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Sunday Post Script

Posted by on June 13, 2010

They say picture is worth a thousand words, but if you’re Julia Roberts it’s more like $20 mil. and she can do pretty much anything she wants. In this age of gratuitous reboot Julia Gulia has taken a stand and said pass to the poss. of a Pretty Woman part deux.

Jules was ~recently quoted as saying she’s “too old” to come back to the silver screen as everyone’s favorite hooker with a heart of gold.

Famous Laugh sound bite

But NM’s Own eternally gorgeous woman et al can relish a Romantic Comedy (Ro-co) at any age, frankly the more mature the better…that’s why waaay back in ’03 I myself penned an entire script around one of my fave Roberts Ro-cos.

And here’s the mock-up of the movie poster of our dream cast for the follow-up flick. Note the artistry in the head cropping, inspired by the original PW poster that was famously and similarly doctored.

As for the script, it is here in whole form, filed away; where it has been since it made its rounds to some Roberts-Moder representative in Taos, then up to an NYC production co. who politely returned it to us non grata – WOW gotta love “the business”, even that was an exciting day at the ~office!

Well, if and when she’s ready the story in its entirety is here for her, fait accompli – Jules, Mr. Marshall, Anybody, Anybody…

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  • Where did you learn about this? Can you give me the source?

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