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New Mexico Casting: Featured extra role for 9 year old boy in Scorch Trials

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EG Casting is looking for a 9-year-old boy, to be a featured extra on Scorch Trials, filming in in mid November.

Boy should be small for his age. Do not submit unless he is 9. Send a photo, height, weight, parent’s name and phone number to: egabel@msn.com

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Good Faith Casting Extras in New Mexico

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Good Faith Casting Extras in New Mexico

NEW MEXICO – Paid Extras needed for the film “Highly Functioning” starring Bruce Campbell, shooting in Gallup, New Mexico from Nov. 7th to Nov. 21st. All ages and all types needed.

Casting by Good Faith Casting, LLC Faith Hibbs-Clark, CSA a professional casting company. No fees for actors.

To register for email ALERTS for specific role assignments, please register here.

Keep up with casting alerts and acting workshops here!

Good Faith Casting November workshops

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NMFilm Night Shift Casting

Background Casting Call – Filming start mid November.

Looking for Background, all ages & ethnicities. Also looking for real nurses, police, firefighters, paramedic and amputees. If you are for example a real nurse, in the subject pls put NURSE.

If you are interested, submit ALL information as requested.
Refer to Contact Us Page to see what the perfect submission contains in the email.

Submit, ALL within the one email:

your name, contact number (cell is best), current photo (color only), height, weight, age range, year, make, model & color of your vehicle, your availability and where you live (not your address) ie ABQ.

Email to:


White Turtle Casting submission sample

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Health care provider needs real families for print work

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Casting Print Jobs for three generations of family mambers in New Mexico


Looking for three generation families! Parents, kiddos, grandmas, grandpas! REAL families wanted. As of now, not piecing together talent but looking for actual family members.

Send photos by Oct. 13th.

Half a day work on either Oct 29th or 30th in Albuquerque.

Pay rate will be negotiated depending on how many family members are hired. (Ballpark est at $100 per person.)

CONFLICTS: If you have done print work for any Health Care in past 3 years, do not submit.

Please submit clear pictures (no hats or sunglasses) to nmbackground@gmail.com

PICTURES: Feel free to send group photo of family or send individuals. Make sure they are clear photos. Send a few if you like. Please include names and age for the kids & contact number. Looking for Hispanic, Native American and Caucasian families.

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Scorch Trials Casting Stand-in – NEW MEXICO RESIDENTS ONLY

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UPDATE 10/14/14: EG Casting is looking for a blond girl, 4’10, 80 lbs with long blond hair.


Must be a double so she must be 4’9″ to 4’11” but not bigger not over 80 lbs, under is ok.

Email your photo, sizes, and PHONE NUMBER to Elizabeth at egabel@msn.com

Dexter Darden stand-in needed in New Mexico


EG Casting is looking for an African American male stand in, 6″ to 6″2, for actor Dexter Darden.

Must be available full time for Scorch Trials, New Mexico residents ONLY.

Send photo with name, height, weight and PHONE number to egabel@msn.com.


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Feature Film “Hideous” casting in New Mexico

Posted by on October 12, 2014 | 2 comments

Hideous Now Casting in New Mexico

Malevolent Pictures in association with Ruthless Pictures

Hideous has guaranteed distribution.

Director: Johnny Tabor
Producer: Troy Scoughton Sr. – Robert Dean
Casting Director: Gary Bryman
Shoot/Start Date: December 1-20-2014
Pay Rate: 100.00 a Day, Housing provided and meals provided, gas travel only to New Mexico.
Location: New Mexico

SUBMIT Headshots and Resumes BY NOVEMBER 15, 2014, to Malevolentpictures@gmail.com.

NOTE: There are specific requirements for certain roles in this film. Please contact us for details.

HIDEOUS: While traveling across country on tour, six band members run into trouble on the road. Seeking help, they find themselves at a couples farmhouse, terrorized by a dark presence that has loomed there for decades.


ANNA Early 20s, girl next door, pretty, motherly. Works as a waitress in a small town restaurant. She and Billy have been together for almost two years…it’s been a rough relationship. He spends much of his time on the road pursing his music career. She loves him, but doesn’t really know if he can take care of her and the baby on the way.

