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Back-to-school fundraiser photoshoot in ABQ this weekend

Posted by on July 30, 2014 | Comments Off on Back-to-school fundraiser photoshoot in ABQ this weekend

Andrea Good charity photo shoot

Local actress & photographer Andrea B. Good will be holding a fundraiser photoshoot in Albuquerque on August 2nd and 3rd, to raise money for school supplies for area homeless children.

Good is no stranger to putting her skills to use for the betterment of the community, she’s held numerous shoots benefiting facilities and organizations dedicated to helping those in need.

This weekend’s fundraiser will benefit Albuquerque Rescue Mission families with their back-to-school needs.

Can’t beat this deal: Your 1 hour photoshoot includes 100 photos and 3 outfit changes for $50.00

Message Andrea to schedule your session now! Whether you need: fresh headshots for all the exciting productions coming to film in New Mexico, a brand new portfolio or beautiful keepsake photos, this is the time to book it.

Any hair & make-up professionals who are willing to assist please get in touch with Andrea to volunteer.

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Good NM Film Making – Yellow

Posted by on October 7, 2011 | Comments Off on Good NM Film Making – Yellow

IN A WORLD where independent art struggles to see the light of day and the plight of many oft goes unheard, until the twain meet…comes the short film, YELLOW

Set and filmed in New Mexico last summer, Albuquerque actress Andrea B. Good stepped into the role of producing to help bring this important true-life story to the screen.

Written and directed by Emmy Pickett, Yellow “is about the beginnings and the transition from poverty to greater prosperity to ease their struggles and earn for themselves and their families”.

Recently featured in *The Santa Fe Reporter Pickett explains “I really see a huge call for Native American stories that are realistic and not stereotyped”.

Good, herself Native American adds, “It brings so much opportunity for the people of New Mexico and the Native American

For its strength of story and the importance of making that story heard, the filmmakers are actively seeking to make the short drama into a full length feature.

Stay tuned for the upcoming short film trailer and share this story with film enthusiasts to help pump that life’s blood of independent film, that all important “light of day”.

From the Producer, on how important NM’s economic incentives for filmmakers are in motivating filmmakers to work here:

I have a passion for Acting and for film! I have been Acting since I was 8 yrs old when I did my first school play, from that point on I knew [it was] what I loved and what I wanted to do. Film was to became my Dream. When I was in High School I was asked by my teacher, “By the time you are 30 yrs old what will you have wanted to have done in life?” I said my dream was to be in couple of big movies and i want to have produced or directed a short or a feature film.

So here I am, I’m 38 and I have done a lot. It is really hard when you first start out, because you see I am full Blooded Native American, I am Navajo, Apache and Zia and there [are] lots of sacrifices, when you go on every audition you’re thinking positive, this is the one it well make me. So when Hollywood started coming here it was a blessing for many many many people just like me who can’t move away to Hollywood or New York. It opened the doors wide open for so many people like me who have a real talent and passion for Film.

Having the New Mexico Film incentive is very important it has brought a lot of business to New Mexico. I can’t even count how many different business get used for the films that come here to New Mexico, from clothing stores to trading posts, schools to food stores to people’s homes. It all brings money to my home town. But the best part is that it makes the Dream of a person like me come true.

It brings so much opportunity for the people of New Mexico and the Native American Community . And working on this project with Emmy is one I will hold dear to my heart. This is why I love film because you can create something so beautiful, and you meet and work with wonderful people like Emmy Pickett. – Andrea B Good

*The lead actress named in the SFR article has been replaced.

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Video of the Day: MAGNIFICENCE Edition

Posted by on May 7, 2011 | One comment

Get into the magnificence at WarriorWomanFilm.com

Writer, Director, Producer – Julie Reichert, Producers – Chris Ranney, Brent Tiano, Director of Photography – Corey Weintraub, Production Designer – Scott Christopher Clark, Composer and Sound Designer – C.K. Barlow, Editor – Sterling Grant 3

Cast: Karen Young, Vic Browder, Steven Michael Quezada, Lan Tat, Dave Colon, Kristin Hansen, Nicolise Dorian Louis, Etain O’Malley, Joanne Camp, Aarti K. Attreya, Chad Brummett, Lauren Myers, Paul Hunton, Sandi Kay Shelby, Sylvie Obledo, Marcus Taylor, Alexa Bauer, Ann Kirby, Kristin Elliot, Lovie Johnson, Raquelle Lucero, Shylah Ranney, Mikie Silva, Bill Mohr, Julie Reichert, Amy Baklini, Megan Pribyl, Michelle Alena Smith, Chandra Ursule Brown, Andrea Good, Tangee L. Gutierrez, Jennifer Loli, Jodi Nemish, Erin Roady, Rebecka Ross, Theresa Marie Salazar

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Sessy Jesse

Posted by on March 15, 2011 | 2 comments

Like I told my girls on Facebook, I just love me some sessy Jesse a.k.a. the delectable, award winning actor Aaron Paul, back to work portraying the ever precious Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad.  As Coco knows, the show has always been simply “perfection”, but since Jesse cried his eyes out in that crack house I’ve just been crushin’ on ’em like mad!

And here he is with one of our absolute favorite local dynamos, the magnificent, multi-talented NM actress Andrea B. Good. Drea’s Breaking Bad these days, kickin’ it on set with the amazing cast and crew of the Pride & Joy of New Mexico Productions, for the fourth season of the Emmy winning AMC series.

Today, my most serious TV crush since Tom Hanson, is sporting a new buzz cut, much shorter since we saw him last, guesting on co-star Steven Michael Quezada’s own Late Night TV talk show. Most of the co-stars including the beloved, equally talented and sessy (barely legal) RJ Mitte have stopped-in to make appearances w/SMQ on The After After Par-tay – check it out here!

And keep checking-in with us for more homegrown Br Ba updates to hold you over til’ season premiere time! In the meantime Lisa and I will try not to sniff the Pinkman off of Dre’ the next time we see her and just be satisfied with daydreaming about our favorite make-believe, methmaker with a heart o’gold!

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Star of the Week

Posted by on November 29, 2010 | Comments Off on Star of the Week

New Mexico Actress Andrea B. Good being very good indeed this Holiday Season and year-round by reminding us that we all have something to give!


Thanks to Which Wich of Albuquerque for gifting back to Andrea! The Best of the City (2 years running) sandwich shop will treat our “Star of the Week” to a meal in appreciation of her Acts of Service in the community!

New Mexico Businesses who wish to donate gifts to do-gooders in our community please click here for details!

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