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New Mexico “Abe” making strides toward making a hit movie!

Posted by on September 16, 2013 | One comment

From the mental team who brought you the Bigfoot Election comes the latest New Mexico indie hit, “Abe Makes a Movie”.

Watch the video above to see the amazing fundraising efforts they’ve made so far and click here to support this very special New Mexico film making duo!

In just 10 days Ryan Turri and Matt Peterson raised over $17,000, getting them well on their way to bringing this blood, sweat and tears movie to life.

And now it’s time to get serious. They only have 20 days left and the clock is ticking…

“We are asking that you please HELP! By Friday we need to hit $32,000 to meet our halfway point goal. Anything can help.

If we get 130 people to donate $125 or more (which, besides supporting the movie in a huge way, you’ll get a signed copy of the movie and other awesome perks) we’ll be well on our way. Of course, whatever you can give is amazing!

And a HUGE thanks to everyone who has supported us so far. It means the world to me and us at the Abe Makes A Movie team! We can’t do it without you!!

THANK YOU!!!!!!” -Ryan

This blogette and the entire team of OneHeadlightInk contributors can sincerely endorse the efforts of these and so many independent filmmakers right here in the Land of Enchantment.

The more we can support our own, the more they will shine the light back on the spectacular talent and crews this state has yet to show the WORLD!


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Hit Indie Filmmakers Casting new Project in New Mexico

Posted by on May 16, 2013 | Comments Off on Hit Indie Filmmakers Casting new Project in New Mexico

NMFilm Abe Makes a Movie by Ryan Turri Matt Peterson

Sag, Aftra & Non Union Feature Film, Casting Call May 20th, 2013

The comedy, “Abe Makes A Movie” is currently casting lead roles in this funny film about an underachieving want-to-be filmmaker who assembles a ragtag crew of misfits to help make a movie and enter it into a local film festival in hopes of winning his ex girlfriend back. Starring Matt Peterson (The Bigfoot Election).

This will be a Sag Ultra-Low Budget film shooting early to late fall 2013 in Albuquerque, NM.

Producer/Director: Ryan Turri
Written by: Matt Peterson and Ryan Turri

Please respond to abesmovie@gmail.com

Female 20-35, caucasian
Abe’s long time best friend. Dry sense of humor and witty. Sweet. Smart. Thinks Abe is great. Almost like a sister to Abe.

Male 50-70, Caucasian
Pyrotechnics guy. Gruff on the outside but very like-able once you get to know him. Served in the reserves and never saw any action, though he would lead you to believe otherwise. Jack of all trades, master of none. Loyal follower of Abe. Big hearted.

Female 60-80, Caucasian
Old starlet. Been in 135 movies, but never starred in a single one. Worldly seasoned. Has had several marriages and one daughter. Single now, and lives in the moment. Spent some time in Toas “finding herself” through the guidance of a guru.

Male 50-68 Caucasian
Abe’s stepfather. Classic American-old school dad who believes in hard work and earning an honest dollar… but plays the lottery religiously. A constant skeptic. Hard on Abe. Believes his way is the right way. Likes to prove his point to anyone who will listen. Doesn’t trust anyone who isn’t American or American made. Grew up in a small town, had his aspirations crushed early in life, gave up on his bowling career and settled for a 9-5 job spending his lunch hour talking sports and how once he was a big deal.

Male 25-37 Caucasian
Napoleon complex. Swarmy. Sarcastic. Classic Bro. Uses the term “Bro” and “Brah” and “YOLO”. Thinks he’s hot shit. Classic wannabe filmmaker, wears the right filmmaker clothes, knows the right filmmaking terms and tells everyone about it. Won the 168 hour film festival the previous year. Creates his own handshakes.

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Boys will be Boys: One Night Only at The Guild Cinema

Posted by on February 18, 2013 | Comments Off on Boys will be Boys: One Night Only at The Guild Cinema

UPDATE* 3/6/13: OHI has tickets to give away for this comedy extravaganza!

Get entered to win YOURS! Email your name and contact info. to win@oneheadlightink.com.

Be sure to title your email, “BOYS”. Winners will be drawn and notified on *Wednesday March 13 – NM Comedy, GET INTO IT!

Boys Will Be Boys Albuquerque Comedy

Friday, March 15, 2013
The Guild Cinema
10:30 pm $10 (cash only)

Six of Albuquerque’s top stand-up comedians are prepared to go all out to make you laugh on Friday, March 15th at The Guild Cinema.

Think of six of the funniest guys you know. Now give them each a stage, a microphone, and years of finely honed material performed almost nightly in front of audiences all over the country. With the line-up starring at The Guild Cinema on March 15th, that’s exactly what you’ll have. It takes years and years of hard work and consistency to become a professional stand-up comedian and these men have put in their time, all working towards the noble goal of making a room full of strangers laugh.