BILLY Tall – Lead Singer- Late 20s, Long Hair, Rugged, Quiet and Collected. A frustrated man, he constantly tries to please himself and others, but has trouble doing so. He is constantly trying to quit smoking. He dropped out of high school to start a band with his best friend Riley and has been pursing his dream ever since. Music is Billy’s passion. He loves Anna, but fears not being able to take care of her because of his music dream. He is what most would call an unlikely hero.

RILEY Drummer – late 20s, Athletic build. Best friends with Billy since childhood. He’s rowdy, likes to party and fight. Riley grew up with an abusive father. Although he appears confident, it’s a facade. He views himself as a loser. He looks to music as his only chance of leaving his hometown and making something of himself.

JESSE Bass – Early 20s, Naive, skinny, shoulder length hair and a beard. Jesse isn’t a leader; he’s the newest member of the band, but really looks at Riley and Billy as older brothers. Music is his hobby and one day plans on traveling the world and settling down to become a lawyer. Jesse is an all around good guy.

TIM Backup Singer and Lead Guitarist – Mid 20s, Good looking and comes from money. He’s constantly in competition with Billy and is secretly in love with Anna. He thinks he’s quite the charmer, he has a nice guy appeal to him, but has hidden motives. He plans on starting a solo operation soon.

JENNY Groupie – Mid 20s – A free spirit and not looking for anything serious. She goes where the wind blows her. She grew up in a small town. She likes Riley, but will settle for any one of the band members.


CECILE Late 50s, grandmotherly in nature. She and her husband Walter have been through a lot in their years together. She lost her only daughter when she and Walter were younger.

WALTER Late 50s, quiet and weary. He feels responsible for the death of his daughter and has spent the extent of his life trying to reconcile the loss.

JUAN DIEGO Latino, Late 30s, unfaithful husband, married to Esperanza.

ESPERANZA Latina, late 30s. Once upon a time she and Juan Diego were madly in love, that is until they decided to start a family, and after continuously trying, discovered that Esperanza was unable to bear children. This was devastating news to the couple and, over time, Juan Diego became distant from his wife and would spend weeks at a time away working. When Esperanza discovers that not only is her husband having an affair, but that his mistress is also pregnant, Esperanza becomes enraged and seeks revenge.

RING MAN Late early 50s, tall, intimidating and weathered. (Bad Guy)

DRIFTER 1 Late 40s, works for the Ring Man. (Henchman)

DRIFTER 2 Late 40s, works for the Ring Man. (Henchman)

FORTUNE TELLER Female, 50s – 70s , Sweet yet eccentric woman who has a grandmotherly nature to her.

BONNIE 20s – Groupie chick, good looking and flirtatious.

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Stanistan Pilot now filming in Santa Fe New Mexico OHIJane Phillips/The New Mexican




Tell ‘em “OHI” sent ya’!

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TV Series and Feature Film Casting Call

Posted by on October 9, 2014 | One comment

New Mexico Casting Calls

A double production casting call will be held this Saturday in Albuquerque with casting directors from EG Casting and Lorrie Latham Casting.

The two companies will be looking to cast the following types:

Middle Eastern, African American, Asian, Hispanic and Caucasian men and women between the ages of 18 and 22.

The call is for television series extras and extras for a Sci-Fi feature film shooting in the Albuquerque area.

10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Far Horizon Studio
304 Washington St. SE
(between Central Ave. & Zuni Rd.)

The event is being held by EG Casting and Lorrie Latham Casting.

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Ongoing Casting for USA Network’s “Stanistan” Pilot in New Mexico

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Stanistan Casting Cars and Executive types in New Mexico OHI


Robert Baxter is looking for individuals who appear to be or are of Middle Eastern or Mediterranean descent with nice suits, well dressed executive types, both women and men.

Male and female “International Reporters” with the right attire, business look (blazers, dockers, pants suits, skirts, blouses are also needed.

