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AZ and TX Won’t Play w/ N. Mex.

Posted by on July 15, 2010 | Comments Off on AZ and TX Won’t Play w/ N. Mex.

UPDATE 9/29/11, TIMES THERE AIN’T MUCH A-CHANGIN’: The New York Times reports that THIS year’s U.S. / Mexico Border Conference hasn’t improved much upon last year’s conference non grata, with only ONE, count ‘er, ONE U.S. Governess in attendance…full story here.

Hot off the presses or wherever ~news comes from these days – El Majico a.k.a. Governor of New Mexico Bill Richardson has agreed to host this year’s annual Governor’s border conference which has been canceled by Arizona Gov. you-know-who (the zexy, secretly Latin loving Jan Brewer) amid many pending, threatened or implied AZ boycotts by US and Mexican factions of this and other AZ events over the you-know-what (highly controversial AZ immigration law recently passed by that zexy b*tch Brewer).

With a whole host of border town/state issues requiring attention this the 27th annual border conference, to be held in September, is “structured” to serve as a forum for participants to share information, better relations, advance problem solving and decrease tension.

But tension is on the rise as Arizona and Texas (R & R) Gov’s state they will not attend. A stance stuck in mud perhaps to show/hold strong posturing on the issue as they are heading into re-election bids.

Can Rodney Lindsay stay off crack? Guess the answer is the same to both questions…

Of course we can count on the soon to be exiting stage right Governator of CA to attend.

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Ah, So Brown is the New Black

Posted by on April 27, 2010 | Comments Off on Ah, So Brown is the New Black

I AM A MAN – Civil Rights Slogan

Pop-culture trends in fashion and behavior alike have dubbed everything from pink to bitter as the “new black”. Finally a definitive answer!

I’m so brown that I’m not even allowed to think about Arizona, but I can’t seem to escape the topic today.

Thankfully, Arizona Governor Brewer’s bill mandates State law, therefore I am safe from (federal) harassment so long as I don’t travel a scosche to the West – Where the fear of ~socialism meets reactionary totalitarianism?

“Brewer has signed an immigration bill that spits in Lady Liberty’s face.” – Michael Daly, NY Daily News

Read Michael Daly’s full article here.

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