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Valentine’s Day is for Suckers

Posted by on February 12, 2010

”My angel, the love of my life.” -Brad Pitt on (eww) Gwyneth Paltrow

“You’re my backbone. You’re a blessing. “You’re a piece of my heart. You’re the air I breathe. And you’re the strongest person I know…” -Kobe Bryant

“Making love to Angelina was like making love to a couch.” -Billy Bob Thornton

“Can You Doubt We Were Made for Each Other?” -Lyle Lovett on Julia Roberts

“I cheated on her with Kim, but it wasn’t cheating to me.” -Sean Combs on Jennifer Lopez

“I broke up with my Italian boyfriend and two weeks later he was sent to prison for fraud. I mean, we’ve all been there. Am I right ladies?” -Anne Hathaway

Blood & Bone Rings – BBC News

A really “shitty” way to say I ♥ You – Red Lasso

Say it, don’t engrave it -Molly Kalafut

Shop longer for your partner than for the dress -Forbes

Don’t stress it – have a lolly, give a lolly.

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  • Hello there, Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

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