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NM House Passes Cap on NM Film Incentives

Posted by on February 26, 2011

Aggressively swiftboated as a nemesis “on the backs of our children”, robbing our state of proper education, health care and on the verge of prompting the release of violent criminals onto our streets – the much maligned NM Film Incentive program holds on to the competitive rate of 25% but is now capped at $45M.

If an epitaph for New Mexico film is being formed, it surely began on the day that action met inaction by way of electoral votes in favor of Susana Martinez over Diane Denish for the next Governor of New Mexico. And if there was a day in New Mexico history that marked a flag flying victory for Corporate loop-holing it would be the same day.

Though I may make quips about having to now move to Utah because even their legislature and hopeful Utes are pulling ahead in the race between many to catch-up to New Mexico in becoming a firm fixture in global film making – it was never about photo ops, events or even so much about film for me.

It has always been about New Mexico for me. Yes, I love the lore of “Old Hollywood”, if even only as an observer, but more happily as an advocate for what the industry lends to our great state. So well captured on the silver screen; whether drafted or reenacted, the stories of triumph over adversity, of enlightenment and empowerment should not be discarded just because of their packaging.

When I was a little girl with a flare for the dramatic – I never wanted to grow-up and move to Hollywood (still don’t), I wanted “Hollywood” to come to me – and it did. When I read Hemingway and Fitzgereld I loved them both – one for his grandiose, self actualizing prose and the other for his innate eloquence in capturing all those and that around him; and Lennon, so biting, so raw versus (quite literally) McCartney so painfully romantic and light.

These balances of the imbalanced are what we are poised to thrive on. We need the trappings of show business like charlie sheen needs to marry lindsay lohan – but what we do need is a future for an industry that employs thousands of New Mexicans, that stirs excitement, inspiration and hopes in our communities. We aren’t Maseratis and reality tv. We’re chicken wing eating, NFL loving reality in a pick-up truck. We’re all that and so much more. But what else? That’s what the bulk of our youth and disenfranchised are asking.

What next? Where do we go from here? Nowhere? To the crack den or to the set? Can I grow-up to make millions in office or will I grow-up just unlucky enough to be oppressed by Corporate America?

While Jeff Bridges is perennially Oscar nominated and crusading to feed the hungry in America let’s tell ours, not for you, not this dream. Apply to Wal Mart again, because social services are being cut so that birth control and government cheese also aren’t an option any longer. No wonder the crack dens aren’t only on the set and petty crime abounds – hopelessness breeds (quite literally) poverty.

So, no I will not actually be moving to Utah, I/we will stay here in the state that we love with the people we love and we will continue to seek out the best in NM Arts, Entertainment, Education and Training – not for the love of “Hollywood”, but for the hope that we can bring a little joy, a little fun, a little encouragement to anyone interested in such things.

Join the online efforts to speak-up for NM Film here, here or here.

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  • I couldn’t agree more.. I will not b e going anywhere else anytime soon. New Mexico is my home and I will stay here and FIGHT to see that it is saved from the inane stupidity that is Susana La tejana and her texas big business friends. I will not stand idly by while she does everything she can to destroy my beloved state. From her attempts to destroy an industry and jobs and small businesses that rely on that industry to eliminating Medical Marijuana for thousands of Veterans with PTSD. I assume she would rather they go nuts and commit suicide by cop. Hell it will save money right? So my personal crusade isn’t just to save an industry that I love and that has given me the dream I always wanted since I was a Child and finally given my two brothers the dream of their little brothers name on the big screen. I will fight to save the state my Family has been in for over 400 years from a woman who has only lived here for 40+ years and has no true interest in. I will work tirelessly to see her removed from office whether being led away in handcuffs or driven away in the shame of a recall election. It’s time for real New Mexicans to stand up and stand strong for New Mexico. As the Tejana once said “IT’S OUR STATE!!! LET’S TAKE IT BACK!!!”

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