5 Dignitary Cars – nice Mercedes, BMW, Saab or like vehicles (ALL FOREIGN)

10 Local Cars – Also all foreign, should be slightly shabby 10 years old at least, pastel colors are preferred, no bright reds or whites. Especially older Land Cruisers or VW types of vehicles.

When sending in your information, you must include what kind of car you own (make, model and year), along with a photograph of you and one of the vehicle.

If any of the above relates to you or someone you know, send photos, info and contact numbers to:


Title your email, “OCT 7″.

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USA Network Television Pilot Casting

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Casting Middle Eastern Dignitary Types in New Mexico

Robert Baxter Casting is looking for “dignitaries” and other men to appear in a tent scene.

The dignitaries must own business suits and appear to be or are of Middle Eastern or Mediterranean descent.

The other men in the tent should also have similar looks. If this is you or someone you know please send a recent photo and telephone number to robertbaxtercasting@gmail.com

Title your email, “Dignitaries”.

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Halflife* Digital: Call for “Firefighters”

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Casting NM Firemen

Casting Call:
Firefighter types
Age Range: 30s-40s
Pay is $275.00
Please do not submit if you do not have availability on Monday October 6th or Thursday October 9th.

Send headshot and resume to casting@halflifedigital.com

Title your email, “Firefighter”.

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New Mexico casting call for Maze Runner sequel

Posted by on September 29, 2014 | 2 comments

UPDATE 10/8/14: Test shoots set to begin on Scorch Trials in New Mexico in just TWENTY DAYS!

The-Maze-Runner-Sequel-Scorch Trials-filming-in-New-Mexico-Now-Casting-


EG Casting is looking for a female stand-in who fits the following description:

5’6″, dark brown hair…presumably to stand-in for Maze Runner actress, Kaya Scodelario.

Kaya Scodelario to film Maze Runner sequel Scorch Trials in New Mexico

Must have complete availability, requires meeting the director of photography for Scorch Trials.

Email photo with sizes and phone number to egabel@msn.com


As I’ve been telling you since…here, “The Scorch Trials”, the upcoming sequel to the newly released, 20th Century Fox hit film, “The Maze Runner”, is set to shoot in New Mexico.

Maze Runner: Scorch Trials, is based on the second novel in James Dashner’s Maze Runner book series. The original film has already racked up an impressive $148M worldwide, still set to open in China, the U.K., France, Germany and Italy.

According to JamesDashner.com, “The Gladers have escaped the Maze, but now they face an even more treacherous challenge on the open roads of a devastated planet. And WICKED has made sure to adjust the variables and stack the odds against them. Can Thomas survive in such a violent world?”

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“Saul” getting ready to wrap season 1 in #ABQ

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“Breaking Bad” spin-off, “Better Call Saul” is set to wrap-up production of season one in Albuquerque next month. If you haven’t applied to work as background talent on the series, send your physical description, contact information and a clear photo of yourself to: extras[at]whiteturtlecasting.com.

More specifically, the casting directors are NOW looking for turn-of-the-century era vehicles for upcoming scenes:


If you have a 2002 or older vehicle and have not already been on “Better Call Saul”, submit your name, contact number, current photo, your height and weight, YEAR, MAKE, MODEL & COLOR of your vehicle to extras[at]whiteturtlecasting.com.

Title your email, “CAR”.

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Behold the family “Griswold”

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New Vacation Movie Cast to film in New Mexico

Joining the original matriarch and patriarch of National Lampoon’s first family of Vacations, the latest versions of the oft’ re-cast Griswold children have been revealed.

As recently discussed on-air, Audrey and Rusty have gone and grown-up. The role of Rusty, previously made famous by Anthony Michael Hall, Jason Lively and Johnny Galecki will be reprised by none other than comedy superstar, Ed Helms. In the Vacation reboot, now in production, Rusty has married up nicely, landing Christina Applegate.

Just announced this week, Audrey Griswold’s Juliette Lewis/Dana Hill/Dana Barron adult shoes will be filled by comedic gem, Leslie Mann. Like Rusty, it seems Audrey has espoused quite the hottie in landing “Thor” himself, aka Chris Hemsworth!

