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POP Poli. – Paris Chavez Wants You to Know…

Posted by on May 25, 2009
NMPop. Poli.You

Abq. Race for Mayor

everything except that he’ll be running for Mayor again. If sitting Mayor Martin Chavez seems to be in your face ~daily, that’s because he is. Does Local 244 know something we don’t?

The omnipresent name and face of Chavez is causing a stir among the declared candidates who thankfully get some play in letting it be known that the surreptitious campaigning (e.g. the spontaneous onslaught of press, appearances, commercials, and city funded portrayals) is not going unnoticed.

Your two declared candidates for Albuquerque Mayor are Democrat Richard M. Romero and Republican Richard J. Berry.

And so like that other fame seeking, self-promoting celebrity, our Mayor’s got himself smack between ‘Richards’, enjoying every moment of it, oh-so-coyly waiting for the chance at yet another run.

It’s your call Albuquerque – You may not have the power to exercise Paris Hilton from our culture but you can choose your Mayor in October.

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