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¿El Capitán siempre?

Posted by on February 7, 2013

In addition to the rumblings on the web about the upcoming Captain America:The Winter Soldier shoot being delayed from spring to summer, there are also whispers in the wind that good ol’ New Mexico and El Capitán may not be completely DUNZO after all…

From this HIGHly respected speculative reporting post we can tell you that the Captain of NM’s own AVENGERS may be returning to a sound stage near YOU!

IF these whispers align with the echos bellowing about the upcoming MEGA-MULTI-MOVIE Casting Call, we may have another MARVEL extras casting situation on our hands here in the Land of Enchantment!!!

2011 Avengers Open Call in Santa Fe – Albuquerque Journal

In the supremely secretive world of development on into pre-production, NO OFFICIAL confirmations will likely ever become avail. until any such projects are well into production or sometimes even nearly wrapped.

Do take note though, when you’re talking to your NM Film Friends who may crew, star or otherwise regularly staff NM productions, and their eyes take on a particular glaze, just know that that is likely the moment when visions of their signature on an ironclad non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is crossing their mind (otherwise known to us as the patented “Disney Daze”).

But eventually when someone tells someone, who tells someone, who hears something from someone (probably one of the wonderful wait staff of a New Mexico small business), we will get the anonymous suggestion in our inbox@oneheadlightink.com or on our tip-line 505.510.1006, that says, “yeah, he’s here”. Meanwhile we wait…

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