The only official word on filming is out of Atlanta, Georgia here, but OneHeadlightInk.com has it on good authority that filming will be shared with New Mexico. Leads that the production is headed this way are bolstered by this casting call out of the New Mexico film office, touting a WARNER BROS. FEATURE FILM CASTING FOR PAID EXTRAS. Check out the entire post here.

It is for certain that the present day Griswold’s, rumored to be led by Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo, will hit the big screen once again come 2015, produced by New Line Cinema, a unit of Warner Brothers Entertainment…

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CW Series Casting NEW FACES in Albuquerque

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OLC Casting CW Series The Messengers in New Mexico

ALBUQUERQUE, NM Casting Notice – CW series “THE MESSENGERS’ for work on FRIDAY 9/26/14.

**MUST LIVE IN NEW MEXICO – Please do NOT submit from out of state!**

–NEW FACES who have not yer worked on this project ONLY!–

Pay rate for EXTRAS is $68.80 for 8 hours ($8.60/hour with an 8 hour guarantee). Overtime will be paid after 8 hours. You will receive a check in the mail 10-14 business days AFTER you work.

Call Times are not yet available so you must have FULL and flexible availability to work ALL day. ALL day = 12+ hours.

Location is in the ALBUQUERQUE, NM area.


HAVEN HOUSE STAFF and NURSES : Male and Female Clean cut, orderly and admin types , all ethnicities, 25-45 y/o – Medical exp. Preferred

HAVEN HOUSE DOCTORS: Male and Female all Ethinicties, 35-55 y/o clean cut, conservative

FAMILY MEMBERS: Male and Female all ethnicities, 30-60 y/o, conservative, clean cut ,upscale look , business attire

PATIENTS: Male and Female 18-50 y/o – all ethnicities, clean cut

To submit for work – EMAIL ASAP to: themessengerscast@gmail.com with FRIDAY BOOKING subject line . You MUST include your first and last name & contact number. MUST also have a recently updated (within the past 6 months) talent profile in the OLC database! Your photo MUST be good quality, facing forward, NO sunglasses and you must be the only person in your picture!!

**DO NOT send more than one email! PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT IF YOU ARE NOT available on the listed work date or do NOT fit the talent specs!

About the show:

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Today’s NM Film Fix on 94 Rock

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94 Rock Film Fix

USA Network television pilot, “STANISTAN” is set to shoot in New Mexico this fall.

CORRECTION: Lorie Latham will be looking for an Experienced Stand-in/Photo Double for Jennifer Carpenter, 5’8″ to 5’9″ available for 2 weeks of filming Sept 30th to Oct 15th.

If this is you please inquire here.


Hispanic Males 20-30 yrs – Tough types
White Turtle Casting is looking for Hispanic Males 20-30 yrs old – 5’8 and taller for upcoming scenes. If you are interested, submit your information, name, contact number, current picture, height & weight to extras@whiteturtlecasting.com

Title your email: “HISPANIC”


*RUSH CALL* for CW series, “The Messengers”

ASIAN TRAVELERS: male and female, Asian, age range 18-80, variety of Asian types

BUSINESS TRAVELERS: male and female, all ethnicities, age rang 25-65, upscale, professional, MUST have business attire

: male, Caucasian, age range 60-75, white/gray/salt&pepper hair, height range 5’10”-6’0″, weight range 190-205lbs, medium build. (*see photo). Should also have a suit.


Also from USA Network, “Dig”, starring Jason Isaacs and Anne Heche, is gearing up for filming. Lorrie Latham will begin extras casting within the next few weeks. Visit her website, to submit.


Tasty dirt productions out of Deming, NM – call for actors in their Doritos Crash the Super Bowl commercial contest.

MTV Open Call

Do you have the greatest party story ever? Did you have a legendary Spring Break that people are STILL talking about years later? Do you keep people on the edge of their seats recanting the most insane prom of all time? Did a party plan go terribly wrong only to end in pure comedy? Did you pull off a prank so epic that it went viral? Has your embarrassing story made you a local legend?

If you believe your story trumps all, we want to hear from you!

