another man. No word on filming duration, but it looks like shoot locations include AZ, NV and NM.

“Exit 147″ Taylor Kitsch, is set to play the villainous lead, as sadistic cop who stops a traveler driving through the desert at night and begins playing mind games with him. A young father driving cross country to see his daughter is stopped by a sheriff at Exit 147, and it turns into a psychological game of cat and mouse with deadly consequences. Shooting is expected to begin in April 2015.


NEXT WEEKEND!!!!! 48 Hour Film Horror Project – Hookup with a team to volunteer and get in a picture! CLICK HERE NOW!

BREAKING BAD FAN FEST!!!! Nov. 7-8 Tickets available NOW!!! CLLLLLLICK!

BREAKING BAD RV TOURS! – BreakingBadRVTours.com

Santa Fe Independent Film Fest Oct 15 – 19

2014 Santa Fe Film Industry Tune-up not til December, but attention NM Filmmakers: Prepare 30-90 second television pilot trailer, to be shown and compete at the fest!

New Mexico Women in Film Santa Fe Mixer Oct. 26 – CLICK HERE

TV Series and Feature Film Casting Call

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New Mexico Casting Calls

A double production casting call will be held this Saturday in Albuquerque with casting directors from EG Casting and Lorrie Latham Casting.

The two companies will be looking to cast the following types:

Middle Eastern, African American, Asian, Hispanic and Caucasian men and women between the ages of 18 and 22.

The call is for television series extras and extras for a Sci-Fi feature film shooting in the Albuquerque area.

10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Far Horizon Studio
304 Washington St. SE
(between Central Ave. & Zuni Rd.)

The event is being held by EG Casting and Lorrie Latham Casting.

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Video of the Day: #NMFilm Dig

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casting call.ppt

1) VOICE OVER CASTING – Non-union $500
Hispanic male, age late 50’s – 70 (English speaking, accent ok. bi-lingual a plus but not at all necessary)
Auditions next week.
Shoots one day between 10/23 and 10/30
SUBMIT headshot & resume: MidthunderCasting@gmail.com

Looking for 3 generation families! Parents, kids, Aunts/Uncles, Cousins, grandmas & grandpas! We want REAL families!
WHEN: Oct 29th or 30th
WHERE: Albuquerque.
PAY: Rate will be negotiated depending on how many family members are hired. (Apprx $1000 – $1200 per family)
CONFLICTS: If you have done print work for any Health Care in past 3 years, do not submit!!
SUBMIT TO: clear pictures (no hats or sunglasses) nmbackground@gmail.com

3) BOY AGE 9-11, $500/day
Causation or Latino
Can act scared, maybe be able to cry.
SUBMIT headshot & resume by END OF DAY TODAY TO: MidthunderCasting@gmail.com

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Land Rover invites you to win a “Space Adventure” via New Mexico, USA

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The rules very simply state:

“It’s simple. Just show us what adventure means to you. Upload a short video or image about adventures big and small, from camping weekends and road trips, to climbing mountains. What do you consider an adventure in life? What gets your pulse racing? When you enter, we link to your Facebook account, with your permission, so you can select your most adventurous friends and tag them to join you in space. After that it’s up to you what you share, we’ll never do it for you.

For a chance to win this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, just follow the three easy steps below.”

If you think you’ve got the stuff, enter here!

Dueling “Better Call Saul” songs:

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Ongoing Casting for USA Network’s “Stanistan” Pilot in New Mexico

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Stanistan Casting Cars and Executive types in New Mexico OHI


Robert Baxter is looking for individuals who appear to be or are of Middle Eastern or Mediterranean descent with nice suits, well dressed executive types, both women and men.

Male and female “International Reporters” with the right attire, business look (blazers, dockers, pants suits, skirts, blouses are also needed.

5 Dignitary Cars – nice Mercedes, BMW, Saab or like vehicles (ALL FOREIGN)

10 Local Cars – Also all foreign, should be slightly shabby 10 years old at least, pastel colors are preferred, no bright reds or whites. Especially older Land Cruisers or VW types of vehicles.

When sending in your information, you must include what kind of car you own (make, model and year), along with a photograph of you and one of the vehicle.

If any of the above relates to you or someone you know, send photos, info and contact numbers to:


Title your email, “OCT 7″.

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Mourning the loss of Nolan Hofferber

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Memorial Vigil

Sunday October, 12

Mourning the passing of Nolan Hofferber

The New Mexico film and comic communities are deeply saddened today as so many friends and family mourn the loss of actor, Nolan Hofferber.

Nolan is said to have passed “peacefully” on Friday morning.

Nolan Hofferber

January 26, 1977 – October 3, 2014

Tribute wall & obituary


USA Network Television Pilot Casting

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Casting Middle Eastern Dignitary Types in New Mexico

Robert Baxter Casting is looking for “dignitaries” and other men to appear in a tent scene.

The dignitaries must own business suits and appear to be or are of Middle Eastern or Mediterranean descent.

The other men in the tent should also have similar looks. If this is you or someone you know please send a recent photo and telephone number to robertbaxtercasting@gmail.com

Title your email, “Dignitaries”.

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