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Guess This Mess: Eat Edition

Posted by on August 5, 2011

Ladies FYI Victoria Beckham née Adams aka Posh Spice is the only woman in the world with clearance from the aliens to perpetrate their look and make it work.

And by “make it work”, I’m talking to you LeAnn. No matter how skinny you get, or how you manipulate those bolt-ons, or how many diamond rings you buy yourself, your husband‘s fidelity is up for grabs – as demonstrated by his cheating ways, as perpetrated with you!

Guilt mixed with insecurity – it’s a helluva drug. And I for one believe that THIS IS NOT THE LOOK. Please drop the Jack Skellington look and eat something like a heaping bowl of self confidence!

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  • You are right “One” this is your space, however just like Bigots are it’s ok for you to “hate” on people that have anorexia, or a poor self image? And do it publicly? This is your platform dear “ONE” but you sound like a Self satisfying BIGOT! people that have anorexia or a poor self image need caring confident help, not what you are dishing out. I am slender by the way and I don’t appreciate you bashing the skinny Girls. I am not anorexic but I am sick and tired of people getting away with saying “Skinny Bitch” . It’s not all-right! You think just because a person is thin that it’s all right to bash them cause what? They are thin? I also know that you are slender “One” so stop bashing the skinny girls!!!

    They need understanding, not Slander!!! U are not going to right any wrongs by bashing the thin people. How bout posting some constructive comments- like self help anorexia websites?? “You are the Journalist”

    Or is it just the platform to bash but not HELP, what you see as a problem in the entertainment industry. It’s fun…isn’t it? Putting people down, it’s what you think makes your blog fun or interesting. Well it doesn’t, It just shows who you are as a person, Uncaring, Inconsiderate, Judgmental, and just plain Catty!!!

    Take a look at yourself dear “ONE” please stop bashing people!!
    Just report, it can be done without bashing, find something positive about the subject, and if you feel that there is a problem that can be helped post self help information.

    You do want them to get help don’t you?

    It is your move…Change is possible, for everyone.

  • Really hope your not a chub-a-lub that would be all too fitting (ahem…I said FITTING)

  • I must say, I have been reading your blog for sometime, mostly in part to see what is going on in New Mexico and partly wondering really what type of person you are. I can surely and certainly tell you that you are not a happy person, It’s sad when you have to pull others down to make yourself feel better. Honestly, you know “One” no one is perfect, I know that you know this fact so please – don’t bash people. Life is full of regrets for everyone, I am sure that you have some regrets in your life too. How to you feel knowing that just the words that come out of your head and onto the computer about an individual can hurt? Stars are people too, just cause they are famous doesn’t make what you do in your life or your mind any holier than thou !!. (It’s just fun- RIGHT?) That’s kinda pathetic, if you think about it, shooting at the target just cause it’s convenient, or you’re bored.

    There is so much negative stuff out there, you know… why add to an already negative situation? To pull someone else down? It’s not a sport!

    I am writing this not to put you down Dear One, but to cause you to think. I can start with just one person – Putting positive spins on the things that you report on. I know life isn’t always peachy keen, but let’s maybe try and let people form their own opinion’s about the News or Current Events. Rest assured Dear One, you and also the person that broke the Current Event or News Break – does not have all the facts. Interpretation could be dangerous and hurtful to all parties involved.

    When i say dangerous, I mean – to families, friends, relationships, reputations, self-esteem, on both accounts.

    Couldn’t you try reporting on positive things? Find what’s great and good in the entertainment industry and report on it? -More often- and maybe when you happen on the negative, try and leave out your personal feelings – letting the reader take away from it what they will.

    True Journalism-Journalism is the practice of investigation and reporting of events, issues and trends to a broad audience. Though there are many variations of journalism, the ideal is to inform the citizenry. Along with covering organizations and institutions such as government and business, journalism also covers cultural aspects of society such as arts and entertainment. The field includes editing, photojournalism, and documentary.

    Try and leave your personal negativity out, is that possible?
    I dare say you’ve done some things you are not too proud of in your life, or are you perfect? …

    • Isn’t this just you telling me how to be? Judging me? I deplore cheating, anorexia, poor self image and the glamorization of all those things, most especially as portrayed to young women and this is my space to express that in my own words.

      If I could eradicate the pop-culture fascination with troubled “stars” I just might, but I can’t. What I can do is exercise the freedom to vent my opinion on the subject, particularly from a platform that is my own and there for those who choose to partake.

      Thank you for expressing yourself, I will continue to do the same.

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