If you appear between the ages of 16 and 25, are an amazing storyteller, and believe you have the greatest party story ever, email us at epicparty@mtv.com. Please include your name, contact info, photos, and a description of you and your unbelievable saga!


New Mexico Film Industry by the numbers – New Mexico Business First

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USA Network Series Casting in New Mexico

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As I told you here, the television mini-series “Dig”, starring Jason Isaacs and Anne Heche, is headed to NM. Well now Lorrie Latham casting is gearing up to hire men and women to work as background actors on the production.

The series follows an FBI agent (Isaacs) stationed in Jerusalem who, while investigating a murder of a young female archaeologist, uncovers a conspiracy 2000 years in the making.

The production will be filming in the Albuquerque area this October and November.

***These are paid positions***

To be considered, register for free at www.lathamcasting.com or send an email to digbackground[at]gmail.com with your contact information, height, weight and a current color photograph (taken from the shoulders up) – No hats, sunglasses, cell phone “selfies” or other obstructions when submitting a photos.

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Albuquerque: Casting Multiple Types for CW Series, “The Messengers”

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OLC Casting CW Series The Messengers in New Mexico


ALBUQUERQUE, NM Casting Notice – CW series “THE MESSENGERS” for work on MONDAY 8/25/14

–NEW FACES who have not yet worked on this project!!

Pay rate for EXTRAS is $68.80 for 8 hours ($8.60/hour with an 8 hour guarantee). Overtime will be paid after 8 hours. You will receive a check in the mail 7-10 business days AFTER you work.

Call Times are not yet available so you should have FULL and flexible availability to work ALL day. ALL day is 12 hours +, before submitting.

Location: ALBUQUERQUE, NM area.


MILITARY HONOR GUARD: male or female, all ethnicities, age range 18-60, REAL military with knowledge or protocol and procedure for funeral Honor Guard. Can be active duty or retired. (*please specify when submitting)

MILITARY CHAPLAIN: male, all ethnicities, age range 30-60, REAL military with knowledge or protocol and procedure for funeral Chaplain. Should also have own vestments. Can be active duty or retired. (*please specify when submitting)

MILITARY MOURNERS: male and female, all ethnicities, age range 18-60, military haircuts and bearing, should have own uniform although we will likely provide one. Can be active duty or retired. (*please specify when submitting) (–side note – will also work in an additional scene as a Strip Club Patron so should be comfortable in that environment!)

SECRET SERVICE: male, all ethnicities, age range 26-55, clean-cut, conservative, short hair cuts, 5’10” or taller, should have your own black suit. Prefer men with previous military or law enforcement experience (*please specify when submitting) (–side note – will also work in an additional scene as a Strip Club Patron so should be comfortable in that environment!)

UNIFORM POLICE OFFICERS; male, all ethnicities, age range 26-55, clean-cut, conservative, short hair cuts, 5’10” or taller. Prefer men with previous military or law enforcement experience (*please specify when submitting) (–side note – will also work in an additional scene as a Strip Club Patron so should be comfortable in that environment!)

FUNERAL MOURNERS (general): male and female, all ethnicities, age range 18-70, clean-cut, conservative, middle America to upscale. Should have nice clothing in black or darker colors.

STRIP CLUB BOUNCERS: male, all ethncities, age range 21-40, large stature, imposing, tough looking

STRIP CLUB CUSTOMERS: male, all ethnicities, age range 20-60, all types. MUST be comfortable in a strip club environment with the possibility of having girls dance in front of you

STRIP CLUB COCKTAIL WAITRESSES: female, all ethnicities, age range 21-30, sexy, attractive, MUST have previous cocktail waitress experience (*please specify when submitting)

STRIP CLUB DANCERS (Strippers): female, all ethnicities, age range 18-30, sexy, attractive, comfortable in MINIMAL clothing, dance experience (does not have to be exotic dance experience), outgoing, comfortable pretending to give dances to men. (*HIGHER RATE)


***DO SUBMIT IF YOU DO NOT FIT any of these SPECS!***

To submit for work – Please EMAIL: themessengerscast@gmail.com ASAP

Title your email: “MONDAY BOOKING (specify role)”.

