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NM ‘Kites’ Takes Manhattan and Beyond

Posted by on May 24, 2010 | Comments Off on NM ‘Kites’ Takes Manhattan and Beyond

Bollywood World.com

Opening in just 200 theaters nationwide Bollywood’s NM production of Kites managed to crack into the top ten of the U.S. Box Office take over the weekend. It is the first Indian film to do so.

The action packed, universal love story has now been screened in 37 countries. As we’ve been following for you here the film shot in New Mexico, Nevada and California.

Another solid NM flick, MacGruber also sits in the top 10 at #6 bringing in $4.1M playing on just over 2,000 screens.

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Wholly New Mexico Film

Posted by on May 19, 2010 | One comment

Out of what is considered a shoestring budget of just $10M comes the Universal Studios release of the SNL based MacGruber.

Like fellow low budget, wholly NM film fare turned Oscar winner Crazy Heart, Mac’s Nuevo México backdrops lend our SW charm to the overall look and feel of the flick – whether doubling for downtown Houston or a nuclear bomb test field (hey wait a minute, oh yeah).

Mac may not be headed to the Academy, it is opening to low expectations – in the face of a perceived SNL movie curse, but hopefully it can make a dent in the box office this weekend and the Wholly New Mexico film train will get another boost.

With a tag line like, “MacGruber – The Ultimate Tool” and promises of “vulgar, crude, ridiculous, silly and very, very funny” how can we help but to get our Grube on!

From SXSW Music+Film+Interactive in Austin, TX director Jorma Taccone disclosed that it is indeed Will Forte taking to the keys to tweet as MacGruber, keep up with the silly now at Grubes69.

Mac opens wide this Friday!

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Yesterday Today y Mañana

Posted by on May 7, 2010 | Comments Off on Yesterday Today y Mañana

Click pic for clip

Yesterday – Uber 80’s western Young Guns filmed in the Land of Enchantment. Back in 86-87 I remember all the girls in mid-school being all atwitter about it. Don’t forget to meet & greet Young Gunner Lou Diamond Phillips at Frontier Restaurant mañana when he buses for the Arts.

Today’s release of IRon Man 2 is tied to NM 3 fold – As previously reported: the teaser above introduces NM’s Thor during Iron’s end credits, the villainous, scene stealing Rourke shot his pick-ups for the movie at Santa Fe’s Garson Studios and lastly the film is brought to us by the incomparable Jon Favreau who is at the helm of the upcoming NM Production Cowboys and Aliens starring those two uglies.

Mañana – You can enjoy the hot, hot, hot & hilarious trailer for NM’s Own MacGruber yesterday, today and tomorrow…the film opens wide May 21.

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Yesterday, Today & Mañana: YouTubetastic Edition

Posted by on December 26, 2009 | Comments Off on Yesterday, Today & Mañana: YouTubetastic Edition

Yesterday – The 2006 N. Mex shoot of the sci-fi, comedy, Fanboys was finally put out in limited release in early 2009 and is now available on DVD.

Today – MacGruber has wrapped and is being prepped for scheduled release in April 2010.

Mañana – The HIGHLY anticipated apocalyptic thriller Legion is hitting theaters next month!! Dig those vistas…go New Mexico!

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NM Film Yesterday, Today & Mañana

Posted by on October 6, 2009 | Comments Off on NM Film Yesterday, Today & Mañana

Amy Adams

Yesterday – Sunshine Cleaning filmed in New Mexico back in ’07, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in ’08, opened wide early ’09 and is now available on DVD.

Today – The SNL spawned MacGyver parody is currently in production, starring Will Forte, Kristen Wiig, Ryan Phillippe, Powers Boothe, Val Kilmer. Release date: April 16, 2010.

Hrithik Roshan

Mañana – As we told you in January, Bollywood visited New Mexico to film its highly anticipated movie Kites. The Hrithik Roshan movie is slated for a “Global Debut” on a yet to be determined date. Here is a behind the scenes clip from the NM set.

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Posted by on August 6, 2009 | Comments Off on SNL in ABQ

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Extra, Extra

Posted by on August 5, 2009 | 2 comments
CastingFilmJobsNMNow FilmingYou

NBC TODAY Show – Becoming a ‘Sex and the City’ extra

We may not have the oh-so-tawdry, trashy, trendy, Sex in the City casting, asting, asting here but as we told you here – we got MACGRUBER!

And they are currently/urgently casting paid, extra and stand-in positions. Take the following info. and tips from the vid. above and git’ yourself cast! From the New Mexico State Film Office:

“On Location Casting is seeking FEATURED EXTRAS and a STAND-IN/BODY DOUBLE for the Feature Film “MacGruber”, based on a “Saturday Night Live” skit of the same name.

Filming will take place in the Albuquerque area from 8/10/09-9/12/09.
All Featured Extras & Stand-in positions are PAID.

URGENT Casting Needs:
Stand in/ Photo Double for Val Kilmer – male, caucasian, 5’10”-6’1″, 200-215lbs., dark blonde/light brown hair willing to let us cut and/or color (also may be supplied with a wig) if body type is an exact match. MUST be available to work multiple days between 8/10/09 and 9/12/09.

Hispanic Male – 6’0” or taller, 225lbs. or more, broad shoulders, large, scary, intimidating, late 30’s to early 40’s, MUST be available to work multiple days between 8/10/09 and 9/12/09.

Stand in/ Photo Double for Will Forte – male, caucasian, brown hair, 5’8.5″-5’10”, 160-175lbs.

Stand in Photo Double for Kristin Wigg – female, caucasian, light brown/dark blonde hair, 5’6″-5’7″, size 2/4

Stand in/Photo Double for Ryan Philippe – male, caucasian, blonde hair, 5’8.5″-5’10”, 160-175lbs.

Upscale Party Guests- male & female, ages 30- 60 with their own formal wear (Black tie attire-tuxedos, formal gowns)

Attractive, fit men and woman in their 20’s with Las Vegas, NV nightclub attire
Experienced DJ

Wrestler types – male, all ethnicities, all ages, big, burly large (tattoos & scar helpful but not required)

Experienced Mixed Martial Arts Fighters – male, all ages, all ethnicities (tattoos & scar helpful but not required)

Military types – male & female, ages 30-60, all ethnicities, clean-cut, military looking

Russian looking men
2 Native American or Hispanic Brothers – large, scary, intimidating, late 30’s to early 40’s

Native American Children in the Santa Fe area

Native American man – 60-80years old in the Santa Fe area

We are looking for INTERESTING Character faces and people with some acting ability for featured extra roles.

ONLY for these featured roles on the project “MacGruber”, you may send us an email to: onlocationcasting@yahoo.com.

In order to be considered for work on this project and future projects with our company, please fill out a Talent application at www.onlocationcasting.net
(the link is above). This a FREE service. (*if you are already in the OLC talent database, it is not necessary to fill out another application!!)

You MUST include a RECENT photo, your first & last name and a contact phone number. Emails without this information will automatically be deleted. All others must fill out a talent application on our website at www.onlocationcasting.net.”

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New Mexico – Hot on the Lips

Posted by on June 2, 2009 | 2 comments

From Cannes to Oz, España to Bollywood, as scooped here, here, here, here and here the stars are talking about New Mexico.

The latest to utter easy-rolling phrases like, “The shoot in New Mexico, “We’ll be filming in Albuquerque”, “From the set in New Mexico” on a national stage is SNL funny man Will Forte. Last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Forte confirmed the movie based on his MacGruber mock’omage to 80’s T.V. classic MacGyver is a go and set to film in Albuquerque.

Thanks “Mac”

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