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Repost: Have You Reserved an Egg Today?

Posted by on May 5, 2011 | One comment

It looks like the national crusade for abstinence has a new face on the same old, young spokesperson. “Teen advocate” Bristol Palin showed off her new Kardash-like locks, framing a very different looking mug today on Good Morning America.

The abstinence preacher appears to have been Gretta Van Susterened – but unlike the adult news anchor who drew the YOWZAS from her audience and beyond when she got all life-style lift like, Palin may now also be seen as an advocate for major and pricey cosmetic makeovers if not full facial reconstruction for those just out of their teens.

Glass Soapbox: Protect and Reserve

Originally Posted on November 8, 2010

Preserve an egg, reserve an egg…the precious human ova (above) – Unfertilized, unharmed, unailed.

Females are born with their ovaries and all of the approximately 2 million “eggs” they will ever have, which formed in the second trimester of fetal development.

And as I’ve regaled you with before, the highest U.S. birth rates are recorded in July and August translating to most impregnations occurring in and around November.

That is why today’s been officially designated (in my mind) as “Preserve an Egg Day”, it is this day in “Zip Your Pants and Close Your Legs” (ZPCL) MONTH that I invite you to talk with girls and women in your life to remind them of just how precious every one of their millions of ova really are.

With us since before our own birth and with us til death when brought forth as to become another human being. It’s your body, it’s your call – reserve that egg or step-up in a big, big way. You seminal carriers are invited and celebrated over these holidays too!

Please refrain from unleashing your insemination if you can’t make what springs forth as a result the center of your universe and/or if your ovarian target isn’t already the most important person in your life.

Lastly, you know those horrific news reports of what goes on in this world? From the disgruntling to the completely disturbing? Spare everyone some of that by preserving an egg today!

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