“To take an audience through a set is a beautiful thing… You’re providing them an emotional experience, and one of the least understood in human behavior; laughter. It comes from a place deep inside of us and sometimes it is completely inexplicable, but that’s the goal. That’s what we do. We make you laugh.” says comedian and publisher Mike Long.

These are comics who have committed to the lifestyle of a stand-up, sacrificing privacy, personal comfort, and security to go out of their way for a good joke. No topic is too close to the heart and no subject is taboo. The material for their acts is culled from their very lives and the thought processes that make them tick as human beings.

The Guild Cinema provides a perfect backdrop for this performance. This isn’t a bar show, it’s not an unruly open mic, it’s a nice, dark theater with perfect audio and a great stage. It’s the environment that stand-up comedy thrives in. It’s the setting that the art was meant for. This will be a chance to see six professionals performing at the top of their game for your amusement.

Life these days is difficult, and real entertainment is sparse. To be able to take in a live performance that makes you forget about your problems and concerns for an hour and a half, to be immersed in something else; pure, genuine, laughter, can be a blessed escape from reality.

It really is something to get to take a night off, sit down in a comfortable theater and have six trained professionals try to make you laugh. Your enjoyment is their main concern. The fact that you have a good night and a great time is their utmost goal. It’s why they’re there. It’s what motivates them to put in the “blood sweat and tears” that it takes to get to this level in their profession.

Albuquerque has an amazing stand-up comedy scene, and these are the best of the best out of it. It’s a group of individuals that have cut their teeth at local open mics and showcases for years, and then taken their acts on the road to perform in front of varied and sometimes vicious audiences.

Matt Peterson has been producing top notch shows in town for the last five years, including shows at the Guild Cinema for the last year and a half. He has garnered national attention for his starring role in the feature film “The Bigfoot Election”, along with roles on Television’s “Longmire” and “In Plain Sight”.

John Cuellar is one third of the comedy production team “Young Dumb and Full of Comedy” and hosts a weekly open mic at Nexus brewery. He has become a true master at crowd work, bringing each and every audience member personally into his act as he crafts a set that engages the entire room.

Joe Quesada is another third of “Young Dumb and Full of Comedy” who hosts a monthly showcase at Elliot’s Bar and Grill. Joe has created a seemingly endless amount of material drawing from his own insecurities and struggles in life, baring his soul to the audience in search of the perfect bit.

Rusty Rutherford hosts Albuquerque’s longest running comedy contest every month at Terrene Hookah Lounge. His upbeat and energetic performances have been described as “structured insanity” as he jokes, raps, and freestyles his way into a crowd’s heart.

James Morrow has been performing all around Albuquerque and the Southwest for over four years. He has been referred to as a “comic’s comic”, being able to turn even the coldest room inside out with laughter.

Mike Long is a published author who has dedicated his creative efforts towards stand-up comedy for the last three years. His somewhat twisted view of the world and dark sense of humor have generated rave reviews, having audience members say “I didn’t want to laugh at that, but he made me.”

This group has spent many a night together both on and off stage, perfecting their art, honing their craft and embodying the lifestyle of a comedian. They, each in their own unique way, are exceptionally adept at bringing an audience into their minds during their time on stage and generating a laugh that may even surprise the listener.

The show’s host Matt Peterson says “There is nothing in the world like being a comedian. We get to see the world and report it back to you, all in the hopes of laughter! Albuquerque Comedy is alive and well!”

Come out to The Guild Cinema on Friday, March 13th to enjoy a comedy show like no other. Admission is only $10 for this 18 and over show that will begin at 10:30pm. Boys will be Boys, and they’ll make you laugh along with them in the process.

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The Bigfoot Election – Independent, New Mexico

Posted by on June 2, 2012 | Comments Off on The Bigfoot Election – Independent, New Mexico


NM’s Own indie comedy, The Bigfoot Election has landed a distribution deal with Toronto co., Phase 4 Films.

The BFE camp is thrilled to have announced that their labor of love will soon get its due and wide-spread play on iTunes, Netflix, Video on Demand, and pending cable networks!

Since its 2011 premiere, the film which took home the Best NM Feature award at the Albuquerque Film Festival, has also shown at White Sands International Film Festival, Hollywood Film Festival, placed at the Las Vegas Comedy Film Festival, and was an Official Semi finalist in the Chicago Comedy Film Festival.

Look forward to the announcement of future showings and DVD availability.

Congratulations to this ALL NEW MEXICO cast and crew!

LOOK FOR IT, The Bigfoot Election…COMING SOON to a screen near YOU!


In this con-gone-wrong comedy, a boozy, disenchanted small-town deputy devises a Bigfoot hoax with his dimwitted sidekick to capture the attention – and the votes – of the townsfolk in a backwater sheriff’s election. Complications abound when the mayor enlists an alluring cryptozoologist to investigate, and hires the hoaxers to guide her.

