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Posted by on September 13, 2010 | 8 comments

This November New Mexico will choose a new Governor. Will it be Diane Denish or Susana Martinez (alphabetically)?  If Social Net is any indicator…(as of 9/13/10)

Denish (D)
1,179 Facebook Likes
5000 Facebook Friends
363 Twitter Followers
36 Listed on Twitter
70 Following on Twitter

Martinez (R)
6582 Facebook Likes
2405 Facebook Friends
874 Twitter Followers
97 Listed on Twitter
23 Following on Twitter

AND this broke Blogette wants YOU to know where both of these candidates stand on the New Mexico Film Industry:

“New Mexico is currently named #3 in all of North America and ABQ #1 in the U.S. for film production, facing steep competition from IL, LA, and MI (to name a few ) what is your stand on incentives, education and job training for the industry, growth or repeal?” –©Sindication

We will promptly post any official statement from either/both campaigns as soon as one not likely might be received…

UPDATE, Denish Response:

“The film industry has been a beacon for jobs during tough times. One of my main concerns is jump starting our economy in New Mexico. The film industry is definitely key in doing so. We need to continue to work with the industry and the Legislature provide sustainable, accountable incentives, as well as build up post production in New Mexico.” – Diane Denish 9/14/10

09/16/10 Next Question – NM Tech Industry:

Duke City Tech via @misspeter wants to know…

“IT workers who grew up in NM often consider themselves lucky to work
in their home state. If they managed to make it through the public
schools with a decent education, they are frequently lured away by out
of state universities. Recent graduates face a bleak job market and
often find that leaving NM is the only choice to advance their
career. What would you, as governor, do to nurture the development and
education of local high tech workers? How would you keep the local
talent here and what would you do to bring more high tech jobs to NM?”
Peter Mezensky

Again, we will promptly post any official statement from either/both campaigns as soon as one might be received…

UPDATE, Denish Response:

High Tech and Renewable Energy Jobs for NM July 2010
– Via Diane Denish 9/16/10

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