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¡Hola Tonto!

Posted by on January 13, 2012

A KOB-TV viewer has SCORED the first pic of the now CONFIRMED Johnny Depp New Mexico sighting!!!

Come on people!!! He’s just a man!

A precious, delicately featured, angel voiced man of a million emotions and hues of GORGEOUS that every man, woman and child WILL eventually dream of…

Annnnnd, I digress (I’m talking to YOU, seventh grade me! SIT DOWN and have the composure of the ol’ gal you have become)…

Eh, hmm. This pic is of The Lone Ranger star, reportedly placing him in Gallup, NM last week…

p.s. I love my husband and reality, and my reality based self is (cliché alert), OVER THE HERNANDEZ MOON that Depp is here because no fewer than THOUSANDS of reporters and subsequent press coverage of our beau-ti-ful and extraordinary state will follow.

p.p.s. Thank you Johnny for inspiring emotions I haven’t felt since I last looked into your BIG, brown eyes behind my bedroom door circa 198something. xo

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Comments (2)

  • He is not just a man he is a gorgeous man, and I bet he has the personality to match…………….meow

  • I love johnny depp along with millions of other woman, He has the most beautiful soft brown eyes.

    Love You Johnny

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