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Bigfoot, NM Style

Posted by on August 9, 2011 | One comment

As I am but a lowly housewife with internet access (think Roseanne with slightly better furniture, worse housekeeping and no actual wage earning) I defer to an actual journalist, as I almost always do, except, if and when I refer to fellow hacks ;).

Here, from real-life professional entertainment journalist, Chris J. Ortiz is a full fledged article about the long awaited New Mexico film The Bigfoot Election.


After being fired, a boozy, derelict small town deputy named Talmadge Mooseman (Marc Shuter) is convinced to run for sheriff by his gruff adoptive father Carlin (Randall Oliver). He enlists the help of his endearing, albeit dim-witted friend Amer (Matt Peterson), and the two devise a Bigfoot hoax to garner attention and votes from the townspeople. Things quickly spiral out of control as the con begins to take on a life of its own and becomes bigger than either of them imagined. Matters get complicated even further when the local mayor (Bruce Holbrook) brings in an alluring cryptozoologist (Ashlee Renz-Hotz) and enlists Talmadge to guide her during her search.

Catch it:

Premiering this August 20 at the Albuquerque Film Festival followed by a screening at The White Sands International Film Festival August 25th.

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Shiny Happy People

Posted by on January 7, 2011 | Comments Off on Shiny Happy People

UPDATE: Boo, due to unforeseeable issues the Venue has canceled tonight’s show. Please follow Matt Peterson for rescheduling details.


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Your Friday Q Spot

Posted by on September 24, 2010 | 2 comments

Git’ the teaser here

As heard on Coyote 102.5 September 24, 2010

Weekend picks:
Comedy Friday – Tonight is Comedy Night at Howie’s Sports Page with James Marrow, Michelle McGregor, Sarah Kannedy, Matt Peterson and their headliner…Roger”Rodney Dangerfield” Peterson!! Doors open at 7:30 Montgomery & Tramway

Time Travel Saturday with The Fall Follies Burlesque Extravaganza! The night of Burlesque is Downtown at Low Spirits and promises Burlesque Queens; Belly Dancing Wonders, Hot Jazz, Thrills, chills, and amazing sideshow treats! Hmmm, sounds freaky, sexy, cool…

Salsa Sunday w/a Salsa Social – 3 solid hours of SALSA starting at 6 w/the 5 most important things to know in Salsa! Open dancing at 8 w/ DJ Pancho and a performance by Evelyn D and The Salsa-Babies! at Salsa Baby Dance Studio, 307 Central Ave NW.

Casting for the feature film Bless Me Ultima, and the sure to be sexy WWE movie Blood Brothers are in full swing both films are casting multiple ages and ethnitcities – Bless Me Ultima is also looking for vintage cars for the Santa Fe shoot Oct 29th thru Nov 3rd.

Casting & productions are very much alive in NM for now! Keep-up with us at OneHeadlightInk.com where we post as they happen – the globe (right) is watching – get it first New Mexico!

Quote…Unquote Inc. with UNM Continuing Education are offering a certificate course in TV Production. The 6 session training includes studio camera operation, overhead grid lighting, screen production equipment, audio boards AND Registration includes one year annual membership to equipment and facilities meets November 1 – Dec. 6 $199

If you want to sharpen your craft or break into comedy NM’s Own actor/writer/director/COMEDIAN extraordinaire Steven Michael Quezada of TV’s Emmy Winning Breaking Bad is putting on a 4 wk. comedy workshop concluding with a live performance on Nov. 12 as with pretty much anything the Quezadas do the workshop benefits the community by supporting YDI’s Actors Core program! Register here. Steven Michael Quezada

Shout Outs: NM’s Own Actress/Model/Sign Language Interpreter Diana Gaitiria will be signing The Red Carpet Celebration of Latinos in the Media. This 1st Annual Event presents Awards to Latinos supporting the Film Community here in New Mexico – October 8 at the ABQ Convention Ctr.

NM Actor Jesus Jr. just booked a role on Blood brothers, my “Mucho Mas” Manny Baca is on stage and screen for Bless me Ultima & two local child actors were bumped from extras to speaking roles on Disney’s now wrapped Lemonade Mouth – go NM!

And not to mention (except to mention) three time Emmy Winner Bryan Cranston has said he’s set to host SNL October 2

When you tune in to Erica on Monday she’ll be joined live, in studio by the the hosts of the MAKING STRIDES ART BENEFIT PARTY 2010, the event will raise funds and awareness for the fight against cancer. Tuesday, September 28 · 6:00pm – 10:00pm at The Place in Nob Hill.

Listen to the Q Spot every Friday with me & my girl Erica Viking on Coyote 102.5

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