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Geek’s Paradise: New Mexico, USA

Posted by on September 17, 2013

UPDATE 09/26/2013: Conflicting reports are still streaming into our inbox and tip line. Some continue to say “it is”, some say “probably not”, while others say, “HACK, you don’t know anything!” We do know that nothing is official until someone yells, THAT’S A WRAP! Unofficially, our most trusted sources say…

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Star Wars Ep 7 to film in New MexicoImage via Inhabitants of Burque

As we’ve been covering for you here, here and here…Lucas Film’s out of this worldly, epic saga sequel, Star Wars Episode VII IS INDEED HEADED TO NM – via Disney!

Like Marvel’s record breaking mega flick The Avengers, and the return of The Lone Ranger (more importantly a flood of global journalists, media outlets and film dollars), Disney returns to the desert and to New Mexico’s class A-1 studio facilities and crew base to shoot the first of THREE pending sequels to add to the mega-galactic franchise.

New Mexico will share production duties with Los Angeles and London when filming gets underway in 2014. Original cast members scheduled to return include Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill…all of whom are slated to somehow reprise their roles from the original 1977 film.

BRING IT fanbois and girls! Keep it HERE for up to date details on local casting and info.

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  • …get your bets down now: Adrian Gomez, cub reporter for the clown-ass ABQ Journal says ‘Star Wars’ NOT coming to New Mexico [ http://www.newscastic.com/news/abq-journal-reporting-star-wars-not-coming-to-new-mexico-950186/ ]. FYI: in this racket the studios keep the lid on until everything’s stitched up – which is why the NMFO etc doesn’t get to say squat until the show’s actually started unloading.

  • “Episode VII takes place thirty years after Return of the Jedi. Episode VI”
    Kellvin Chavez, Latino Review 9/18: “‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ To Film In The City of Crosses” (Las Cruces) http://latino-review.com/2013/09/star-wars-episode-vii-to-film-in-the-city-of-crosses/ “Looking at some of (these) pictures from the area this location could definitely work for areas of Tatooine and possibly the Sith homeworld of Korriban itself.”

  • Hi I live in Santa Fe and I want to learn how to become a lead actor. Or director for this. I saw the original 13 times in the theater so I know what I’m doing. Thanks

  • Kudos from the band for this terrific scoop.

  • Re: work as an ‘extra’ see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extra_%28acting%29
    also NM Film Office @ http://www.nmfilm.com/Casting_Calls.aspx (go to links) and ABQ Film Office “So You Want to be an Extra” @ http://www.cabq.gov/economicdevelopment/film/for-the-local-community/so-you-want-to-be-an-extra.
    “Paramount Reacts To Film Extra Seriously Hurt By ‘Transformers 3′ Stunt Gone Wrong” http://www.deadline.com/2010/09/transformers-3-movie-extra-seriously-hurt-during-indiana-stunt-gone-wrong-in-her-own-car/

  • Please let me know if you need extras. I would do anything to be a part of the next Star Wars film. I have been a fan since 1977. I have seen every movie countless times. Played every star Wars game and seen every episode of the clone wars. Not to mention all the wonderful Star Wars toys I have played with throughout the years.

  • Awesome!

  • How does one become an extra??????????

  • This is AWESOME!

  • ummm..episode VII would be a sequel…takes place AFTER episode VI Return of the Jedi….not a prequel.

  • By “prequels,” you mean “sequels,” right?

  • I live in Albuquerque and was wondering when they will start needing extras and how to become one? Thanks, Amber

  • They aren’t Prequels. They’re sequels… I’m not even a fan really, and I know that.

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