You MUST include your first and last name & contact number. Please also include what times work best for your fitting. MUST also have a recently updated (within the past 6 months) talent profile in the OLC database! Your photo MUST be good quality, facing forward, NO sunglasses and you must be the only person in your picture!!

**DO NOT send more than one email!**

PLEASE DO NOT email if you don’t fit these casting requirements or are not available on the listed work date!!

If you have friends or family who fit this description but do not have a profile with us, please have them go to www.onlocationcasting.net and complete a FREE Talent Application before sending email with availability. It is FREE to register and you do not have to have a paid/upgraded ‘active’ account in order to be booked for work.

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Independent Feature Film Call for Volunteer Background

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Feature film casting scene in New Mexico Casino nightclub

Please join RUNNING WOLF TALENT and the filmmakers behind the upcoming feature film, “Bare”, for a fun filled evening to support INDIE & NEW MEXICO FILM!!!

Non-paid Volunteer Background Talent (Age Range 21 years & up) are needed for an Upscale Club Scene to be filmed Wednesday, August 20, 2014. Approx. Call time 7PM to 3AM. Location to be Envy Night Club @ Route 66 Casino.

Interested candidates need to provide their own choices of upscale wardrobe. For immediate consideration please make your submission via email with the following information:



“Many thanks in advance for your participation in creating movie magic!!!” -Julie Barbarito, Running Wolf Talent Casting


Up and Comers – Imogen Poots, Riley Keough and Dianna Agron to Go ‘Bare’

Albuquerque Business First – Albuquerque and Moriarty get ‘Bare’

OHI – Breaking Film News

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Today’s 94 Rock NM Film Fix

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Captain Fantastic Cast Photo Doubles


, ALBUQUERQUE – Looking for actors 18 and over to match 4 child actors for THIS SATURDAY in Albuquerque: ***Over 18 to look roughly 14 – 16 years old***

Annalise Basso, 5’4, 119 lbs, wears x-small/small clothing, long red hair.

Samantha Isler, 5’3 1/2, 100 lbs, long brown hair.

Nicolas Hamilton
, 4’11, 87 lbs, short/medium length blonde hair.

George MacKay, 6’1, 165 lbs and looks like 16 year old! 32 inch waist. Long and lean.

To apply, EMAIL: nmbackground[at]gmail.com

CAPTAIN FANTASTIC, LAS CRUCES – Looking for Las Crueces based background actors with high end cars for 8/18 shoot. MUST OWN AND BE WILLING TO USE HIGH END CAR (NO RED, WHITE or BLACK cars) in scene. This scene takes place outside church, actors will be dressed in upscale funeral attire and leaving the funeral. AGAIN, PLEASE ONLY submit if you own high end car and are willing to use it in the shoot. Age range is 40-60 all ethnicities.

SUBMIT pictures dressed in upscale attire along with photo of car to Erin O’Shaughnessy at nmbackground[at]gmail.com

SICARIO, ALBUQUERQUE: Looking for a Josh Brolin Double, 5’11” 180-190 lbs, thick brown hair. to work next week and the week after. Email a photo with sizes to: egabel[at]msn.com. PLEASE remember to include your phone number.


Santa Fe Community College is Offering FILM CREW 1 Class

CNM Film Technician Certificate Programs

How to join IATSE – International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees

Cross reference the New Mexico Film Office resource directory with multiple, positive web hits and REFERENCES from your friends or film industry network!

OHI says, don’t work with an organization or production that you don’t first get at least three positive reviews about.

Beware of “star makers”.  Reminder, there are only three licensed talent agencies in the state:
There are only THREE talent agencies in the state: Mitchell, Presley Talent Group. O Agency and A&M Talent House.


Shantel VanSanten (The Glades, One Tree Hill, Gang Related), now filming The Messengers in Albuquerque has plenty of positive reviews for the state! Check her out and give her a big “Welcome to New Mexico” on Twitter!

Keeping in line with the 94 Rock Morning Show’s look at corpororate corruption in our food supply (aka GMOs), check out New Mexico Filmer, Matt Damon as corn industry whistle-blower Mark Whitacre.

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