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Official Int’l. Trailer: The Homesman

Posted by on April 15, 2014 | Comments Off on Official Int’l. Trailer: The Homesman

New Mexico Film, The Homesman.

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Call for Ginger Blond on #NMFilm The Homesman

Posted by on March 4, 2013 | Comments Off on Call for Ginger Blond on #NMFilm The Homesman

The Homesman

From local casting director, Elizabeth Gabel:

Looking for female stand-ins WITH experience, red/blond hair 5’5″ to 5’7′, to work with Tommy Lee Jones on the Homesman.

Please email photo and sizes AND phone number to egabel@msn.com.

FYI: The Screen Actors Guild defines a Stand-In Background Actor as “used as a substitute for another actor for purposes of focusing shots, setting lights, etc., but is not actually photographed. Stand-Ins may also be used as general background.”

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XX Tops

Posted by on July 7, 2011 | Comments Off on XX Tops

Laughing all the way to the bank…and some other important places

Juxtaposition be thy name of the Forbes 2011 Highest Paid Actresses list.

Atop the list of our utmost paid ~ingénues are the UN ambassador, née Jolie Angelina and Garnier Nutrisse ≠séductrice SJP!

Boys (XY) still out earn the Girls (XX), but top earnings seem to be on the rise…as New Mexico’s Own Julia Roberts formerly and frequently stood at the front of the pack with $20M per year, still holds steady there, now out-earned by Jolie and Parker by $10M respectively…

Okay…these figures are beginning to make me retch…as the Average Joe regularly sneezes out or sluffs off more than I make at this gig ;)

Anywho…the bulk of the list for you too to gag upon (including the woman who comes in 3rd still riding on the coattails of association to others….and 4th who is second to none) AFTER THE JUMP – xo!
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Absolutely Superfluous: Midnight Snack

Posted by on October 16, 2010 | One comment

Recession Succession à la Katy Perry – Stylelist

Palin porn actress demands condom only work – Businessweek

Recession Succession à la Brooke Shields – Furniture Today

Recession Succession à la Kate Walsh – PR Newswire

Recession Succession à la Julianne Moore – Patriot Ledger

Gerry incites madness in MI – mlive
He better not be thar ‘stead o’here filming a movie!

America’s Queen of Cinema to play UK Prime Minister – M&C

“Bond” too old for trial – CBS

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Globe Noms are OUT, NM is IN

Posted by on December 15, 2009 | Comments Off on Globe Noms are OUT, NM is IN

Quote of the day re: golden globes goes to my all time favorite blah, blah, blogger:

“If Meryl sat in front of a web cam, and recited from Chris Brown’s now-defunct Twitter account while wearing an “I Love Tiger Woods” half-shirt, she’d still get a nomination.” – Michael K. on Meryl Streep’s two nominations today.

New Mexico hits the list of feature film nominees three times with NM’s Own Pretty Woman nominated for her role in Duplicity, Tobey Maguire in Brothers and Jeff Bridges for Crazy Heart – both filmed here in NM.

New Mexico takes television nods with the NM production of Georgia O’Keefe for best mini, Joan Allen and Jeremy Irons for respective roles in that series. NM’s Own Neil Patrick Harris for How I Met Your Mother and ABC’s
Modern Family starring NM native Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

For the complete list of 2010 nominees, including Meryl’s double dip for Julie & Julia and It’s Comlicated, click here.

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