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Hello NASA, it’s the Amish calling…

Posted by on September 7, 2009

The Amish Connection

What goes together like PB & J, Hand & Glove, or Horse & Buggy? Why it’s space age Tempur-Pedic® , TEMPUR® material as developed by NASA and Amish furniture.

At the corner of irony and commercialism in ‘Q Town’, New Mexico you can mix your desire for old-timey, handcrafted wood furniture with your need for orthopedic sleep – the likes of which your craftsman can never or will ever experience.

The DP/SO/SE a.k.a. Hubs says, “Maybe they use some Amish approved method for preparing the TEMPUR® material that keeps it authentically Amish.”

Come on, even Baconnaise is Kosher – This just isn’t. Kosher, no. Funny, yes.

The Amish Connection2

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